Uphill Racing Games

  • Happy Wheels
    Happy Wheels
    Played 69553 times

    Looking for an offbeat racing game? Check.

  • Hill Racing Challenge
    Hill Racing Challenge
    Played 59413 times

    Play the most addictive physics-based car & bike racing game

  • Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Played 252666 times
  • Ghost Train Ride
    Ghost Train Ride
    Played 1450 times

    Take your ghoulish customers on the ride of the unlives!

  • Dream Car Racing
    Dream Car Racing
    Played 5540 times

    Build car—drive car—win race!

  • City Rider
    City Rider
    Played 46053 times

    Practice your virtual driving skills in one of three maps. You can zoom around cities or blast across deserts in this thrilling racing game.

  • Motocross Nitro
    Motocross Nitro
    Played 38098 times

    A high-octane dash of full-throttle motocross madness: come check it out.

  • Stickman Freeride
    Stickman Freeride
    Played 18522 times

    Stickman loves sticky cycling situations.

  • Truck Wars
    Truck Wars
    Played 5818 times

    Channel your road rage into some tricked-out truck racing!

  • Moto X3m 3
    Moto X3m 3
    Played 19206 times

    You’ll need nerves of steel to make it to the finish line in this epic motorcycle racing game. This island is gorgeous but its race tracks are filled with pits of fire and gigantic saw blades!

  • Moto Trials Winter 2
    Moto Trials Winter 2
    Played 3361 times

    It’s a bit slippery on this mountaintop track but you can handle it, right? Jump on the motorcycle and perform stunts while you zoom towards the finish line in this wintertime racing game.

  • Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport
    Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport
    Played 1835 times

    Dig into some mad mining mayhem!

  • Spy Car
    Spy Car
    Played 3805 times

    Your driving skills are the only thing keeping your country safe from criminals.

  • Max Adrenalin
    Max Adrenalin
    Played 20364 times

    Ringing that bell totally cramps your style, but it’s better than crashing…

  • Monster Truck Demolisher
    Monster Truck Demolisher
    Played 15494 times

    Better buckle up!

  • Tractor Mania
    Tractor Mania
    Played 20330 times

    This ain't your grandpa's tractor...

  • Bulldozer Mania
    Bulldozer Mania
    Played 9178 times

    Bust through with your big-time bully bravado!

  • Moto X3M
    Moto X3M
    Played 10890 times

    Hit the beach and race your way across the sand on this awesome bike before time runs out.

  • Max Dirtbike
    Max Dirtbike
    Played 2486 times

    Avoid all the obstacles on each level and move as fast as you can.

  • Money Truck
    Money Truck
    Played 10149 times

    Money, money, money...

  • Truck Mania 2
    Truck Mania 2
    Played 11945 times

    The mania's back for more cargo craziness!

  • Tractor Derby
    Tractor Derby
    Played 1396 times

    With bumpy terrain, this track calls for racing the stocky, sturdy mother of all vehicles...the tractor!

  • Uphill Rush 2
    Uphill Rush 2
    Played 42892 times

    In your own customized vehicle, can you score all the stuntacular titles?

  • Blocky Trials
    Blocky Trials
    Played 6135 times

    These totally rad racers are about to take on some of the world’s craziest tracks. Tag along with them while they zoom through ports, cities and even off-road in this racing game. Pick out your favorite one before you go to the starting line.

  • Thrill Rush 2
    Thrill Rush 2
    Played 22106 times

    Jump back in the cart for the ride of your life! Do you have the skills to survive this runaway rollercoaster?

  • Icycle: On Thin Ice
    Icycle: On Thin Ice
    Played 4775 times

    Naked guy, put your pedal to the icicle before you freeze your *&@# off.

  • Uphill Rush 4
    Uphill Rush 4
    Played 29456 times

    Can you survive this extreme uphill battle to the finish line?

  • Solid Rider
    Solid Rider
    Played 6566 times

    Grab your dirt bike and get ready for a rough ride!

  • Crazy Hill Driver
    Crazy Hill Driver
    Played 9894 times

    Can you conquer all of the hills, bridges and gaps that are waiting for you in this crazy racing game? Jump behind the wheel of a tractor, a dune buggy or tons of other weird and wild vehicles before you blast towards the finish line. You can collect coins for upgrades along the way.

  • Rollercoaster Rush
    Rollercoaster Rush
    Played 7362 times

    Can you create the ultimate coaster-riding experience?

  • Uphill Rush 5
    Uphill Rush 5
    Played 68734 times

    Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!

  • The Last Trial 2
    The Last Trial 2
    Played 1073 times
  • Uphill Rush 3
    Uphill Rush 3
    Played 27503 times

    Raise the racing bar as you ride through an urban jungle!

  • Renegade Racing
    Renegade Racing
    Played 8699 times

    Drivers, start your engines. It’s time to hit the underground circuit, renegade style.

  • Motor Beast
    Motor Beast
    Played 6967 times

    In the mood for a roarin’ rampage? Then jump behind the wheel of this monster truck!

  • Backhoe Trial 1
    Backhoe Trial 1
    Played 775 times

    Backhoe Trial is a cool driving trial racing game. Drive a big tractor and use your backhoe crane to get over the different hills and steer you around the end of the level. Do you got a few minutes to reach the end of the level?

    • Thrill Rush
      Thrill Rush
      Played 7699 times

      Hold on tight—it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

    • Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars
      Happy Wheels Racing Movie Cars
      Played 18694 times

      Have you ever wanted to drive Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters? Now you can in this racing game. Pick out your favorite vehicle from a few of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and get ready to roll.

    • Desktop Racing 3
      Desktop Racing 3
      Played 2219 times

      Be a mighty-mini racer in this “desktop” game. Hit the turbo for extra speed and collect stars for points.

    • Prison Bus Driver
      Prison Bus Driver
      Played 14175 times

      Transporting prisoners is tough, especially in this chaotic town. Can you make sure that they get behind bars?

    • Volcano Ride
      Volcano Ride
      Played 1866 times

      There’s nothing like a ride down the slopes of an active volcano, especially when it’s about to erupt!

    • War Machine
      War Machine
      Played 6332 times

      Your vehicle may be armed, but your most dangerous weapon is your driving.

    • Offroad Truckers
      Offroad Truckers
      Played 1222 times

      Who’ll win the monster race? Jump in your 4x4 and find out!

    • Mini Dirt Bike
      Mini Dirt Bike
      Played 3531 times

      When the bike is mini, the stunts need to be even bigger!

    • Remodel Racing
      Remodel Racing
      Played 2800 times

      Why drive a normal car when you can race a remodeled one?

    • Mountain Monster
      Mountain Monster
      Played 924 times

      King of the Mountain? That’s an honor you’ll have to earn…

    • Moon Police
      Moon Police
      Played 4708 times

      Zoom sensitive outerspace materials across a pockmarked lunar landscape, sirens ablaze!

    • Waterfall Rush
      Waterfall Rush
      Played 3125 times

      Tackle this upstream kayak battle one trick at a time!