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Flip Bottle

Get ready to jump around in Flip Bottle!

This bouncing bottle is ready to perform some amazing acrobatic maneuvers as it races across various rooms in a house. You can join in the fun while it leaps off everything from shelves to grandfather clocks in this exciting physics game.

Will you be able to get the bottle all the way to the finish line in each and every challenging level without it touching the floor? You can earn coins along the way to purchase other types of bottles, but be careful. The shelves, picture frames, and other objects it will be landing on might not be very stable!

How to Play Flip Bottle?

Flip Bottle is a challenging tap game with an unlikely hero. Help the bottle get across several rooms in a house while it bounces off computer monitors, toasters, and lots more!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to jump.
  • LEFT CLICK AGAIN to double jump.

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Who Developed Flip Bottle?

Flip Bottle was created by BPTop.