Empire Game

  • Empire: World War 3
    Empire: World War 3
    Played 8972 times

    <p>The day humanity has dreaded for over a century has finally arrived! World War 3 is about to begin. Will you and your armies take over the planet, or will you be left in the dust in this massive multiplayer online strategy game? Unleash futuristic weapons and fearless troops on your enemies while you fight them on land, sea, and in the air!</p>

  • Goodgame Empire
    Goodgame Empire
    Played 888494 times

    <p>Crush your enemies and conquer the world—one castle at a time!</p>

  • Hidden Empire
    Hidden Empire
    Played 19261 times

    <p>You’ve stumbled upon a hidden kingdom located deep within a rainforest. The locals haven’t the slightest clue what to do with you. Have a chat with their chieftain and find out what should happen next in this hidden objects game.</p>

  • Sparta: War Of Empires
    Sparta: War Of Empires
    Played 52615 times

    <p>The Persian king Xerxes has amassed a gigantic army that is marching straight towards your city. Defend its gates and lead your people to glory in this MMO game.</p>

  • Forge of Empires
    Forge of Empires
    Played 126946 times

    <p>Starting with a small Stone Age settlement it is your task to create an empire and accompany it onward throughout the centuries.</p>

  • Resort Empire: Hotel Business Game
    Resort Empire: Hotel Business Game
    Played 216760 times

    <p>Think you’ve got what it takes to become a tycoon in the tourism biz?</p>

  • New World Empires
    New World Empires
    Played 78864 times

    <p>Explore four centuries of global conflict in this MMO game. Build monuments that will stand the test of time while you conquer undiscovered continents and go up against some of history’s greatest military minds. Can you defeat Napoleon's troops? Or beat Columbus to America?</p>

  • Stick War 2: Order Empire
    Stick War 2: Order Empire
    Played 60252 times

    <p>Expect another round of sticky situations as the battle rages on...</p>

  • Total Front: Army War Game
    Total Front: Army War Game
    Played 856319 times

    <p>The world is at war in this real time military action game. Which side will you fight for in a series of epic battles? Lead your troops to the front!</p>

  • Secret Garden
    Secret Garden
    Played 134838 times

    <p>It was just another day at the library when a gateway opened in a magical book left forgotten on one of the shelves. Now you’ve entered a magical realm. Can you find a way to return home in this MMO game?</p>

  • Warbanner
    Played 2001256 times

    <p>The time for war has come and you need to raise both your army and settlement! Train your troops and recruit more powerful units as your own settlement grows and flourishes with new buildings that will aid you in your defense. Watch as the troops you have trained take down enemy forces and towns in this most epic online strategy game, Warbanner!</p>

  • Airport Empire: Business Game
    Airport Empire: Business Game
    Played 46032 times

    <p>Running an airport is serious business. It’s also seriously fun!</p>

  • Shop Empire Fantasy
    Shop Empire Fantasy
    Played 19995 times

    <p>This magical kingdom is filled with adventure but somebody needs to stay home and manage the shops, right? Can you build an enchanted shopping mall in this simulation game? You’ll need to pick the right stores, hire security guards and more!</p>

  • Imperia Online
    Imperia Online
    Played 18189 times

    <p>Imperia Online takes you to a world existing before the age of gunpowder. A time of legendary war lords, crushing rich and economically advanced kingdoms. A time of powerful alliances, fighting each other for total world domination.</p>

  • Shop Empire 2
    Shop Empire 2
    Played 111862 times

    <p>Travel the globe and design some of the greatest shopping malls the world has ever seen.</p>

  • Legends of Honor
    Legends of Honor
    Played 4496 times

    <p>Three feuding factions have declared war on one another in this medieval real-time strategy game. Choose a side and prepare yourself for the ultimate battle for honor and glory. Have you got what it takes to become a legend while you attempt to build an empire and destroy your enemies on the battlefield?</p>

  • Mahjong Empire
    Mahjong Empire
    Played 2157 times

    <p>It's a battle against time in this funny-shapes twist on mahjong.</p>

  • Shop Empire 3: Medieval Game
    Shop Empire 3: Medieval Game
    Played 28780 times

    <p>Become a king in this medieval land. Well, a king of bargains and retail, that is.</p>

  • Shop Empire
    Shop Empire
    Played 68688 times

    <p>Become a titan of retail and build the most totally awesome shopping malls on the planet.</p>

  • Flash Empires
    Flash Empires
    Played 12924 times

    <p>Protect your castle from the invading forces.</p>

  • Shop Empire: Fable
    Shop Empire: Fable
    Played 1702 times

    <p>Step inside this magical kingdom and find out if you’ve got what it takes to run a successful shop or two. Would you like to open a bookstore? Or how about a clothing boutique? Become a tycoon in this enchanting simulation game.</p>

  • Shop Empire Rampage
    Shop Empire Rampage
    Played 7743 times

    <p>Not a fan of multinational corporations? Time it right and they might just close down...</p>

  • Shop Empire Underground
    Shop Empire Underground
    Played 10589 times

    <p>The earth has become something different and life for humans has changed as well, but the idea of shopping hasn't! Recreate the experience in your own way in this brand new civ sim game, Shop Empire Underground. Build the type of shops that you want and hire people to help control them. Watch out for those villains! They can ruin everything!</p>

  • Shop Empire Galaxy
    Shop Empire Galaxy
    Played 20448 times

    <p>Blast off to the 23rd century and find out if you’ve got what it takes to run a futuristic shopping mall. You’ll need to hire workers, build shops and more in this management simulation game.</p>