• Go Go Agent Zero!
    Go Go Agent Zero!
    Played 2480 times

    Shoot 'em up, secret-agent style! Eat your heart out, Mr. Bond...

  • The Gentleman: A Soul Adventure
    The Gentleman: A Soul Adventure
    Played 1407 times

    Tag along with this mysterious chap for an evening of gravity-defying adventure.

  • Robo Twins
    Robo Twins
    Played 2416 times

    These rad robots are just trying to get around town but their programming is a little wonky. Can you help them avoid crashing into crates and more in this futuristic adventure game?

  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    Played 8178 times

    Even ye who hold the key to time can only do so much to save your brother before it's too late...

  • Run Run Run
    Run Run Run
    Played 1174 times

    Run like your life depends on it...because it does.

  • BB Spinner Snake
    BB Spinner Snake
    Played 666 times

    Can you keep this cool snake safe as it tries to smash through all of these neon barriers? It will need to keep eating power pellets that will keep it strong as it continues its quest in this awesome action game.

  • Bounching Beast
    Bounching Beast
    Played 2608 times

    How long can you keep this ring-shaped koala up in the air? Do your best to prevent him from hitting the branches while he makes a journey across the forest in this adorable action game.

  • The Line Game
    The Line Game
    Played 1509 times

    This deceptively simple puzzle game only takes a second to learn but mastering it is much tougher.

  • Visible
    Played 831 times

    Mirror, mirror on the ground… how many spikes and mines have you found?

  • Flapping Bird
    Flapping Bird
    Played 1998 times

    Flappy Bird the app is dead...but its red-feathered doppelganger is still very much alive.

  • Lunar Lemurs
    Lunar Lemurs
    Played 2481 times

    Mada and Saha are on a journey to the forgotten land of Tsingy but they can’t get there without your help.

  • Tomb Runner
    Tomb Runner
    Played 124796 times

    How far can Professor Jones keep running in the adventures of Tomb Runner? Run, jump, slide, rush and surf through, over and under various obstacles through temples, exotic landscapes, bridges and subways while you collect precious gems, special powers and coins. Unlock cool characters like Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, the hip Disco Dancer and so much more! Endless running fun!

  • Ragdoll Laser Dodge
    Ragdoll Laser Dodge
    Played 1153 times

    Dodge lasers and collect power-ups.

  • Valerian Space Run
    Valerian Space Run
    Played 41979 times

    Join Valerian and his fellow agents for a mad dash through Alpha, the City of a Thousand Planets. They’re going in search of tons of precious coins but there’s lots of dangerous barriers, immense gaps and other hazards that they’ll need to avoid while they run, jump and slide through the intergalactic metropolis. Can you keep them from falling to their doom in this intense action game based on the sci-fi blockbuster from director Luc Besson?

  • Snake vs Blocks
    Snake vs Blocks
    Played 1363 times

    This snake has a long journey ahead of him. The only way he’s going to get through it is by staying long himself! Help him eats lots of power pellets that will allow his scales to truly pack a punch in this action game.

  • Give Up
    Give Up
    Played 1304 times

    Few who enter this testing chamber ever survive its dangers. Will you beat the odds?

  • Dottie
    Played 888 times

    It's a big, crazy world out there for one little lost dot.

  • Neon Dash 2
    Neon Dash 2
    Played 1835 times

    How long can you keep this ball moving through this neon world? Help it bounce over the barricades and other dangerous objects in this cool action game.

  • Don't Crash The Car
    Don't Crash The Car
    Played 4841 times

    How long can you keep this car safe while it spins around this dangerous race track? Do your best to prevent it from hitting the other cars in this intense action game.

  • BrickZ
    Played 1338 times

    How far will you make it through this tricky maze? Lead the cones through its every twist and turn but watch out for the walls. Every time you hit one, you’ll take damage in this challenging action game.

  • Faraon
    Played 1692 times

    These tourists mistook a mighty pharaoh for a tour guide and they’re about to pay the price! Now it’s up to this poor guy to rescue his girlfriend from a pyramid filled with danger in this retro action and adventure game.

  • Crush
    Played 717 times

    Think fast to avoid getting crushed!

  • Super Sneak
    Super Sneak
    Played 814 times

    You're a robber with a cause: steal as much as you can, in the name of love!

  • Particles
    Played 935 times

    Move the blue ball and avoid the red balls for as long as you can.

  • Ode To Pixel Days
    Ode To Pixel Days
    Played 737 times

    In a world where everyone looks the same it should be pretty simple to get your dream girl, right? Wrong.

  • Cheyenne Rodeo
    Cheyenne Rodeo
    Played 1098 times

    How long can you ride a raging bull? And when you fall, how fast can you get away from his horns?

  • D.I.E.T.
    Played 779 times

    Freddy hadn’t seen his feet in years, 'til he started running…

  • Skateboard Challenge
    Skateboard Challenge
    Played 1047 times

    How long can you stay on your board?

  • Ninja Jump
    Ninja Jump
    Played 931 times

    Can you master the art of becoming a ninja? Test your skills and take control by only using one finger!

  • Smove Paradise
    Smove Paradise
    Played 645 times

    How long can you keep this treasure hunter safe while he grabs lots of priceless jewels?

  • happy marathon
    happy marathon
    Played 1376 times

    adventure avoid en run

  • Om Nom Nom Munch
    Om Nom Nom Munch
    Played 1760 times

    Piece together the bites of this gobbling grub to make sure he gets the most out of his munchies!

  • Rainbow Tile
    Rainbow Tile
    Played 505 times

    Can you keep this cute block on the correct path? He’s depending on you in this challenging action game. One wrong move and he’ll get hurt!

  • Dwarf Runner
    Dwarf Runner
    Played 1087 times

    This magical dwarf is on a mad dash for lots of precious jewels. How long can you keep him on his feet in this free online game?

  • Follow the Path: Colors Game
    Follow the Path: Colors Game
    Played 520 times

    How far can you get this ball through this challenging maze? Keep it on the right path for as long as you can in this puzzle game.

  • Fireball
    Played 733 times

    This supernova is hot on your heels—can you stand the heat?