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Parking Fury 3D: Bounty Hunter

Dive into a world full of thrills in Parking Fury 3D: Bounty Hunter. It's an awesome parking game, but that's only the beginning!

You're about to become one of the best car thieves in the city. Unfortunately, every cop within a hundred miles knows all about you and your reputation in this intense driving game.

Will you be able to steal tons of expensive vehicles and get them to the drop-off points without the authorities catching you? Oh, and one more thing: your customers won't pay you if these vehicles are too damaged, so be careful out there!

How to Play Parking Fury 3D: Bounty Hunter?

Parking Fury 3D: Bounty Hunter is an exciting action game. Steal cars and drive them to the locations where your customers will give you plenty of cash for them. Watch out, though! The cops will be searching for you.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE UP ARROW OR W to accelerate.
  • PRESS THE DOWN ARROW OR S to go in reverse.
  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW OR A to go left.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW OR D to go right.
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to brake.
  • PRESS CTRL to enter a car.

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