War Games

  • Age of Cavemen
    Age of Cavemen
    Played 5179 times

    Take control of a village filled with cavemen in this free-to-play multiplayer strategy game. Can you help them improve their settlement and assemble an army to conquer the dangers of the wild?

  • Caribbean Admiral 2
    Caribbean Admiral 2
    Played 3850 times

    Return to the high seas for another series of epic battles in this turn-based action game. Take command of your fleet and see how quickly you can make your enemies jump into their life boats. You’ll need to pick your targets carefully and use your ammunition wisely if you want to safely return to your port of call.

  • Warlords 2: Rise Of Demons
    Warlords 2: Rise Of Demons
    Played 1129 times

    In a world filled with chaos and strife, it’s up to you bring about order... or total destruction! Play a variety of races as you try to conquer the world!

  • Stacker War
    Stacker War
    Played 844 times

    The orcs think they can conquer your kingdom in no time flat. You’re not going to let that happen, are you?

  • Jungle Armed Getaway
    Jungle Armed Getaway
    Played 3467 times

    To escape the jungle of terror you have to drive the right getaway car and stock up on rifles, bombs, machine guns and defense gear. Can you get away as far as possible from the armies, tanks, helicopters and bikes in pursuit? Unlock powerful upgrades to destroy the attackers. Aim and shoot at the enemies on your tail while you drive towards freedom.

  • Takeover
    Played 21191 times

    Bring glory and peace to the empire once more—to battle!

  • Indestructo Tank EA
    Indestructo Tank EA
    Played 1056 times

    Use the enemies' own weapons against them!

  • 300: Seize Your Glory
    300: Seize Your Glory
    Played 4325 times

    Unite all of Greece against Persia's mighty navy. It's time for the rise of an empire. Seize your glory.

  • Slay.one
    Played 3938 times

    Get ready for one of the most intense online multiplayer shooters ever, Slay.one! Customize your own character and then get out onto the battlefield to blast your enemies away with machine guns and rocket launchers!

  • Heavy 3D Tanks
    Heavy 3D Tanks
    Played 2007 times

    Get ready for a duel to the death in this 3D action game. Jump behind the controls of a tank and see if you can eliminate your opponents while you do battle in this complex maze.

  • Strike Of War
    Strike Of War
    Played 1621 times

    Fight your way through acition-packed levels in this thrilling shooter. Shoot, stab, obliterate your enemies by any means necessary to proceed! Become a special ops expert!

  • Blocky Combat Swat 2: Storm Desert
    Blocky Combat Swat 2: Storm Desert
    Played 1243 times

    Old school graphics and modern excitement can be found in this multiplayer action game. Compete against other players from around the world while you fight to survive for as long as possible on tropical islands, in deserts and in other playing environments.

  • Commando 2
    Commando 2
    Played 6245 times

    It’s one man against an army: guess which side you’re on?!

  • Troy
    Played 2485 times

    Man the ramparts and rally the troops—Troy needs all its defenses!

  • Mainlands Wars
    Mainlands Wars
    Played 773 times

    Continents are in war! Your purpose is to become the main conqueror in the world!

  • Sharp Trigger
    Sharp Trigger
    Played 1211 times

    A mere pawn in warfare you still have your ammo and sharp shooting skills to get out of harms way! Use your sharp triggers to get out of some bloody sticky situations in this adrenaline pumping aim and shoot warfare game!

  • Balloon Invasion
    Balloon Invasion
    Played 2256 times

    Destroy all the balloons in this explosive air defense game!

  • Panzer Ops
    Panzer Ops
    Played 942 times

    It's time to go to war! Ride your awesome and powerful tank into battle as you destroy your enemy and complete the mission. Make sure to collect the fallen money and repair your tank when needed!

  • Vietnam War: The Last Battle
    Vietnam War: The Last Battle
    Played 3957 times

    Take a trip through time to one of history’s most intense conflicts in this multiplayer action game. How long can you survive while you take on players from around the world? You can fight with America’s forces or alongside soldiers from the Viet Cong.

  • Blitz Tactics
    Blitz Tactics
    Played 2352 times

    Can you seize each one of the enemies' bases without getting into a battle with their troops?

  • Stick War
    Stick War
    Played 1479 times

    Stickmen go splat!

  • Call Of War
    Call Of War
    Played 9285 times

    Travel back in time to World War 2 and lead your forces to victory while you develop secret weapons and much more. Your troops are waiting for you, Commander. Where will you send them next in this MMO game?

