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Nitro Speed

Cater to your need for speed with the free online racing game Nitro Speed. Complete speed challenges and cool stunts to collect money, upgrade your current car, or unlock new muscle cars and futuristic sports vehicles.

How to play Nitro Speed?

Drive through the city and speed through the color-coded gates to participate in various challenges. In Speed challenges for instance, you have to pass through the gate at a given speed. Or try the Jump gates and tear across the ramps to jump a certain amount of distance.

You can also drift to score points, or explore the small lanes between the buildings in search of hidden coins and other rewards. The aim is to complete enough challenges to fill your career progress bar.

What game modes are there in Nitro Speed?

There are two main game modes: Free mode and Traffic Mode. In Free mode, all the streets in the city are free of traffic. Traffic mode features other vehicles on the streets, but since a higher skill level is required, the challenge rewards are also higher.

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to drive. To brake and reverse, press and hold the down arrow key.

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Who created Nitro Speed?

Nitro Speed was created by Full HP Ltd.

When was Nitro Speed first released?

This game was published on June 1, 2023.