Match 3 Games

  • Cubis Creatures
    Cubis Creatures
    Played 621 times

    Think inside, outside and around the box to solve these cubic puzzles!

  • Octopus Hugs
    Octopus Hugs
    Played 3574 times

    Get the highest score possible in this fun and cute 2D graphics match-3 game, Octopus Hugs on your mobile! Match more than three to get a bonus!

  • Marine Balls
    Marine Balls
    Played 3907 times

    Knock out the balls before they reach Bear's seapod!

  • Jewel Quest Party
    Jewel Quest Party
    Played 10097 times

    Put your match 3 puzzle skills to the test with this multiplayer game. Link together these jewels as quickly as you can while you compete against players from all around the world in real time.

  • The Legend of El Dorado
    The Legend of El Dorado
    Played 6379 times

    Join Dr. von Hutten and his party on an expedition through the South American rainforest in The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe. The map of the Conquistadores shows you the way to the Sun Temples. Does the gold of El Dorado really exist or is it nothing but a myth? Use your skills and strategy and seek out the gold in this adventure!

  • Mysterious Jewels
    Mysterious Jewels
    Played 3087 times
  • Mystic India Pop Express
    Mystic India Pop Express
    Played 1817 times

    Smash mystical jewels in this ancient Indian match-3 game.

  • Dessert Mania
    Dessert Mania
    Played 1216 times

    Have you always wanted to get buried under a flood of desserts??

  • Fruit Matching
    Fruit Matching
    Played 1491 times

    Match 3 or more identical fruits to make them explode before time runs out. Match 4 or more to earn extra time! Earn bombs and level up in this fruity fun matching game for some explosive joy!

  • Mah-jong Connect
    Mah-jong Connect
    Played 1430 times

    Remove matching tiles that can be connected with each other.

  • Athens Treasure
    Athens Treasure
    Played 5791 times
  • Ancient Powers
    Ancient Powers
    Played 808 times

    When you toy with magic, you're playing with fire, wind, water, earth...and gravity.

  • Smoothies Link
    Smoothies Link
    Played 15286 times

    Help these thirsty animals get their sweet drinks in this fun match 3 game, Smoothies Link! Each customer has their own unique order and you'll need to match the right icons to serve them!

  • Hex Puzzle
    Hex Puzzle
    Played 7953 times

    Can you keep up with all of the fast-paced action in this fiendishly fun puzzle game? Put the objects in the correct spots and see how quickly you can clear out the playing field.

  • Cradle Of Rome
    Cradle Of Rome
    Played 2943 times

    Use your puzzle skills to build the glorious capital of an ancient empire.

  • Jelly Hex Puzzle
    Jelly Hex Puzzle
    Played 4490 times

    Test your puzzle solving skills in this brand new, cute 2D puzzle game on the browser, Jelly Hex Puzzle! Place the right Jellies next to each other to earn points!

  • Witchcraft: The Magic Cauldron
    Witchcraft: The Magic Cauldron
    Played 2295 times
  • Magic Stones 2
    Magic Stones 2
    Played 4768 times

    Do you have the magic touch? Play the sequel to the popular match 3 game, Magic Stones, now and find out. Tap on two or more matching colored stones and reach the target of each fun new level. Gain experience points by completing levels and unlock special powers for endless magic matching fun!

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power
    Played 2213 times

    Can you prevent this garden from getting completely overrun with flowers?

  • Screwball
    Played 2099 times

    Shoot to make groups of 3 or more similar balls and don't let the balls reach the center of the spiral!

  • Fruita Swipe 2
    Fruita Swipe 2
    Played 6140 times
  • Candy Boom
    Candy Boom
    Played 2462 times

    Swop the delicious candies to match 3 or more of the same kind for some yummy candy boom fun!

  • candy of montezuma
    candy of montezuma
    Played 3737 times

    puzzle-match 3

  • Bubble Pop Story
    Bubble Pop Story
    Played 21095 times

    Pop these colorfully designed bubbles within the move limit and earn the highest score possible in this brand new puzzle game, Bubble Pop Story! The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is fun for all ages!