  • Strikers 1945 Flash
    Strikers 1945 Flash
    Played 2305 times

    Steer your plane, collect power-ups, and shoot all your enemies!

  • Strategy Defence 3
    Strategy Defence 3
    Played 847 times

    Train your soldiers, build towers, use special weapons, and destroy your enemy's castle.

  • Age Of Defense Mini 2
    Age Of Defense Mini 2
    Played 1052 times

    Fight back against the nasty cavemen and other horrible creatures as you defend your kingdom in this brand new online defense game, Age of Defense Mini 2!

  • Special Strike: Operations
    Special Strike: Operations
    Played 5422 times

    How long can you last against all of these waves of enemy soldiers? They’re going to keep popping out of the house and you’ll need to eliminate them, one by one. Hold out for as much time as possible in this exciting first person shooter game.

  • The Last Village
    The Last Village
    Played 5130 times

    Your peace-loving tribe has had enough misery from these palefaces. Now you'll fight to the death if you must.

  • Control Craft Modern War
    Control Craft Modern War
    Played 1190 times

    The battle for firepower heats up in this race to the finish: there can only be one winner!

  • Crusader Defense
    Crusader Defense
    Played 3100 times

    The enemy is about to attack. Get your archers and knights in position and fast!

  • Space Battle
    Space Battle
    Played 1447 times

    Who do these fools think they are entering YOUR atmosphere?

  • Microbe Kombat
    Microbe Kombat
    Played 902 times

    In this microscopic battle, it's survival of the biggest and hungriest...

  • Storm Ops: Desert Storm
    Storm Ops: Desert Storm
    Played 1313 times

    The enemy's coming over the sand dunes—but you're ready for them!

  • Lone Ops
    Lone Ops
    Played 1318 times

    Your base is under attack! Put your shooting skills to the ultimate test.

  • Necronator 2
    Necronator 2
    Played 1035 times

    Get ready to venture into a world filled with danger and dark fantasy, in Necronator 2! Gather your forces as you make your way to victory!

  • School Wars
    School Wars
    Played 3527 times

    Click on your students to move them toward the enemy units to win the battle.

  • Maganic Wars 2
    Maganic Wars 2
    Played 1835 times

    Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.

    • Barbarian Onslaught
      Barbarian Onslaught
      Played 522 times

      Barbarian (n): He who kills everything in his path.

    • Super Battle City
      Super Battle City
      Played 721 times

      This city has a bit of a problem with tanks. Maybe you could clear out a few of them?

    • Strategic Mayhem
      Strategic Mayhem
      Played 2095 times

      The troops keep coming as fast as you send them—what's your strategy to get the upper hand?

    • Codename Ballistic
      Codename Ballistic
      Played 495 times

      The mission must be carried out at all costs, so step up soldier!

    • Sift Heads: World 6
      Sift Heads: World 6
      Played 832 times

      The Sift Heads just returned from their latest mission to find that their headquarters has been destroyed. Now it’s time for them to hunt down those responsible in this action game.

    • Intruder Combat Training
      Intruder Combat Training
      Played 653 times

      Awesome physics based shooter. Deathmatch and team deathmatch in well designed maps. Chose from more than 10 weapons uncluding rocket launchers, mines and grenades.

    • Prison Escape
      Prison Escape
      Played 2690 times

      Sneak around the guards and escape from the prison!

    • Battle of Rock Gods
      Battle of Rock Gods
      Played 677 times

      Press the correct keys to create one of 14 great rock guitar solos!

    • Super Mechs
      Super Mechs
      Played 61139 times

      Fighting is very different with gigantic guns for arms.

    • Brave Shorties
      Brave Shorties
      Played 2684 times

      The king’s daughter has just been kidnapped. Now it’s up to these tiny knights to save the day!

    • Crusader Defence: Level Pack 2
      Crusader Defence: Level Pack 2
      Played 2774 times

      Return to a world of adventure and excitement as you prepare for another series of exciting battles. Assemble your units and defend the city from your enemies in this tower defense game.

    • National Defense
      National Defense
      Played 1450 times

      Explore a wasteland of destruction to secure the wealth of men in suits. Protect the enemy lines to also become the master of territorial control. Upgrade weapons to increase destructive power and take action to defend the wealth. Your mission is to control the tower and destroy approaching vehicles. Sell weapons to earn money to buy more ammo. Brave enough to play?