Panda Games

  • 3 Pandas in Fantasy
    3 Pandas in Fantasy
    Played 4575 times

    These 3 pandas are ready to live a fantasy adventure of the next level. Solve puzzles in the level, unlock mysteries and try to help the pandas escape in one piece from this fantastic world of mystery and fun!

  • 3 Pandas 2: Night
    3 Pandas 2: Night
    Played 4577 times

    How could three cute little pandas get into so much trouble? You’ve gotta do something!

  • 3 Pandas in Japan
    3 Pandas in Japan
    Played 6339 times

    The bamboo-loving trio just had their vacation ruined by some thieves. Can you help them get home safely?

  • Bloom Boom
    Bloom Boom
    Played 518 times

    Pick the perfect flower for your adorable panda girlfriend and she'll love you forever!

  • Double Panda
    Double Panda
    Played 571 times

    Two pandas are better than one...

  • Panda’s Big Adventure
    Panda’s Big Adventure
    Played 514 times

    Answering a call of nature leads to some time machine mayhem for this panda!

  • Panda Dancing
    Panda Dancing
    Played 34 times

    A panda's gotta learn to ride life's spinning wheels if he wants to reach the top!

  • Panda Wars
    Panda Wars
    Played 125 times

    It's war in the world of robot pandas. Try to save the real pandas!

  • Panda Golf 2
    Panda Golf 2
    Played 435 times

    Try to reach the flag with the fewest possible strokes.

  • Panda Jump
    Panda Jump
    Played 112 times

    It doesn't get much cuter than baby Panda's on trampolines.