Ninja Games

  • Rogue Soul 2
    Rogue Soul 2
    Played 4831 times

    Prepare to run, jump, slide, dodge and fight your way through each level in this fast-paced adventure. Are you fast enough to beat the entire game?

  • Epic Ninja
    Epic Ninja
    Played 3204 times

    This fearless ninja is about to begin a roaring rampage of revenge. Join him while he goes in search of a mysterious villain in this epic action game.

  • Fruit Ninja
    Fruit Ninja
    Played 9296 times
  • Final Ninja Zero
    Final Ninja Zero
    Played 1515 times

    Takeshi is about to begin his first mission. Will he make it back alive? That all depends on you...

  • Ninja Arcade
    Ninja Arcade
    Played 4611 times

    Enter this bamboo garden and find out if you can survive the ultimate test of your ninja skills.

  • The Ninja Game
    The Ninja Game
    Played 3395 times

    This Ninja is force to be reconed with as he can overcome insane obstacles, stick onto walls and ceilings, walk sideways and upside down and fly through the air!

  • Ninja Run
    Ninja Run
    Played 6491 times

    This ninja is on a mission to collect tons of coins. Help keep him safe and away from all of the bombs.

  • Ninja Painter
    Ninja Painter
    Played 1845 times

    Trade in your nunchucks for a roller and a bucket of paint...

  • Sift Renegade 3
    Sift Renegade 3
    Played 12435 times

    Kiro and his brother are up against another gang of triads. Help them slice and dice their way through their latest mission in this action-packed ninja game.

  • Ninja Otoshi
    Ninja Otoshi
    Played 1754 times

    In this thrilling ninja game, you’re the elite Ninja Captain and you’ve just received your next mission. The dangerous Samurai Pagoda lies to the west and it’s filled with tons of enemy ninjas and other warriors. Grab your samurai sword and black mask, don’t forget your throwing stars and prepare yourself for an epic adventure.

  • Ninja Caver
    Ninja Caver
    Played 25107 times

    The ninja bomber is back and once again is trap on a cave! help him escape by dashing, jumping and climbing your way out, but remember to always catch the stars for extra points!

  • Ninja Boy
    Ninja Boy
    Played 39866 times

    This young warrior is leaping into a world of action and adventure. Join him as he slices and dices his way through entire armies of trolls while searching for treasure in this free online game.

  • Nano Ninja
    Nano Ninja
    Played 861 times

    What would you do to save your master? Take the ultimate ninja challenge that will test your reflexes and skills in Nano Ninja! Be prepared!

  • Ninja Plus 2
    Ninja Plus 2
    Played 1008 times

    It’s all about one with your inner ninja in Ninja Plus 2 and overcoming the odds! Unlike other ninja games, you will use your ninja tools to collect coins, attack monsters and make your way past traps. Each and every stage has a unique layout, making it more challenging than the last as you prove your ninja skills to the world!

  • Dragon Fist 3: Age of Warrior
    Dragon Fist 3: Age of Warrior
    Played 5652 times

    Do you think you can master the legendary Dragon Fist? Take on opponents from around the world in this intense fighting game on the browser!

  • Ninja Rinse Out
    Ninja Rinse Out
    Played 2443 times

    Free your love from the hands of Yakuza typical Ninja-style!

  • Shadow Arts
    Shadow Arts
    Played 5619 times

    This army of evil warriors has invaded your land and it's up to you to fight back using your Shadow Arts! Switch between weapons and skills as you reclaim your land and return peace to all!

  • Ninja Painter 2
    Ninja Painter 2
    Played 6840 times

    These guys take the art of the ninja literally.

  • Fists of Frenzy
    Fists of Frenzy
    Played 3410 times

    You are on your own at a crossroad and you are surrounded by fierce ninjas.

  • Ninja Dress Up
    Ninja Dress Up
    Played 1926 times
  • Black Bit Ninja 2
    Black Bit Ninja 2
    Played 1540 times

    Your mission: eliminate all the red ninjas. Grab a samurai sword and get to work...

