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Kitten Hide and Seek

Kitten Hide and Seek is a funny running game in which you have to react quickly to help the tiny girl hide from the giant cat. Can you collect the coins and reach the food without being caught?

How to play Kitten Hide and Seek?

In each round of this anime-style cat game, the girl wants to collect a certain item she needs to decorate her tiny house inside the hollow tree. She’s only as tall as your thumb, so every time she sneaks into the kitchen she has to be very careful that the cat doesn’t see her.

Run over the countertop and hide behind the vases, cookie jars, charm pouches and tissue boxes every time the cat pops its head above the counter’s edge. The cat will use it’s bright, reflective laser eyes to scan the surface for any little girls. Make sure the cat cannot see her.

Watch out, because the puddles of oil and honey will slow you down or make you slip. Collect the coins and save up stars to furnish the girl’s house. After each round, you can visit her house to see how much nicer it’s becoming.

Game Controls

  • Use the MOUSE to play. TAP and HOLD to stop and crouch when hidden behind an object on the tabletop.
  • On mobile, TAP and HOLD your finger on the screen to stop and crouch.

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Who developed Kitten Hide and Seek?

Kitten Hide and Seek was developed by PuzzleGame.