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Playtime Horror Monster Ground

It's time to create plenty of chaos in Playtime Horror Monster Ground! Tag along with a maniacal robot and his friends in this scary game!

A few circuits have gotten loose in the mainframe of your robot. Instead of entertaining families at the Playtime Pizza Parlor, which is what he was programmed to do, he's getting ready to destroy all humans! Join him as he begins a reign of absolute terror in this horror game that’s definitely not for young players or the faint of heart!

He'll need to track down and eliminate a certain number of victims in each level. They’ll be hiding under everything from furniture to potted plants. Will you be able to find all of them?

Fortunately for your robot, but unfortunately for all his targets, he's incredibly powerful. He can tear through walls with his claws and there's lots of weapons like miniguns scattered around that will help him complete his blood-soaked missions. Even the police will have a hard time stopping him! He can also modify himself with parts from other robots, including their heads! Keep an eye on his energy meter while he smashes and slaughters everything in sight!

How to Play Playtime Horror Monster Ground?

Playtime Horror Monster Ground is an exciting action game for mature players. You’ll team up with a malfunctioning robot that’s determined to murder everyone he encounters. Your mission: to help him kill a certain amount of people in each thrilling level.

Game Controls


  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your murder bot. He’ll attack automatically when he finds victims.


  • PRESSING W, A, S, D will also allow you to control your murder bot.

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Who Developed Playtime Horror Monster Ground?

Playtime Horror Monster Ground was created by Dats Games.