Fun Games

  • Superhex.Io
    Played 36202 times

    Can you assemble your cells and create a powerful hexagonal base in this challenging io game? See if you can protect your cells from your enemies and conquer as much territory as possible.

  • Douchebag Workout 2
    Douchebag Workout 2
    Played 36036 times

    Get pumped up and put on your best of swag in this total workout of a game! Gain muscle and lose personality as you do your best to get with hot chicks.

  • Amateur Surgeon
    Amateur Surgeon
    Played 34420 times

    When it comes to on-the-spot surgery, you work with what you can find!

  • The Idiot Test
    The Idiot Test
    Played 33529 times

    How smart are you really? Time to take the test and find out and solve the puzzles as fast as you can.

  • Vloggers Life Tycoon
    Vloggers Life Tycoon
    Played 33386 times

    This ambitious granny is determined to turn her grandkid into an online superstar. She’s locked them in their room and won’t let them out until they have one million followers! Can you help them achieve fortune and fame as a popular vlogger in this crazy simulation game?

  • Riddle School 4
    Riddle School 4
    Played 33272 times

    Find the clues to unlock the mystery in this new adventure game made for kids, Riddle School 4. Can you solve the puzzles in this scary and strange school?

  • World Cup Champions
    World Cup Champions
    Played 32677 times

    Take your country's team to the finals!

  • Cut the Rope: Magic
    Cut the Rope: Magic
    Played 31916 times

    This enchanted kingdom is full of candy and this adorable monster is determined to eat all of it! Can you help him stuff his tummy with tons of sugary sweets in this online puzzle game? He’ll need your help while he uses his magical powers to avoid traps and slice through the ropes that are blocking his path.

  • Little Alchemy 2
    Little Alchemy 2
    Played 31354 times

    You never know what you’ll wind up with in this magical online game. Combine the elements of the earth, wind and more to create new objects.

  • Make it Rain
    Make it Rain
    Played 31157 times
  • Personal Shopper 2
    Personal Shopper 2
    Played 30622 times

    Travel around the world with Macy on a shopping adventure in this Personal Shopper sequel.

  • Frizzle Fraz 6
    Frizzle Fraz 6
    Played 30424 times

    Explore an undersea world while this fuzzy little guy goes in search of his missing friends.

  • Youda Farmer
    Youda Farmer
    Played 30385 times

    The farm and the town depend on each other, and with your help both can prosper and grow!

  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird
    Played 30002 times

    Simple. Addictive. And REALLY, REALLY HARD. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK?

    Played 28287 times

    How long will you last in this cute io game? Lead this little mouse while he tries to collect food and water. Can you keep him safe from the other rodents so he can grow up big and strong?

  • Ski Safari Online
    Ski Safari Online
    Played 28129 times

    Can you handle these awesome slopes? Things can get a little wild up there...

  • GuessIt Party
    GuessIt Party
    Played 28122 times

    Join the GuessIt Party and answer the fun questions in creative ways to outsmart the other players! Fun, funny and fast is the name of the game to win and score big. Can you guess it?

  • Beauty Resort 2
    Beauty Resort 2
    Played 28094 times

    Beauty Resort is going international: help Heather pamper clients around the world!

  • Trollface Quest 2
    Trollface Quest 2
    Played 28041 times

    For the troll in's all about the lolz.

  • Uphill Farmer: Motorcycle Game
    Uphill Farmer: Motorcycle Game
    Played 27737 times

    Cash in your crops and live out your crazy daredevil dreams!

  • Don't Whack Your Boss With Super Power
    Don't Whack Your Boss With Super Power
    Played 27666 times

    Your boss just dropped more work in your lap. Would you like to slice him up with Wolverine’s claws or zap him with ice like a warrior from Mortal Kombat? You can do either one in this online game.

  • Icycle: On Thin Ice - Bike Game
    Icycle: On Thin Ice - Bike Game
    Played 27253 times

    Naked guy, put your pedal to the icicle before you freeze your *&@# off.

  • Douchebag Beach Club
    Douchebag Beach Club
    Played 27114 times
  • World Cup Cricket
    World Cup Cricket
    Played 26225 times

    Choose the appropriate batting stroke to hit the ball and score points.

  • Troll Face Quest Internet Memes
    Troll Face Quest Internet Memes
    Played 25937 times

    Beat the crazy internet memes at their own game in this baffling adventure!

  • Draw Play 2
    Draw Play 2
    Played 25385 times

    Draw your own platform level and help the guy capture the flag!

  • Whack the PC
    Whack the PC
    Played 25330 times

    This PC has frozen for the last time! Smash it to pieces with the tool or weapon of your choice in this crazy online game. Don’t stop until even the world’s greatest IT person couldn’t fix it!

  • Little Alchemy
    Little Alchemy
    Played 25004 times

    Mix together these different types of elements and objects to create all sorts of wonderful things.

  • Downhill Hamsterball
    Downhill Hamsterball
    Played 23678 times

    This hamster is loose and ready to go on a rollicking roll to the finish line!

  • Bubble Guinea Pop
    Bubble Guinea Pop
    Played 23557 times

    Guinea pigs have always been the victim of weird experiments. But believe us, this is the wierdest.

  • Amigo Pancho
    Amigo Pancho
    Played 23410 times

    Fly your friend to freedom!

  • Douchebag Life
    Douchebag Life
    Played 23108 times

    Work out to get fit and work to get paid in this amazingly fun casual browser game of a life time! Dress up to cover those hard earned muscles to score some chicks!

  • Causality Kitchen: Stickman Game
    Causality Kitchen: Stickman Game
    Played 23012 times

    Things can’t get worse in the kitchen, but with your help, they most certainly can! Do what you must to make the most terrible accident happen!

  • Cake Factory
    Cake Factory
    Played 21713 times

    Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.

  • Doodieman Voodoo
    Doodieman Voodoo
    Played 21340 times
  • Silly ways to die
    Silly ways to die
    Played 21235 times

    Your clicks have the power to protect each of these silly citizens—you just have to figure out how!