  • 10x10!+
    Played 3320 times

    Pick out one of these cool grids and find out how many of the pieces you can fit into them. You’ll need to stay sharp in order to make it to the final level of this innovative puzzle game.

  • Crystical Express
    Crystical Express
    Played 1225 times

    Calling all Crystical fans: pit yourself against the computer in this new match-3 update.

  • Pudding Land
    Pudding Land
    Played 3558 times

    How fast can you clear away all of these pesky puddings?

  • Swap the Dots
    Swap the Dots
    Played 908 times
  • Tingly Bubble Shooter
    Tingly Bubble Shooter
    Played 15875 times

    Shoot bubbles of the same color and match three to clear them before they descend and reach your shooter!

  • Candy rain
    Candy rain
    Played 13642 times
  • Cakes Block Collapse
    Cakes Block Collapse
    Played 4143 times

    Collapse as many cakes as possible by grouping same types of cupcakes together. The larger the amount of cakes in one collapse, the higher you score!

  • Underwater Secrets
    Underwater Secrets
    Played 2880 times

    What mysteries are hidden beneath the seas? Match up these colorful characters to find out.

  • Crystical
    Played 136767 times

    Get crazy with the crystal-switching competition!

  • Jelly Rock Ola
    Jelly Rock Ola
    Played 1714 times

    Match up all of these jellies as fast as you can in order to clear the board before time runs out.

  • Bubble Chicky
    Bubble Chicky
    Played 15290 times

    This hen is determined to rescue her chicks but all of these veggies are in her way. Help her smash them to bits with everything from tomatoes to fireworks in this wild puzzle game.

  • Jewel Jive
    Jewel Jive
    Played 3127 times

    Jive for jewels as fast as you can to become the undisputed champ!

    • Zoo Keeper
      Zoo Keeper
      Played 6694 times

      Make combinations of 3 or more identical animals in a row or column.

    • Fruit Fever World
      Fruit Fever World
      Played 2602 times

      Get your daily dose of fruity fun! Mix and match fresh fruit salads to show one little monkey how sweet jungle life can be!

    • Deep Sea Jewels
      Deep Sea Jewels
      Played 2143 times

      Dive into Deep Sea Jewels! Match 3 or more jewels as quickly as you can to make them disappear. But you'd better think fast! The further you progress, the faster it gets.

    • Red Remover Blast
      Red Remover Blast
      Played 2897 times

      What’s the best way to get rid of all of these gloomy shapes? Explosions, of course!

    • Block Collapse Challenge
      Block Collapse Challenge
      Played 2774 times

      How high of a score do you think you can get in this challenging block matching browser game? Test your skills in Block Collapse Challenge and show off your score to the entire world!

    • Cartoon Candy
      Cartoon Candy
      Played 1758 times

      Get the highest score possible in this family fun match 3 game, Cartoon Candy. Match 3 or more of the same type of candy to get a candy combo and even more points!

    • Farmscapes
      Played 714 times

      Put your handyman skills to the test and give this run-down ranch a sprucing up.

    • Jewels Hero
      Jewels Hero
      Played 2064 times

      Do you have what it takes to be a hero in this turn-based strategy game, set far away in a magical realm?

    • Qing Pang
      Qing Pang
      Played 11699 times

      May the best adventurer win...

    • Bloomin gardens
      Bloomin gardens
      Played 665 times

      Match and plant the flowers to create the best blooming garden in town in this fun match 3 game!

    • Sugar Tales
      Sugar Tales
      Played 1261 times

      This lil’ monster loves cake but he’s incredibly picky. Could you help him with his next feeding frenzy?

    • Sheep's Adventure
      Sheep's Adventure
      Played 6131 times

      These two poor sheep are stuck on a deserted island in this online game. The only way they’ll be able to get back home is if you help them beat each one of these match 3 puzzles.