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Piano Online

Can you keep the beat in Piano Online? A few of these songs are really challenging, especially the symphonies!

You’ll get to try playing classic compositions by Beethoven as well as songs for kids in this fast-paced piano game. Practice makes perfect so don’t get discouraged if you find yourself attempting to get through a song several times. Will you make it to the end of each one and earn a high-score? You can try playing songs like "Happy Birthday" and "Little Star" in this music game.

How to Play Piano Online?

Try to keep up with the keys while they fly down the screen in Piano Online. You’ll need to type or press the letters at just the right moments to prevent both the song and the game from ending.

Game Controls


  • HIT THE LETTER KEYS to press the correct musical keys as they move down the screen. 


  • LEFT CLICKING is another option. You can use this to press the musical keys as well.

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Who Developed Piano Online?

Piano Online was created by DAB3Games.