Escaping Games

  • Escape the Appartment
    Escape the Appartment
    Played 697 times

    Gather items, use them to unlock the main door, and escape from the room!

  • Clean Bathroom Escape
    Clean Bathroom Escape
    Played 19524 times

    It’s always nice to have a clean bathroom but getting trapped inside of one really stinks. Can you find a way to escape from this one in this online game?

  • Stadium Sneakout
    Stadium Sneakout
    Played 6505 times

    You blew the game, and no one gets angry like sports fans…

  • Portal: The Flash Version
    Portal: The Flash Version
    Played 2972 times

    Find your way to the exit door and go through it alive.

  • Escape Christmas Room
    Escape Christmas Room
    Played 3356 times

    Solve the puzzle and try to escape from this Christmas room.

  • La Luna Hotel
    La Luna Hotel
    Played 1454 times

    You woke up and don't remember anything - find a key to your memory!

  • Killer Escape
    Killer Escape
    Played 4175 times

    You’ve woken up in a killer’s basement! Can you solve the puzzles to escape before he returns?

  • Escape Library
    Escape Library
    Played 963 times

    Find a way to escape the library using items you find inside the room.

  • Escape Da House
    Escape Da House
    Played 1547 times

    Try to escape. Look for objects that can help you with your mission!

  • Annabelle Mysteries
    Annabelle Mysteries
    Played 5113 times

    Find your way out of the house in this terrifying point and click escape game!

  • The Great Kitchen Escape
    The Great Kitchen Escape
    Played 1014 times

    Explore the kitchen, search for items and escape!

  • Miss Malfunction
    Miss Malfunction
    Played 2275 times

    Make quick bucks at this year's hottest fashion malfunction!

  • Escape the Car
    Escape the Car
    Played 8189 times

    You’re all alone in this intense and scary setting, stuck in a car at night…in the woods! Can you escape the car?

  • Escape the Camp
    Escape the Camp
    Played 1922 times

    When love beckons, it's time to leave camp behind!

  • Office Sneak Out
    Office Sneak Out
    Played 1994 times

    The great thing about office anonymity: no one notices you unless you’re sneaking out…

  • Comic Book Cody
    Comic Book Cody
    Played 1055 times

    Someone stole Cody’s precious comic book collection and he’s gotta get it back!

  • Mimelet
    Played 781 times

    This hungry, little guy is on a quest for some yummy fruits and veggies.

  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
    Played 3701 times

    Move the remote toward the TV, change the channel, and don't get caught!

  • Escape the Office
    Escape the Office
    Played 2464 times
  • Evil Asylum
    Evil Asylum
    Played 4303 times

    Find the clues to solve the mystery in this absolutely dark and terrifying object finding game, Evil Asylum. What sort of evil is in here, waiting for you to find?

  • Desert Camp Escape
    Desert Camp Escape
    Played 1390 times

    Is there a way to escape from this dangerous compound in the desert? It’s up to you to find out. Collect valuable items while you search for the exit in this online game.

  • Charger Escape
    Charger Escape
    Played 1531 times

    If you look hard enough, you can find magic anywhere.

  • Doll House Escape
    Doll House Escape
    Played 3827 times

    You’re trapped inside of a room in a doll house. There must be a way to escape. Can you figure it out in this online game?

  • Try to Escape
    Try to Escape
    Played 652 times

    Join a group of bandits and robbers as they try to get away from the cops in this crazy escape game. Help them leap over barriers and walls while they flee towards freedom.

  • Escape From 26
    Escape From 26
    Played 2252 times

    Lilly just found herself trapped in a mysterious cage. Will she escape? It’s up to you...

  • Escape for Exam
    Escape for Exam
    Played 2899 times

    Can you solve all of the tricky puzzles and riddles in order to unlock the door and escape from the house?

  • Scare Dare
    Scare Dare
    Played 5369 times

    You’ve been locked in a haunted house! Can you collect all the items and solve the puzzles to get out?

  • Furtive Dao
    Furtive Dao
    Played 2048 times

    The adorable orphans that live in this shelter really need your help.

  • Boy Room Escape
    Boy Room Escape
    Played 2641 times

    Getting trapped inside of a bedroom really isn’t that much fun. Can you find a way to bust out of this one in this crazy escape game?

