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Money Rush

Will you be able to build a culinary empire in Money Rush? There's tons of cash up for grabs in this unique and challenging restaurant game!

Take control of a coin and see if you can roll it all the way to the finish line in each level of this crazy racing game. It will need to make some friends and fast! As it journeys down a series of obstacle courses, you'll encounter barriers that will either increase or reduce the amount of coins in your collection.

Once you reach the finish lines, those coins will be converted into bills. Use those to purchase one or several food carts scattered around a park that will help you earn even more money. Other potentially lucrative businesses are waiting for you just beyond the next gate. How successful will you become as you attempt to reach the final level?

How to Play Money Rush?

Money Rush is a simulation game that includes elements from racing and action games. Lead a coin through a series of obstacle courses as you attempt to earn lots of cash. It will encounter barriers that can either add extra coins to your collection or reduce them. Use the cash you collect to purchase food carts and other businesses.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your coin through each level, purchase businesses, and more.

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Who Developed Money Rush?

Money Rush was created by 2Play.