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About Our free Motor Racing Games

You can definitely kick things up a notch in our motor racing games. Whether you love to race on two wheels or four, you'll find an awesome game that you're sure to love in this cool collection. Jump behind the wheel of a sports car or a vehicle straight out of Formula One in these racing games. You'll get to hog the turns and blast past your opponents while you speed toward the finish lines in tournaments that will take you all around the world and back. There's also plenty of exciting bike games here as well. 

Oh, those bike games? We’re not talking about bicycles! In these popular online games, you’ll get to perform cool maneuvers while gripping the handlebars of a motorcycle or a dirt bike. You could find yourself zipping past cars on a busy highway or kicking up mud on a challenging track in the Motor X3M Race games. Find out if you can wow the crowds and become a champion in the process!