  • Nitro Ninjas
    Nitro Ninjas
    Played 4715 times

    Race through an urban jungle with your katana in hand

  • Bowja 3: Ninja Kami
    Bowja 3: Ninja Kami
    Played 548 times

    Become the greatest ninja master you were meant to be in Bowja 3: Ninja Kami! You must retrieve the stolen amulet from your rival clan. Only then will you be known as the Ninja Kami. Click on your targets to order the Bowja to interact with it and successfully make it through each stage. Get ready for the best of ninja games!

  • Ninja Plus
    Ninja Plus
    Played 821 times

    For a ninja, a wall is not an obstacle, but rather an opportunity…

  • Ninja Master
    Ninja Master
    Played 816 times

    This ninja is on the warpath, and you don’t want to get in his way…

  • Run Ninja Run 3
    Run Ninja Run 3
    Played 2877 times

    Use all those ninja skills you learned from your training in this brand new runner game, Run Ninja Run 3. Jump over obstacles and collect treasure as you avoid getting caught by the enemy!

  • Epic Ninja 2
    Epic Ninja 2
    Played 1140 times

    He just got out of bed and hasn’t even had breakfast yet but this ninja is already getting attacked!

  • Ninja Quest
    Ninja Quest
    Played 743 times

    Fight the evil ninja clan that captured your girlfriend using 12 samurai weapons.

  • Ninja vs. Zombie 2
    Ninja vs. Zombie 2
    Played 1088 times

    So these zombies think they can just wander into the temple and do what they want? Show ‘em who’s boss!

  • Ninja Man
    Ninja Man
    Played 999 times

    Run fast, jump high, and carry a sharp sword.

  • Super House of Dead Ninjas
    Super House of Dead Ninjas
    Played 1423 times

    How long will you last against the horrors waiting for you in this gauntlet of the undead?

  • Samurai Fruit
    Samurai Fruit
    Played 1962 times

    Sink your katana into the juiciest of adversaries: fresh fruit.

  • Ninja Rush
    Ninja Rush
    Played 1162 times

    This ninja is in a big hurry and he could really use some help defeating all of his enemies. Maybe you could lend him a hand in this old-school action game?

  • Ninyung
    Played 3135 times

    This young warrior is eager to finish his ninja training. Completing his final test is going to require nerves of steel and some fast reflexes. Can you help him survive it in this free online game?

  • Super Ninja Block
    Super Ninja Block
    Played 700 times

    It’s never a good idea to kidnap the family of a super ninja. Join this one while he takes down lots of bad guys and rescues his loved ones in this wild action game.

    • Ninja Duck Adventure
      Ninja Duck Adventure
      Played 627 times

      These ninja ducks are on a treasure hunt! Guide them through each tricky level, helping them collect keys and avoid traps in this totally awesome 2 player co-op game, Ninja Duck Adventure!

    • This Bunny Kills
      This Bunny Kills
      Played 638 times

      Let them send the ninja bunny are Bunny, and death is YOURS to deal!

    • Ovcata Ninja
      Ovcata Ninja
      Played 47 times

      Help the sheep fight the enemies using its Ninja skills!

    • Ninja Nightmare
      Ninja Nightmare
      Played 38 times

      Kill all the ninjas before time runs out!

    • Ninja Golf
      Ninja Golf
      Played 162 times

      Play golf, kill all of the animals, ninjas, and the dragon, and achieve nirvana!

    • Stick Trinity
      Stick Trinity
      Played 367 times

      Fight against the agressive lady bugs and other competitors!

    • Ninja Hunter
      Ninja Hunter
      Played 425 times

      Ninjas are attacking the Temple of the Wind Goddess. Cut them with their own words!

    • Ninja Roller
      Ninja Roller
      Played 472 times

      Can you help this Ninja find the path to the stars?

    • Ninja Glove
      Ninja Glove
      Played 187 times

      Speed and wisdom are your tools to prove yourself a master finger ninja.

    • Ninja or Nun
      Ninja or Nun
      Played 161 times

      Worshiping woman or fierce fighter? You have only seconds to decide.

    • Pirates vs. Ninjas
      Pirates vs. Ninjas
      Played 102 times

      How's a pirate supposed to loot with all these pesky ninja swords??

    • Ninjas vs. Pirates 2
      Ninjas vs. Pirates 2
      Played 150 times

      Those peg-legged, eye patch wearing parrot lovers are no match for your ninja masters!