Match 3 Games

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power
    Played 2216 times

    Can you prevent this garden from getting completely overrun with flowers?

  • Candy Boom
    Candy Boom
    Played 2352 times

    Swop the delicious candies to match 3 or more of the same kind for some yummy candy boom fun!

  • Candy Rain 4
    Candy Rain 4
    Played 8618 times

    This girl definitely loves candy. Join her while she connects all of the tasty treats in this match 3 puzzle game. Can you reach the goal in each level without using too many moves?

  • Deep Sea Jewels
    Deep Sea Jewels
    Played 2186 times

    Dive into Deep Sea Jewels! Match 3 or more jewels as quickly as you can to make them disappear. But you'd better think fast! The further you progress, the faster it gets.

  • Ancient Ore
    Ancient Ore
    Played 8591 times

    Step inside this treasure mine and find out how quickly you can match up all of these precious gems.

  • Honey Trouble
    Honey Trouble
    Played 4979 times

    Make combination of 3 of more balls to get the honey pot.

  • Darwinism
    Played 1520 times

    Play God in this taxing evolution puzzle.

  • Fruit Twirls
    Fruit Twirls
    Played 3883 times

    Goup 3 or more fruits of the same type and remove them from the board.

  • House of Potions
    House of Potions
    Played 1651 times

    Step inside a shop filled with mysteries and master these witchy puzzles.

  • Butterfly Kyodai 2
    Butterfly Kyodai 2
    Played 16450 times

    Butterfly Kyodai 2 is a mahjong matching game. Connect matching butterflies to clear the board as quick as you can.

  • Shell Challenge
    Shell Challenge
    Played 1451 times

    Feel at ease as you listen to soothing music while matching the correct seashell to what you see on screen in this relaxing yet challenging puzzle game.

  • Crystical Express
    Crystical Express
    Played 1462 times

    Calling all Crystical fans: pit yourself against the computer in this new match-3 update.

  • Jewel Quest Party
    Jewel Quest Party
    Played 11065 times

    Put your match 3 puzzle skills to the test with this multiplayer game. Link together these jewels as quickly as you can while you compete against players from all around the world in real time.

  • Through the Cave: Episode 2
    Through the Cave: Episode 2
    Played 2623 times

    Join the wizard on another magical quest through a cave filled with tons of icky monsters.

  • Underwater Secrets
    Underwater Secrets
    Played 2854 times

    What mysteries are hidden beneath the seas? Match up these colorful characters to find out.

  • Cute Puzzle Witch
    Cute Puzzle Witch
    Played 2755 times

    Can you keep up with all of these magical tiles? Make them vanish as quickly as you can!

  • Tiny Birds
    Tiny Birds
    Played 839 times

    It's an avian invasion, and the only solution is complete vaporization!

  • Jewels Hero
    Jewels Hero
    Played 1949 times

    Do you have what it takes to be a hero in this turn-based strategy game, set far away in a magical realm?

  • Dolphin Pop
    Dolphin Pop
    Played 5354 times

    Pop this porpoise's pesky problems away!

  • Red Remover Blast
    Red Remover Blast
    Played 2501 times

    What’s the best way to get rid of all of these gloomy shapes? Explosions, of course!

  • Treasure Hunt
    Treasure Hunt
    Played 5214 times

    Are you ready for an adventure yet? Bejeweled fans keep an eye out for this gem-packed Treasure Hunt exploration! Try to match three or more of the same precious stones together, earn golden coins to buy extra boosters to help you win and have chests of fun in this free match-3 puzzle game.

  • The Light Work
    The Light Work
    Played 929 times

    Bring the faerie light back to the magical woods one firefly at a time!

  • Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
    Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
    Played 8885 times

    Try out all of these puzzles as you travel down a path to an enchanted castle made out of candy canes.

  • 1010 Animals
    1010 Animals
    Played 8806 times

    This puzzle game is totally wild and filled with lots of super cute animals. Have a look at the game board and see if you can link all of the ones of the same type together. You’ll want to arrange them in vertical or horizontal lines. Can you put all of the foxes with their friends and all of the owls with their BFFs? It’s time to find out!