  • Tied Santa Escapes
    Tied Santa Escapes
    Played 5525 times

    Only you can rescue Santa Claus and help him on his way: can you save Christmas?

  • Killer Escape 3
    Killer Escape 3
    Played 1454 times

    Previously you escaped confinement from a psychopath and escaped the horrific clutches of the Tooth Fairy. Now you find yourself stuck in an elevator leading to a twisted place with riddles and alien encounters. Find a way out or face a grey fate in this point and click adventure game!

  • Brick Room Escape
    Brick Room Escape
    Played 1020 times

    You’ve just woken up in a strange room with brick walls. You have no idea how you got there. Can you collect the items you’ll need to make your escape in this mysterious point and click game?

  • Escape Turquoise Room
    Escape Turquoise Room
    Played 755 times

    Escape from the room using only the items and information in the room.

  • Picnic Forest
    Picnic Forest
    Played 928 times

    Collect the diamonds and feathers in order to escape from the mushroom picnic forest!

  • Family House Escape
    Family House Escape
    Played 6850 times

    It’s just a nice little house. At least that’s what it looks like on the outside. Can you find a way to escape from this dangerous suburban home in this challenging online game?

  • Invertion
    Played 4377 times

    This little robot has found himself in a dangerous labyrinth. Will he unlock its secrets?

    • Leave Elmstreet
      Leave Elmstreet
      Played 1751 times

      Get out of Elm Street before Freddy Krueger kills you!

    • Unique Home Escape
      Unique Home Escape
      Played 1916 times

      Collect the items and solve the puzzles in order to escape from the house!

    • Egypt Museum Escape
      Egypt Museum Escape
      Played 3037 times

      You’re stuck in an office deep within an Egyptian museum. Can you piece together the clues and locate the objects that will help you find the exit in this challenging escape game?

    • Magician Room 2
      Magician Room 2
      Played 2509 times
    • Escape Magenta Room
      Escape Magenta Room
      Played 688 times

      Pick up useful items hidden in the room and try to escape.

    • Solid Sneak
      Solid Sneak
      Played 1934 times

      Earth, 2356: Deep beneath a futuristic city, a simple miner discovers a mysterious piece of technology…

    • Escape the Lab
      Escape the Lab
      Played 1132 times

      Get out of the lab by searching, finding, and using items with clues.

    • Forest Headquarters Escape
      Forest Headquarters Escape
      Played 1831 times

      This large building in the forest is really spacious and cool but it’s also kinda boring. Find a way to make your escape and head back to the city in this online game.

    • Pirateers
      Played 2919 times
    • Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
      Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
      Played 2068 times

      Who murdered poor Mr. T? Only you and the world famous detective can solve this baffling case.

    • Mimou Escape 2
      Mimou Escape 2
      Played 1734 times
    • Living Room Escape
      Living Room Escape
      Played 2890 times

      You're stuck in this living room and there are clues hidden all around you. Have you got what it takes to solve all the puzzles in this fun online game, Living Room Escape?

Escape Games: For When You Gotta Get Out

You ever feel like, "I gotta get out of here"? Maybe you can't get out of wherever you are in real life, but if you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone you can escape for a little while in these escape games. You're going to need to have all your wits about you to make it out of these locked-up locations. Room escape games start you out between four walls and a roof, but the locations, settings, and themes of these rooms vary from the cute and cartoony Escape Christmas Room to the haunted-house horror of Scare Dare. And once you're there, you're going to need to, well, escape the room – but this room isn't going to make it easy on you. In every corner and crevice, secrets are hidden. Your first task: start exploring. Uncover every detail of your new world if you ever want to get out. Escape-the-room games push you to call on all of our powers of observation and MacGuyvor-like leaps of inventive logic. You'll need to find objects to help you, figure out how they fit together and interact with the room, and solve plenty of puzzles as you go. (You can even play versions of Portal here.)

Escape camp to get a little love on with your latest boo in Escape the Camp, Sherlock your way out of a picturesque parlor in Victorian Room Escape, or just help more Mimou the cat make it out of the dryer alive. Escape games online offer addictive and engrossing diversions in more than 100 games that you won't want to get away from.