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Egg Hunt Mania

Egg Hunt Mania is a fast-paced hypercasual game. Run between the four perches to grab the eggs rolling down the chicken coop ramps.

How to play Egg Hunt Mania?

The hens are sitting on their perches busily laying one egg after the other. Run between the chicken coop ramps to catch the rolling eggs in your basket. Try not to drop any!

Your basket will fill up in no time and won’t be able to hold more eggs. Quickly unload the eggs in a safe place to collect coins. You can buy upgrades like a bigger basket to make life on the chicken farm easier.  

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Who created Egg Hunt Mania?

Egg Hunt Mania was created by Inlogic Software. 

When was Egg Hunt Mania first released?

This game was first released on June 17, 2024.