Survival Games

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    Played 22583 times

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is open for business again. What could possibly go wrong? Find out how long you can survive the night shift at the dangerous pizzeria in this thrilling action game.

  • Titanic
    Played 11749 times

    When you’ve got that sinking feeling, bribery's a lifesaver!

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 3
    Five Nights at Freddy's 3
    Played 8165 times

    Your next shift is about to begin at the pizzeria. Some new attractions have been added so you’ll definitely need to stay on your toes in order to survive another week of terror in this action game.

  • Army Recoup Island
    Army Recoup Island
    Played 19342 times

    After an attack while on training, you’re stuck in the middle of enemy territory and have to do what you can to survive! Ready your gun in Army Recoup Island!

  • Dead Zed
    Dead Zed
    Played 10369 times

    Traditional etiquette says it's best to greet zombies with a firm handshake...and a bazooka.

  • Thrill Rush 2
    Thrill Rush 2
    Played 21863 times

    Jump back in the cart for the ride of your life! Do you have the skills to survive this runaway rollercoaster?

  • Murder
    Played 11562 times

    Somebody should really take out that mean ol’ king. Can you get the job done?

  • Zassin
    Played 3864 times

    It’ll take some fast fingers and speedy reactions to survive this assault of stick-figure assassins!

  • Mad Mech Robowars
    Mad Mech Robowars
    Played 1007 times

    You are a killing machine with a soft spot for lasers.

  • Road of Fury
    Road of Fury
    Played 1961 times

    How long will you survive on this post-apocalyptic highway?

  • Stick War
    Stick War
    Played 22959 times

    To conquer your enemies, you must learn all their strengths to use as your own!

  • Gunmach
    Played 4858 times

    Your fully operational battle tank is ready and waiting. Jump behind the controls and prepare yourself for the first wave of attack bots. How long will you survive in this action game?

  • Achilles 2: Origins of a Legend
    Achilles 2: Origins of a Legend
    Played 8186 times

    Join the legendary Greek warrior as he steps out onto the battlefield and crushes his opponents.

  • Artillery Rush 2
    Artillery Rush 2
    Played 1911 times

    Choose your side in this wacky war and get ready to show off your military might.

  • Ragdoll Avalanche
    Ragdoll Avalanche
    Played 1239 times

    Dodge sharp spikes and try to survive as long as possible in Ragdoll Avalanche!

  • Age of War
    Age of War
    Played 13347 times

    Try to survive and destroy the enemy base.

  • Infectonator Survivors
    Infectonator Survivors
    Played 2362 times

    You must scavenge to find food & supplies and fight to survive!

  • Intrusion
    Played 1497 times

    Stranded in the arctic near a hostile facility, can you break in to survive?

  • Survive
    Played 1010 times

    Just how long do you think you will last on an island, using only what you can find in order to survive? Find out in this thrilling game that will test your courage!

  •  Tactical Force 1
    Tactical Force 1
    Played 2533 times

    Your mission, Ghost1, should you choose to accept it...

  • The Last Dinosaurs
    The Last Dinosaurs
    Played 926 times

    What if I told you a few dinosaurs survived extinction?

  • K.U.L.I.
    Played 7775 times

    Dive into a dangerous post-apocalyptic world in this thrilling action shooter zombie game. Your goal is to survive, save others and rebuild civilisation. Shoot as many of the undead as possible and collect resources to complete daily missions. Upgrade your skills and weapons and battle your way through many levels. Can you find a cure and stop the infection or will you join the walking dead?

  • Microbe Kombat
    Microbe Kombat
    Played 3534 times

    In this microscopic battle, it's survival of the biggest and hungriest...

  • Warzone Battle
    Warzone Battle
    Played 3206 times

    Become the ultimate sniper by aiming at your targets on the assault course. Keep calm and reload your ammo on time in this tense shooting game. Do you have nerves of steal comrade?

    Played 9768 times

    Do your best to survive in this addictive online multiplayer game,! Customize your own character or select one at random to jump right into the action. Watch out for the giant monsters!

  • Spect
    Played 3015 times

    SPECT is an addictive space shooter. Use your auto fire, missiles and shield to protect your spaceship against enemy ships and asteroids. How long will you survive? Improve your reactions and challenge your high score constantly!

  • Tornado
    Played 7209 times

    Steer your tornado and destroy trees, cars, and buildings for points.

  • Escaped
    Played 3311 times

    The only way Terry and Sydney will survive this zombie attack is if they make it to their car and fast!

