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I'm Not a Monster: Wanna Live

Race to the rescue in I'm Not a Monster: Wanna Live. There's a cuddly creature who really needs your help in this platform game.

Team up with a young girl who's determined to rescue her friend in this cute and challenging action game. He may look like a fearsome monster, but he's actually quite friendly and much more interested in warm hugs than being scary. Unfortunately, he keeps getting trapped in a series of cages within an abandoned toy factory.

Join her while she uses her amazing robotic gloves to break him out in each level, but the factory is filled with many dangers. You’ll have to watch out for floating bombs and prepare yourself for a few boss battles. There’s also extra modes and outfits you can unlock during the girl's awesome adventure.

How to Play I'm Not a Monster: Wanna Live?

You'll be faced with a challenging scenario in each level of this exciting puzzle game. Use a pair of robotic gloves to activate sensors, remove barriers, and more while you repeatedly rescue a strange but cheerful creature.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to activate the robotic gloves.

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Who Developed I'm Not a Monster: Wanna Live?

I'm Not a Monster: Wanna Live was created by Bin Studio.