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Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Survivor in Rainbow Monster is a fun survival game in which you have to make it through five nights locked up in Spooky Park, a creepy amusement park full of monsters. Each night comes with a different assignment. Can you complete them all?

How do you play Survivor in Rainbow Monster?

In this multiplayer game, you’ve been kidnapped by monsters during a school trip. Now you’re trapped in Spooky Park. You’ll have to work together with other players to survive the night.

The monster robots that haunt the ground are each a cheerful color. Don’t let their funny looks fool you: They’re dangerous!  Can you avoid being caught while collecting the items you need to bring to the scientist?

Play this game with the sound on to set the mood with eerie background music and creepy noises.

What monsters are there in Survivor in Rainbow Monster?

Red Monster is a scientist who wants you to bring him certain items. He’s not dangerous as long as you complete the tasks he sets you. But if your team fails, he’ll eat you!

In Find The Blocks, the brutish Blue Monster stomps around the map, chasing any player who is not hidden in an empty box or locker. Bring all the alphabet blocks to the podium.

In Feed the Monsters, you have to fill the vats of colorful goo. This time, you’ll also have to contend with the Green Monster. This lanky creep can hear you, but he can’t see you. Stay very quiet and he won’t catch you in his long arms.

In Fix the Machine, you have to find the lights and plug them into the machine. The Orange Monster is fast, but you can see him coming by the orange lines that appear on the ground.

In Light the Room, you’ll have to find the batteries in the dark. This time, you’ll also have to stay clear of the vents, where the Purple Monster likes to hide…

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to run.

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Who created Survivor in Rainbow Monster?

This game was created by Bin Studio. The mobile version was released by Great Arcade Games.

Release date

The web version was released on April 20, 2023. The Android version came out a little earlier, on October 22, 2023.