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Furious Adventure 2

Prepare yourself for a journey that's downright aggravating. Will you be able to make it to the end of Furious Adventure 2?

That’s a great title for a relentlessly difficult platform game that could, well, make you incredibly furious! Retro graphics straight out of the early 1980s and very difficult gameplay will guide you through a cave where death might be waiting for you around any given corner!

You’ll be encountering all sorts of very tricky traps in this adventure game. Avoid falling boulders while you try to stay fast on your feet. Oh, and those super sharp spikes? Some of them can slide around by themselves!

How to Play Furious Adventure 2?

How long will you survive once you enter the chaotic cave in Furious Adventure 2? Try to keep your cool while you dodge spikes, leap over gigantic gaps, and more!

Game Controls

  • PRESS UP to jump.

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