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Frogga is a cool neon version of a classic arcade game. Can you help the frog cross the roads and rivers without getting run over?

How to play Frogga?

The aim is to travel as far as possible in this nostalgic arcade game. Enjoy classic pixel art in bright neon colors and you help the frog dodge the traffic.

Watch out for cars coming from the left and side sides of the screen as you leap across the busy roads. You’ll also have to cross rivers by jumping on floating logs and lilies.

You can take a breather in the strips of grass between the lanes, but watch out! You cannot jump through bushes, rocks, trees, and other obstacles.

Faster cars and new obstacles will keep you on your toes in this hyper casual arcade adventure. Collect bonus items and power-ups to keep going!

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Who created Frogga?

Frogga was created by MarketJS.

When was Frogga first released?

This game was first released on June 17, 2024.