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Hamster Apartment Game

Hamster Apartment Game is an adorable management game in which you can build your own flat full of cute little apartments for your collectible hamsters.

How to play Hamster Apartment Game?

Collect and upgrade hamsters, and play minigames to unlock food and furniture. Each hamster that moves into your apartment will pay rent. The more they love their flat, and the more you upgrade your hamster, the more income they will provide.

Upgrade hamsters with sunflower seeds in the hamster menu. You can use cheese and cherries to unlock random new hamsters. Collect golden acorns to purchase special theme hamsters.

If you run out of food or cash for new floors and furniture to increase your hamsters’ enjoyment of their surroundings, head to the mini games tab to search for treasures in the foraging game.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Hints will appear during gameplay, follow the arrows

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Who created Hamster Apartment Game?

Hamster Apartment Game was created by YAD.

When was Hamster Apartment Game first released?

This game was first released on December 14, 2023.