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Grand Cyber City

How to play Grand Cyber City

Choose any of five different game variants and take to the cyberpunk-inspired street circuits to beat other racers to the finish line. Follow along the ‘Mission’ campaign path, try a dangerous Derby, or go for a leisurely ride and take in the sights in the Free Drive mode, and more besides! Customize your car and add neon colors, lights, trendy wheels, and other futuristic modifications.

The available game variations can be played in both single-player as well as two-player mode.

Game controls

  • Arrow keys or WASD = drive
  • N or Shift = activate Nitro power
  • Q or E = Use your weapon

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Who developed Grand Cyber City?

This simulator was developed by RHM Interactive.

When was Grand Cyber City released?

This stunt game came out in October of 2023.