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Jewels Blitz 6

Jewels Blitz 6 is a colorful and smoothly animated match-3 game by quality puzzle game designer Softgames. Line up three or more matching gems to pop them and collect the right items to win.

How to play Jewels Blitz 6?

At the start of each level, you’ll see which items you need to remove from the board. This information will also be shown in the panel to the left of the tile-matching board, along with the number of moves you have left to complete your objectives.

The first levels feature a short in-game tutorial to show you how to create match-3 combinations. Make two neighboring gems swap places to create rows and columns consisting of three identical jewels.

When you leave the game, you can resume where you left off. The level map that runs through the Mayan jungle will show you where you are.  

How many levels are there in Jewels Blitz 6?

Jewels Blitz 6 is the biggest game in the series to date, and has +4000 levels.

Tips to Score Extra Points in Jewels Blitz

  • Earn and Combine Bombs

If you combine four or more items, you can earn line bombs, cross bombs, and color bombs. These can help you complete the level objectives faster. You can also combine two bombs to create more powerful explosions and clear lots of additional gems. 

  • Finish the Levels with Moves to Spare

Try to complete the levels in as few moves as possible. Spare moves will be converted to bombs and added to your points counter.

  • Use Boosters

There are four unlockable boosters in this game. Whenever a new booster is introduced, a brief tutorial will show you how to make clever use of it and maximize your points. 

Game Controls

Click and drag with the mouse or swipe the icons with your finger on touchscreen devices.

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Who created Jewels Blitz 6?

Jewels Blitz 6 was created by SoftGames. 

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When was Jewels Blitz 6 first released?

This game was first released on August 14, 2023.