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Cool Archer

Cool Archer is a 3D archery game in which you have to hit the moving targets. Draw your bow and release your arrows at the right moment. Keep an eye on the direction of the wind as well.

How to play Cool Archer?

In this sports game, you must try to hit the targets without missing. Many of the targets will move along a rail at varying speeds. Aim your arrow and await the perfect moment to release your bowstring and shoot.

Keep an eye on the strength and direction of the wind as well. Your arrow has some distance to cover, and the wind will blow it off course. Take this into consideration when you aim your shot and you’ll still be able to pierce the target right through the middle.

As long as you hit the target, you’re safe. If you miss three times, you’re out. Your points will be tallied up, and you can see how well you did compared to the top players on the high-score list.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Click and drag to aim
  • Release to shoot your arrow

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Who created Cool Archer?

Cool Archer was created by MarketJS.