Highscore Games

  • Tetris® Twist
    Tetris® Twist
    Played 7818 times

    The Tetris® game is a deceptively simple, completely addictive puzzle game. In Tetris® Twist, you'll puzzle your way through different cities. Discover new, fun ways to play Tetris® with a twist, or play Marathon Mode to experience the traditional gameplay.

  • Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Played 37197 times

    Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?

  • Patterns Link
    Patterns Link
    Played 34034 times

    Breaking news from the Fashion Police—mixing and matching patterns is encouraged!

  • Dream Love Link
    Dream Love Link
    Played 36554 times

    Link up these Mahjong lovelies!

  • Headless Joe
    Headless Joe
    Played 1550 times

    Lucky for Joe, there's still hope for robots without heads!

  • Skateboard City
    Skateboard City
    Played 16058 times

    Complete these missions and, in the world of skateboarding, you'll rule!

  • Incoming
    Played 898 times

    Own the day: these marauding enemy troops must be defeated!

  • Back to Candyland: Episode 1
    Back to Candyland: Episode 1
    Played 25035 times

    Mmm…winning has never been so sweet!

  • Wings of War
    Wings of War
    Played 3808 times

    Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

  • Table Rugby
    Table Rugby
    Played 2164 times

    Come to the team's rescue and score the winning goal of the day!

  • Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party
    Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party
    Played 653 times

    Fly high with Amigo and his balloon-powered dreams!

  • 1001 Arabian Nights
    1001 Arabian Nights
    Played 108937 times

    The Arabian Desert is full of mysterious treasures that are yours for the taking.

  • Titanic
    Played 11749 times

    When you’ve got that sinking feeling, bribery's a lifesaver!

  • Johnny Upgrade
    Johnny Upgrade
    Played 3923 times

    This modern superhero fights crime...but only if you pay.

  • Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
    Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
    Played 865 times

    Thou shalt not pass.

  • Cubium
    Played 1585 times

    These cubes have just one destination: the ground.

  • Laser Cannon 2
    Laser Cannon 2
    Played 3826 times

    Zap these monsters into oblivion!

  • Mystic India Pop
    Mystic India Pop
    Played 42015 times

    Pop over to India for a mysterious elephant safari...

  • Bubble World
    Bubble World
    Played 20602 times

    Take aim with magic gemstone bubbles in this Middle-Eastern-themed bubble shooter. But make sure you break out your best moves, because you have a limited number you can make in each level!

  • Egypt Pyramid Solitaire
    Egypt Pyramid Solitaire
    Played 12878 times

    Even in ancient Egypt, the game of Solitaire was popular among the people. Do your best against a brilliant computer opponent online in Egypt Pyramid Solitaire.

  • Castle Solitaire
    Castle Solitaire
    Played 5355 times

    The castle's covered! Dig through the deck and clear things up!

  • Destroy More Cars
    Destroy More Cars
    Played 4091 times

    Have a need for speed?

  • Police Pursuit
    Police Pursuit
    Played 2612 times

    Climb behind the wheel and take this cruiser for a ride.

  • 5 Nights Mega Parking
    5 Nights Mega Parking
    Played 5127 times

    Play 5 Nights Mega Parking for free now and drive through the daunting alleys of horror Freddy Fazbear style! Complete your missions and avoid bumping into dark and dangerous obstacles while you earn money too! Test your driving skills in just 5 nights now.

  • Touchdown Blast
    Touchdown Blast
    Played 23980 times
  • Tractor Mania
    Tractor Mania
    Played 20662 times

    This ain't your grandpa's tractor...

  • Cricket Rivals
    Cricket Rivals
    Played 1851 times

    Bowl them over with your beastly batting skills!

  • Steamlands
    Played 1817 times

    When pirates in steam tanks roam the lands, a mercenary commander must venture forth to save the day...

  • Moon Police
    Moon Police
    Played 4513 times

    Zoom sensitive outerspace materials across a pockmarked lunar landscape, sirens ablaze!

  • Candy Rain 2
    Candy Rain 2
    Played 10167 times

    Hands up who love pick 'n' mix?! Now get those hands down and put your thumbs to work…

  • Hyper Dunker
    Hyper Dunker
    Played 16316 times

    What would make basketball an even better game? If you got points for style.

  • Sniper Team
    Sniper Team
    Played 29228 times

    When the going gets tough, there is only one team to join: the Sniper Team.

  • Truck Mania 2
    Truck Mania 2
    Played 15288 times

    The mania's back for more cargo craziness!

  • 2020!
    Played 24942 times

    Arrange these blocks on the table and find out if you can fit all of them on it.

  • Jewel Academy
    Jewel Academy
    Played 215622 times

    Enjoy match-3 gameplay at its finest! Match the gems, activate special power-ups and solve puzzles in this great new match-3 game! Jewel Academy is a gem-filled, action packed game with a ton of levels to complete.

  • Fighter Patrol 42
    Fighter Patrol 42
    Played 5205 times

    Flex your fighter-pilot might and unleash your fury in flight.

    • Devilish Christmas
      Devilish Christmas
      Played 642 times

      There's something devilish going on in the chimney...

    • Make it Rain
      Make it Rain
      Played 5135 times
    • Dead Zed
      Dead Zed
      Played 10369 times

      Traditional etiquette says it's best to greet zombies with a firm handshake...and a bazooka.

    • Stack Tower
      Stack Tower
      Played 6089 times

      Think you have the skills to perfectly stack these blocks as they build upwards? If you mess up, parts of them will fall off and they will speed up on stacking!

    • Tank Mania
      Tank Mania
      Played 10928 times

      Smash and blast your way to the top of the heap!

    • Cookie Connect
      Cookie Connect
      Played 17073 times

      Connect cookies to serve your customers and make them happy. Can you fulfil the hungry bear’s cookie cravings? Dozens of puzzling levels in this fun and playful matching game.

    • Techno Mania
      Techno Mania
      Played 1696 times

      Even a risky robotic landscape can't keep you from your mechanical mistress!

    • Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
      Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
      Played 167276 times
    • Dream Christmas Link
      Dream Christmas Link
      Played 11888 times

      Match your way to a very merry Christmas!

    • NY Cab Drive
      NY Cab Drive
      Played 34383 times

      Show off your driving skills with New York's finest.

    • Breakout
      Played 2158 times

      It’s easy to get into prison, but tough to get out!

    • Money Truck
      Money Truck
      Played 11748 times

      Money, money, money...