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Lucky Gold Piggies

You can make a virtual fortune in Lucky Gold Piggies!

How many gold coins will you earn while you mix and match all the piggy banks in this unique puzzle game that's perfect for Chinese New Year? Each one will accumulate coins after you strategically place them on the board.

Meet the objectives in every stage while you trade your coins in for other super cute piggy banks in the store. There's also fun and challenging achievements you can work toward as well. With a little luck and a lot of smart decisions, you're sure to complete each one! 

How to Play Lucky Gold Piggies?

The goal of Lucky Gold Piggies is to play for as long as possible while you merge piggy banks based on their designs. You’ll need to keep creating space for additional banks on the board while you earn gold coins. 

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK a space on the board to place a piggy bank there. 
  • LEFT CLICK, DRAG, AND DROP to move a piggy bank to another space. 

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Who Developed Lucky Gold Piggies?

Lucky Gold Piggies was created by Agame.