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Get ready for a thrilling battle on narrow tracks in Drift! The goal is to stay on the racing track for as long as you can. However, your competitors are out to achieve the same, and they will stop at nothing to win. Drive, drift, and bash your opponents out of the way to get as far as possible.

How to play Drift

Hold down the spacebar or the left button of your mouse to drift. On mobile devices, you can tap and hold. The game will automatically steer you in the right direction, but acing the timing is entirely down to you! Stay on the track for as long as you can. To eliminate your opponents, you can try to shove them over the edge of the floating track.

From the main menu, you can navigate to “Skin” to change your car type.

Who made Drift 3 io?

This competitive drift car game was created by Greenlight.

When was Drift 3 released?

This game was released in January 2023.