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Galaxy Splitter

Galaxy Splitter

The galactic action game

You'll have to deal with numerous enemies in this vertical shooter. Their spaceships are upgraded and the squadrons are ready to stop you on your mission. Beware of the projectiles and rockets – your protective shields won't last forever!

Your success in this action game highly depends on the right strategy. Choose an appropriate spaceship to free a planet: Will you choose the Fighter, the Interceptor or the Destroyer? All of them have completely different properties: speed, maneuverability, equipment capacity and size of the cargo hold – there's the perfect spaceship for every mission!

Also the right equipment will help you win. Modules change the values of weapons and spaceships. Special weapons can be fired only once per mission but are particularly strong and protective shield resists enemy attacks.

A vertical shooter in front of epic 3D planets

Your missions in Galaxy Splitter will lead you across a virtual galaxy with ever new challenges. Pick up your delivery and take on passengers. The opposing armada of spaceships will get in your way. Strike back with projectiles, rockets and even stronger weapons! Also your ammunition has different characteristics:

  • Simple ammunition: causes damage on impact
  • Penetrating ammunition: shot continues flying after a hit
  • Splitting ammunition: project divides on impact into secondary projectiles
  • explosion: causes damage in the whole region
  • homing ammunition: follows its target and always finds its mark

In case you're facing superior enemies, you should consider an evasive maneuver. When you get hit by the enemy, you can have your spaceship repaired in the Hangar. Let’s start your interstellar combat mission with this action-packed Vertical Shooter – play Galaxy Splitter now!