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Siren Apocalyptic

Explore an island full of monsters in Siren Apocalyptic. Will you complete your mission and return home safely in this first-person action game?

One of your fellow agents went missing while investigating a series of unusual incidents on the island. You’ll need to take on its deadly residents and set up cameras to monitor their behavior in this intense horror game.

The island is also home to the fearsome Siren Apocalyptic, a vicious creature who can emit ear-piercing howls! Will you reach your fellow agent’s hideout, find out what happened to him, and make it back to your boat in one piece?

How to Play Siren Apocalyptic?

Have you got what it takes to complete a thrilling mission on an island inhabited by vicious monsters? Find out as you dive into this killing game. Explore the island, set up cameras, and try to defeat the evil Siren Apocalyptic.

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK to shoot and more.
  • RIGHT CLICK to zoom in.


  • PRESS THE ARROWS or W, A, S, D to move.
  • PRESS TAB to view the map.
  • PRESS ESC to return to the menu.

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Who Developed Siren Apocalyptic?

Siren Apocalyptic was created by