Jumping Games

  • Crimson Momentum
    Crimson Momentum
    Played 637 times

    Bounce through these levels like a streak of crimson thunder!

  • Avalanche Stunts
    Avalanche Stunts
    Played 558 times

    Nothing gets the adrenaline running like snowboarding…in front of an avalanche!

  • Jump Jump
    Jump Jump
    Played 702 times

    Jump from one liana to another and try not to fall!

  • Vex
    Played 2412 times

    You’d better keep your wits about you…it’s a dangerous world out there for a stickman!

  • Frogger
    Played 2560 times

    Help the frog avoid obstacles and get to the other side of the river!

  • Kawairun 2
    Kawairun 2
    Played 7076 times

    Slide, roll, hover and jump your way to the finish line!

  • Pizza Passion
    Pizza Passion
    Played 1366 times

    Click on your pizza to toss it and keep it in the air for as long as possible!

  • Prehistoric Shark
    Prehistoric Shark
    Played 4062 times

    This jumbo-sized shark is really hungry today and could use a few caveman snacks.

  • Penny's Courageous Ride
    Penny's Courageous Ride
    Played 1632 times

    Help Felicity guide her horse Penny to the rescue of her friend Ben!

  • Los Angeles Shark
    Los Angeles Shark
    Played 1879 times

    This shark is very hungry and he’s ready to take a huge bite out of LA. Let the feeding frenzy begin!

  • Slaughterhouse Escape
    Slaughterhouse Escape
    Played 6433 times
  • Flood Runner 3: Armageddon
    Flood Runner 3: Armageddon
    Played 754 times

    It's Armageddon. That means you need to RUN!

  • Horse Jumping
    Horse Jumping
    Played 5702 times

    Your horse can make any jump—as long as you take good care of it!

  • Miami Shark
    Miami Shark
    Played 710 times

    This super shark is super hungry! Help him take a big bite out of The Magic City.

  • Woman on Top
    Woman on Top
    Played 4938 times

    Visit the highest building of the world and jump to your lovely woman waiting on top.

  • Jumporama
    Played 1056 times

    Horsing around is off-limits for this eager equestrian!

  • Transmorpher 2: Alien Assault
    Transmorpher 2: Alien Assault
    Played 1782 times

    This cute alien has been captured by a group of not-so-cute mad scientists. Help him escape their lab.

  • Wooly Jumper
    Wooly Jumper
    Played 2016 times

    Shaun is feeling very bouncy today. Can you help make sure that he doesn’t hurt himself baaaaaah-dly?

  • Jump'It
    Played 2474 times

    The success or death of free running all depends on the air you can score.

  • Slime Laboratory
    Slime Laboratory
    Played 2583 times

    This bodacious blob is trying to escape from the lab. Could you point him in the right direction?

  • Sydney Shark
    Sydney Shark
    Played 2680 times

    This feisty shark is ready to sink his teeth into the Land Down Under. What should he chomp first?

  • Gravity Hook HD
    Gravity Hook HD
    Played 1129 times

    Rock climbing looks totally lame after trying gravity hook climbing!

  • Jess Waterfall Jumps
    Jess Waterfall Jumps
    Played 585 times

    Watch your step; waterfall jumping is dangerous!

  • Gangnam Style Dance
    Gangnam Style Dance
    Played 559 times

    Can you master PSY's tricky Gangnam-style shuffle?

  • Squirrel Hero
    Squirrel Hero
    Played 1084 times

    Aliens are attacking this squirrel’s tree and he’s not about to let them get away with it.

  • Starbound
    Played 861 times

    Jump and land the star on the falling platforms and get as high as you can!

  • Pirates of Islets
    Pirates of Islets
    Played 1453 times

    Hey Captain P, Sparklet or Hook...treasure awaits the jumping pirates of the island! Jump and double jump your way from one spinning isles to the next and collect the most golden coins along the way. Treasure your timing. So captain, get hooked on this happy hopping game!

  • Owly & Friends
    Owly & Friends
    Played 1577 times

    Owly and her pals are having all sorts of adventures in the forest—but they need your help...

  • Eye Eye
    Eye Eye
    Played 710 times

    This fiendish puzzle is not for the faint-hearted! How far can you get without falling??

  • Starfall
    Played 1898 times

    Collect the stars to boost your energy and don't let your star fall off the screen.

  • Cow tower
    Cow tower
    Played 48 times

    With all that jumping, these cows must give non-fat milk…

  • Dropple
    Played 388 times

    Sick of his day job, Dropple hits the streets in search of some quick cash.

  • Fold
    Played 42 times

    Create an anomaly, get to the exit, and score points.

  • Give Up 2
    Give Up 2
    Played 449 times

    You’ll never make it out of this dangerous complex alive. You should probably just give up right now.

  • Irritable Bowel Psycho
    Irritable Bowel Psycho
    Played 26 times

    Save your damsel in distress by harnessing the power of…POO!

  • Jetpack Mission
    Jetpack Mission
    Played 299 times

    Jump from platform to platform, collect bonuses, and go to the next level.

    • Pendulumeca
      Played 37 times

      Try to reach the end of the level and set a new record!

    • Berry Jump
      Berry Jump
      Played 75 times
    • Mango Mania
      Mango Mania
      Played 337 times
    • Manifold
      Played 188 times

      Help Manifold get to the exit by using anomaly balls!

    • Panda Dancing
      Panda Dancing
      Played 34 times

      A panda's gotta learn to ride life's spinning wheels if he wants to reach the top!

    • Splash Around
      Splash Around
      Played 23 times

      Help that little rascal Turtle make an extra-big and spectacular splash at bathtime!

    • Jumping Troll
      Jumping Troll
      Played 94 times

      Control the mushroom to bounce the Troll and collect all the food!

    • Sticky Jump
      Sticky Jump
      Played 62 times

      Get ready to hop, jump, leap and bounce. Have you got the skills to handle these spring-loaded challenges?

    • Urban Fatburner
      Urban Fatburner
      Played 218 times

      Fatty can jump, yo.

    • Caveman Jumper
      Caveman Jumper
      Played 68 times

      He lives in a world filled with danger but this nutty Neanderthal just can’t stop bouncing!

    • Cubic Rain
      Cubic Rain
      Played 14 times

      The rain cubes might be falling down, but you need to be moving up!

    • Hop Hop Princess
      Hop Hop Princess
      Played 64 times