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Aim & Shoot Games

About Our Aim and Shoot Games

Go on a few thrilling missions deep behind enemy lines in our aim and shoot games. You’ll need to keep a cool head while you eliminate your enemies with machine guns, grenades, and plenty of other powerful weapons. If that sounds like a relaxing afternoon spent in front of a jigsaw puzzle, you could always dive straight into the middle of a bloodsoaked battle arena in a first-person shooter game

But "aim and shoot" doesn’t always have to involve taking on an entire army all by yourself. Head to a virtual basketball court to shoot a few hoops instead of a few hundred bad guys in our cool collection of sports games. Meanwhile, back in our action games, you can jump behind the controls of a tank, team up with a group of superheroes, or join forces with a fearless assassin. No matter what games you play in this category, you'll probably find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat!

What are the Newest Aim & Shoot Games?