  • Gold Hunt
    Gold Hunt
    Played 3227 times

    This miner has a big problem. A tumbling pile of stones is trying to squish him. Could you help him chip away at them while he collects precious gold and gems in this exciting online game?

  • Smarty Bubbles: X-mas Edition
    Smarty Bubbles: X-mas Edition
    Played 8931 times

    Aim and shoot the colored bubble at the same colored bubble to remove a row of three or more. Create as much space as possible on your screen to avoid the bubbles touching the line below. Pop as many of the festive bubbles as you can in this fun new Christmas Edition.

  • Treasures of Montezuma
    Treasures of Montezuma
    Played 7494 times

    Follow the beautiful and clever Dr. Emily Jones as she solves a mystery that could transform the world...

  • Ocean Implosion
    Ocean Implosion
    Played 1264 times

    Tidy up a beautiful undersea lagoon in this fun puzzle game.

  • Sheep's Adventure
    Sheep's Adventure
    Played 7181 times

    These two poor sheep are stuck on a deserted island in this online game. The only way they’ll be able to get back home is if you help them beat each one of these match 3 puzzles.

  • Farm Heroes
    Farm Heroes
    Played 7361 times

    Head on down to the farm and find out if you can match up all of these very cool veggies.

  • Bubble Chicky
    Bubble Chicky
    Played 10053 times

    This hen is determined to rescue her chicks but all of these veggies are in her way. Help her smash them to bits with everything from tomatoes to fireworks in this wild puzzle game.

  • Multisquare
    Played 5014 times

    Can you get the highest score in this amazing and fun match 3 game?

  • Animal Heroes
    Animal Heroes
    Played 3526 times
  • Mystical Match
    Mystical Match
    Played 3316 times

    Matchmaker make me a match! Play this fun and free match 3 game to unlock mysteries and powers by matching 3 or more of the same colored balls.

  • 10x10!+
    Played 2120 times

    Pick out one of these cool grids and find out how many of the pieces you can fit into them. You’ll need to stay sharp in order to make it to the final level of this innovative puzzle game.

  • Juicy Dash
    Juicy Dash
    Played 1420 times

    Swipe each piece of fruit as fast as you can. How quickly can you clear the table?

    • Candy Love Match
      Candy Love Match
      Played 799 times

      Love is in the air! Connect all of these romantic gifts as fast as you can.

    • Bloomin gardens
      Bloomin gardens
      Played 590 times

      Match and plant the flowers to create the best blooming garden in town in this fun match 3 game!

    • Bongo Balls
      Bongo Balls
      Played 5318 times

      Aim and fire bubble balls towards the other moving balls to form a group of 3 or more connected balls.

    • Screwball
      Played 1709 times

      Shoot to make groups of 3 or more similar balls and don't let the balls reach the center of the spiral!

    • Dropz
      Played 804 times

      Pop the biggest drops and change the tiles from colored to white. Pretty colors and jolly music and sounds will brighten your free time!

    • Pharao Treasures
      Pharao Treasures
      Played 3071 times

      Dive into the mysterious sands of Egypt with this enchanting puzzle game.

    • Sugar Tales
      Sugar Tales
      Played 1015 times

      This lil’ monster loves cake but he’s incredibly picky. Could you help him with his next feeding frenzy?

    • Jewel Quest
      Jewel Quest
      Played 121296 times

      Go on a tropical journey and connect each of these mysterious gems.

    • Pet Pop Party
      Pet Pop Party
      Played 1080 times

      Match the cute kitty, bunny and bear to score points and win coins. Reach your targets with magic candy and get power ups if you save the pets by matching more than three. Join the fun of Pet Pop Party in this match-3 puzzle for free!

    • Diamond Valley
      Diamond Valley
      Played 3040 times

      Don’t get blinded by the riches of this cascade of gems…

    • Booya
      Played 901 times

      Grab your lantern, head for the door and chain up as many of these spooky monsters as you can!

    • Jelly Hex Puzzle
      Jelly Hex Puzzle
      Played 4033 times

      Test your puzzle solving skills in this brand new, cute 2D puzzle game on the browser, Jelly Hex Puzzle! Place the right Jellies next to each other to earn points!