• Cursed Treasure
    Cursed Treasure
    Played 3792 times

    How long will you be able to protect all of this cursed treasure? There’s villagers, knights, and powerful monsters who are all determined to steal it from you in this epic tower defense game. Build enchanted temples, crypts, and dens to defeat them while you earn awesome upgrades that will help you keep fighting during your thrilling adventure.

  • Cursed Treasure 2
    Cursed Treasure 2
    Played 40457 times

    The resistance against humans continues—can you protect your gems?

  • Strike Force Heroes 2
    Strike Force Heroes 2
    Played 79815 times

    Be the first line of defense, and the last thing the bad guys will ever see.

  • Papa's Taco Mia
    Papa's Taco Mia
    Played 109283 times

    Take a bite of this tasty, tempting, Mexican treat!

  • Strike Force Heroes 3
    Strike Force Heroes 3
    Played 82428 times

  • Raze 3: Shooting Game
    Raze 3: Shooting Game
    Played 56406 times

    Lock and load! Arm youself with weapons—it’s time to take on aliens, robots and more!

  • Strike Force Heroes
    Strike Force Heroes
    Played 43769 times

    The secret lab is under attack! Can one lone scientist fight back to save the day?

  • The Worlds Hardest Game
    The Worlds Hardest Game
    Played 125990 times

    You know you're curious…

  • Crush the Castle
    Crush the Castle
    Played 76347 times

    Your king demands the upstart castles of the would-be usurpers be CRUSHED. (Literally.)

  • Hobo 4 Total War
    Hobo 4 Total War
    Played 7617 times

    It’s all-out war in this cool and brutal beat up fighting game! Take on various enemies as you fight your way through the city.

  • Hobo 7 Heaven
    Hobo 7 Heaven
    Played 8872 times

    Even after defeating Satan, this hobo doesn’t get any sort of a decent rest in Heaven. Once again, you must fight off those pesky angels in Hobo 7 Heaven!

  • Hobo 3 Wanted
    Hobo 3 Wanted
    Played 16538 times

    Our friend the homeless hobo is in trouble again! Join him on his crazy adventures and help him end his journey save and well.

  • Hobo 6 Hell
    Hobo 6 Hell
    Played 7500 times

    Satan is becoming a major problem for this hobo, and it’s up to you to knock him out. In Hobo 6 Hell, fight against the hordes of Hell as you make your way to Satan!

  • Hobo 5: Space Brawl
    Hobo 5: Space Brawl
    Played 8308 times

    Our friend the homeless hobo is stuck on space ship full of very weird Aliens... help him brawl his way out of there and return him to the streets where he can be save, happy and homeless again!

  • Raze 2: Shooting Game
    Raze 2: Shooting Game
    Played 22239 times

    As Earth's last elite alien hunter, you're mankind's only hope. Too bad you're infected with a zombie virus...

  • Armor Mayhem
    Armor Mayhem
    Played 22515 times

    The prize: infinite energy. The battle will be fierce...

  • raze
    Played 11255 times

  • Kingdom Rush
    Kingdom Rush
    Played 91692 times

    As one of the greatest generals the kingdom has ever known, tower defense is your specialty...

  • Demolition City
    Demolition City
    Played 1338 times

    Somebody stacked these up real nice for you to blast apart real fast.

  • Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems
    Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems
    Played 10488 times

    Harness the powers of the earth to protect its treasure. (Well, YOUR treasure. Finders keepers.)

  • Portal: The Flash Version
    Portal: The Flash Version
    Played 36512 times

    Find your way to the exit door and go through it alive.

  • Flight: Paper Airplane Game
    Flight: Paper Airplane Game
    Played 91364 times

    Prepare to launch yourself into the paper plane hall of fame.

  • The Last Stand 2: Zombie Survival Game
    The Last Stand 2: Zombie Survival Game
    Played 3338 times

    You’ve got 40 days to make it across the country in order to reach safety in Union City. The only thing standing between you and it in this relentless action game? Roughly ten thousand zombies!

  • Crush The Castle 2: Medieval Game
    Crush The Castle 2: Medieval Game
    Played 9127 times

    Play the game that will have you try out different weapons of ranged battle in order to crush your enemy in the exciting browser game, Crush the Castle 2!

  • Decision 3: Zombie Game
    Decision 3: Zombie Game
    Played 2960 times

    Are there survivors waiting for you in this crumbling metropolis? Or just more zombies? Time to find out...

  • Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
    Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
    Played 3817 times

    Thou shalt not pass.

  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4
    Epic Battle Fantasy 4
    Played 989 times

    Anna and her lovable band of misfits have become bandits since they defeated Akron. Fortunately, a new adventure is about to begin for them. Join Anna, her friends and her pet cat while they go in search of a sacred jewel that was stolen from the peaceful village of Greenwood. Can you help them fight tons of crazy monsters and get the jewel back in this online RPG?

  • Decision 2: Zombie Game
    Decision 2: Zombie Game
    Played 7948 times

    Take under control another city full of evil creatures.

  • Clicker Heroes
    Clicker Heroes
    Played 10518 times

    These feisty monsters aren’t going anywhere…unless you give ‘em a good wallop or two!

  • Sugar, Sugar, 3
    Sugar, Sugar, 3
    Played 18055 times

  • Sydney Shark
    Sydney Shark
    Played 13952 times

    This feisty shark is ready to sink his teeth into the Land Down Under. What should he chomp first?

Play free Armor Games has a huge variety of the biggest and best online games from Armor Games. If you crave tons of excitement, you’ve come to the right place! 


Lock and load before you jump into a battle in one of the shooting games. If you like challenges on a bigger scale, try out the strategy games. You can manage awesome businesses or use your smarts to turn small villages into thriving metropolises! 


You can defend cities from the undead in the zombie games or team up with commandos for a series of missions in Strike Force Heroes. Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that will let you defend a medieval kingdom from bandits and monsters. 


Sniper games are a great way to prove that you can stay cool under pressure while you attempt to eliminate your targets. War games will put your tactical skills to the ultimate test. Will you be able to lead your armies to victory in a series of thrilling global conflicts? 


In, a super cool io game, you can play against other gamers from all over the world while you try to protect a bouncing ball. Your goal is to prevent it from being crushed or bonked off platforms in everything from battle arenas to spinning space shuttles! 


There’s always something fun and thrilling to play in this collection of cool titles from Armor Games. Try just one or all of them!