  • Stick War
    Stick War
    Played 3226 times

    Stickmen go splat!

  • Swords Saga
    Swords Saga
    Played 550 times

    Use your sword to kill your enemies and survive as long as you can!

  • Firefighter Escape
    Firefighter Escape
    Played 558 times

    Live the life of a Firefighter in this thrilling hidden object mystery game, Firefighter Escape. Solve the clues in order to survive to tell the tale of how you escaped certain doom.

  • Assault Echelon: Warehouse
    Assault Echelon: Warehouse
    Played 3236 times

    Hold it! There's trouble in the warehouse and you have to survive and repel the attacks from the opposition. You are the only assassin that passed the test of time but you have even more chilling missions to complete. The sniper in you is activated!

  • Flying Steel
    Flying Steel
    Played 909 times

    Why will you survive alone where no team has before? You have nukes.

  • Saucer Destruction 3: Armageddon
    Saucer Destruction 3: Armageddon
    Played 784 times

    The humans never expected that Armageddon would come in the form of an extraterrestrial prankster.

  • Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
    Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
    Played 1536 times

    Who murdered poor Mr. T? Only you and the world famous detective can solve this baffling case.

  • No Hope For Us
    No Hope For Us
    Played 639 times

    Can it be true? That there is... No Hope For Us? Find out in this awesome zombie shooting game that also has a multiplayer option! Use the correct arrow key combinations to kill these disgusting creatures!

    • Truckminator
      Played 605 times

      Modify your rig with lots of cool weapons and find out how long you can survive this zombie apocalypse.

    • Sherlock Holmes 2
      Sherlock Holmes 2
      Played 1116 times
    • Maze Runner
      Maze Runner
      Played 6769 times

      Can you face the Grievers lurking in the dark, hidden corridors of the labyrinth separating you from freedom?

    • Metal Slug 2
      Metal Slug 2
      Played 924 times

      Survive through worldwide missions in countries like Japan and Afghanistan!

    • War Droids
      War Droids
      Played 806 times

      Man’s last hope for survival is…the machines.

    • Zombie Night
      Zombie Night
      Played 1429 times

      Hoards of the undead are heading your way. Take them out, one by one, and earn lots of money to buy awesome upgrades for your weapons. How long will you survive in this zombie game?

    • Down the Hill
      Down the Hill
      Played 20063 times

      Dodge dangerous traps and collect coins and hearts in order to survive this challenging arcade platform game, Down the Hill.

    • Heaven and Hell
      Heaven and Hell
      Played 1204 times

      There's only a thin line between heaven and hell...

    • Bring the Sun
      Bring the Sun
      Played 21 times

      A Sun Knight never gives up! Help this one survive long enough to see dawn.

    • Claytus Hood
      Claytus Hood
      Played 347 times

      Prepare yourself for an invasion...of pesky pigeons.

    • Cursor Attack 3
      Cursor Attack 3
      Played 41 times

      It's your cursor against the many spheres--can you survive while collecting the green orbs?

    • Mutant Selection
      Mutant Selection
      Played 136 times

      Tag along with this mutant super soldier as he trains for a series of missions on some of the universe’s most dangerous planets. In this action game, he’s going to need your help in order to survive.

Make It Through the Night

Pick up your adrenaline rush of the day playing survival games online – open yourself to blood-heating action and heart-thumping terror in our dozens of survival games.

Feel that hot stench of death breathing down the back of your throat? That's a zombie survival game daring you to take the challenge. Or, if it's not a zombie you're after, we've got plenty more survival horror games – like the Five Nights at Freddy's series of toys translated into pure terror – to get you tossing and turning long after you turn off your computer and tuck yourself into bed. How tough are you? Our survival video games will put your guts to the test – but your guts surviving whichever killer world you choose is up to you.

Or do you prefer your adventures to be less horrifying, mor action-filled fare? Explore freely while you fight for your life in our open world survival games, or outlast your fellow island inhabitants or put your solo survival skills to the test in island survival games like Survive. You can keep the action light with cartoon characters (Zombie Night will put a smile on your face) or pixelated universes (like the multiplayer, or make it all a little too real with video-realistic graphics (meet Dead Zed). 

Survive a run-away rollercoaster in a pretty pink world in Thrill Rush 2, or save your shapeship from intergalactic domination in Spect. K.U.L.I. is about more than just survival: you're also going to need to gather some people and rebuild civilization. Oh yeah: Maze Runner fans, the grievers also await. 

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