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Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot is an online soccer game. Compete in the continental and international divisions and win each championship. If you miss your shot at the goal, the opposing team will get a chance to score a point. So make sure you gather enough money and skill points to upgrade your players’ abilities.

The art style of this game is inspired by manga comics. This title was developed by the publishing studio Gameloft SE.

Below, you can read more about this publisher, more details on how to play the game, and view a list of other GameLoft games you can play for free on our site.

How to play Fierce Shot?

During each round of this sports game, you can take shots at the opponent’s goal. There will be a goalkeeper blocking your shot, and in several levels you’ll also have to kick the ball past one or more defenders. If you succeed, you get to take another shot directly after.

Swipe in the direction of the goal and try to curve the ball around the defending players. If the ball passes too close by them, they’ll be able to stop your shot. If your swipe falls short of the goal, the ball will slow down. If you swipe too far beyond the goal posts, you’ll either hit the post or miss completely.

For every shot you miss, the opposing team gets to take a shot at your goal. You don’t have to defend the goal. The outcome is randomly generated, so there is a chance your opponent might miss. However, the further you get the tougher your opponents become. Their aim will get better, increasing their chances of shooting the ball past your goalie.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play. Tap and swipe a line to indicate the direction and speed of your shot.
  • On touchscreen devices such as a tablet or smartphone, you can do this by swiping in the direction of the goal.

Who created Fierce Shot?

As mentioned above, Fierce Shot was created by Gameloft SE. Gameloft is game studio founded in France by one of the five brothers who also founded the well-known video game publisher Ubisoft.

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Release date

Fierce Shot was released online on January 2, 2023.