Vampire Games

  • Vampire Love: Dating Game
    Vampire Love: Dating Game
    Played 2597 times

    Meet your vampire love in the castle for a midnight kissing rendezvous!

  • Transylmania 2
    Transylmania 2
    Played 17710 times

    Attempted stakings are one thing, but anyone who takes Vampy's Deadly Bear is asking for a biting!

  • Vampirizer
    Played 2030 times

  • Vampire Physics Game Online
    Vampire Physics Game Online
    Played 1952 times

    Seduce the world with science—one bite at a time...

  • Vampire Doctor Consulting
    Vampire Doctor Consulting
    Played 3557 times

    Even vampires sometimes have to go to the doctor. This one is going for her annual check-up. Join her doctor while she has her teeth looked at and a few other exams done in this cute online medical simulation game.

  • Like Vampire Like Son
    Like Vampire Like Son
    Played 6762 times

    Dracula’s son is having a hard time fitting in lately. What should he do?

  • The Sun For the Vampire 2
    The Sun For the Vampire 2
    Played 5381 times

    This little vampire is still trying to find a way to escape his curse. Maybe this witch can help?

  • Resurgent Vampire: Blood Game
    Resurgent Vampire: Blood Game
    Played 11823 times

    This vile vampire needs blood in order to escape from his coffin, and only you can help him! Drain these poor ladies of their vital blood for your undead master!

  • The Sun for the Vampire
    The Sun for the Vampire
    Played 1461 times

    This sad vampire has always wanted to experience daylight but the sun could kill him. Fortunately, he knows a wizard who can help him out. Join him on his quest in this adventure game.