Zombie Games

  • Smashed Zombies
    Smashed Zombies
    Played 172 times

    Forget about hitting gophers on the head, it's time to wreck some zombies! Get ready to destroy these undead brats in Smashed Zombie, but be careful not to hit the humans!

  • Sniper Assassin Zombie Shooter
    Sniper Assassin Zombie Shooter
    Played 273 times

    So many zombies, so little time! Can you help this assassin take down tons of undead humans in this first person shooter game?

  • Zombie Crisis
    Zombie Crisis
    Played 35 times

    This hospital is overflowing with zombies and you could be the only person that can stop them! Kill these awful monsters any which way you can. Stomp them, shock them with defibrillators or zap them with some giant brains! The action is intense in this crazy action game.

  • Zombie Tactics
    Zombie Tactics
    Played 109 times

    These undead prisoners are causing all sorts of headaches for our heroes. Can you help them out?

  • Zombies Haul
    Zombies Haul
    Played 24 times

    It’s never easy hauling a bunch of zombies in the underworld, which is why you’re tasked with doing it. Drive through ghoulish areas and creepy valleys in Zombies Haul!

  • Zombies Want My Bike
    Zombies Want My Bike
    Played 87 times

    These undead motorheads will stop at nothing to get your wheels!

  • Zombie Town Story
    Zombie Town Story
    Played 62 times

    It was just another day in this quiet town. Then all the zombies showed up. Join this hero and his colleagues while they fight a virtual army of the undead and struggle to find a way to end the madness all around them. With your help, they should be able to track down lots of super cool weapons and kick tons of butt in this spine-tingling zombie game.

  • Zombielands
    Played 31 times

    How long will you survive in this thrilling, zombie-clogged adventure?

  • Inquisition
    Played 47 times

    March onwards in the name of your king and country, in this brilliantly designed strategy game, Inquisition! The hordes of the undead will not stop!

  • Monster Truck Zombie Crusher
    Monster Truck Zombie Crusher
    Played 377 times

    If you thought just crushing cars was exciting, then get ready for the zombies to get involved in this fun racing game, Monster Truck Zombie Crusher!

  • Exorcist
    Played 27 times

    Resting in peace isn’t an option for this deceased priest. Join him while he rises from the dead to fight zombies and other monsters in this action-packed adventure game.

  • Dead End St
    Dead End St
    Played 26 times

    It's time to fight for the survival of humanity in this brand new adventure shooter, Dead End St! Each stage will present a whole new challenge to take down these nasty zombies.

  • Gun Zombie Gun 2
    Gun Zombie Gun 2
    Played 46 times
  • Bombs and Zombies
    Bombs and Zombies
    Played 198 times

    Defend your village against zombie hordes using bombs, springs and shields! Earn money during each level and invest it wisely to buy new weapons and armor. Will you be able to stop the invasion?

  • All We Need Is Brain 2
    All We Need Is Brain 2
    Played 146 times

    These zombies are on the road to a dead-end street...

  • Match Day of the Dead
    Match Day of the Dead
    Played 21 times

    Zombies go gaga for football! Can you take these dead dirty players down with a careful aim and limited balls in a strategic move or two?

  • Teddy Bear Zombies
    Teddy Bear Zombies
    Played 176 times

    You're the only person left who can protect the world from the relentless march of the Teddy Bear Zombies! You'd better brush up on your shooting skills...fast!

  • Toxic Town
    Toxic Town
    Played 412 times
  • Stinger Zed: Mission Undead
    Stinger Zed: Mission Undead
    Played 200 times

    Is it overkill to blast a zombie with a bazooka? Nah.

  • Zevil 2
    Zevil 2
    Played 28 times

    This poor cop was only trying to do the right thing. Now he’s up to his neck in zombies! Help him escape!

  • Zombie Book
    Zombie Book
    Played 28 times

    Destroy the undead and prevent a nightmarish army of zombies from creating chaos in this awesome shooting game!

  • Zombie Cops of London
    Zombie Cops of London
    Played 72 times

    Rampaging hoards of undead cops are tearing through the streets of London. Even worse, they’ve kidnapped your girlfriend! Grab a jet pack, fuel up your flamethrower and get ready to fight back.

  • Zombie Horde
    Zombie Horde
    Played 75 times

    It’s time for you to finally become the King of the Zombies in this spooky yet funny game, Zombie Horde. Upgrade your horde so that they get stronger!

  • Zombie Market
    Zombie Market
    Played 114 times

    Zombies are on their way to the market to scout for some healthy brained victims. How many innocents can you convert? You have limited moves to aim and attack your victim. Convert them into the walking dead with your strategic moves. Mindless shopping has never been so much fun!

  • Zombie Soccer
    Zombie Soccer
    Played 128 times

    This zombie would rather practice his skills on the soccer field instead of eating yummy human brains. Help him kick the skulls into each one of these goals in this Halloween game.

  • Zombie vs Hamster
    Zombie vs Hamster
    Played 317 times

    Which side will you take in the war between the zombies and the hamsters?

  • Zombie Weeners
    Zombie Weeners
    Played 202 times

    Save the town by feeding the zombies the tainted meat of your friends' body parts…

  • Vampire Jackie
    Vampire Jackie
    Played 52 times

    This vampire always wanted to know what it's like to fly! Help Vampire Jackie avoid deadly traps and spooky monsters in this brand new browser puzzle game!

  • Dawn of the Zombies
    Dawn of the Zombies
    Played 48 times

    This gun-happy stickman has discovered that zombies are better than ATMs!

  • Hunting for the King
    Hunting for the King
    Played 19 times

    Zombies are attacking the castle but this isn’t a problem that a few explosives can’t fix...

  • Calabash Boy vs. Zombies
    Calabash Boy vs. Zombies
    Played 18 times

    This member of the Calabash Brothers is about to bust some heads of the undead….

  • Frickinzombies.io
    Played 0 times

    Look at all of these zombies running around! Could you do something about them? Team up with players from all across the internet in this action-packed io game. Wipe out the undead as fast as you can!

  • Funky Disco Zombie
    Funky Disco Zombie
    Played 65 times

    Find your way out of this scary Haunted Mansion by using the different items.

  • Hungry Hal
    Hungry Hal
    Played 97 times
  • Anti Zombie Bunker
    Anti Zombie Bunker
    Played 73 times

    Can you protect this awesome bunker from a rampaging horde of the undead?

  • Apocalypse Looting
    Apocalypse Looting
    Played 47 times

    Are you afraid of a zombie apocalypse? Use your gun to destroy the walking dead as soon as possible! Earn upgrades of advanced weapons to fight the fright! How long can you survive?

    • Marksman
      Played 187 times

      Clear the city of zombies and rescue the captive civilians!

    • Re Zer 2
      Re Zer 2
      Played 24 times

      They rebuilt you into the perfect weapon against evil. Now entire armies of ghouls and monsters are waiting for you. Eliminate them all as fast as you can in this horrifying action game.

    • Samurai Sword
      Samurai Sword
      Played 0 times

      It’s you versus a seemingly endless army of ninjas. Take to the rooftops of Tokyo and eliminate them with your samurai sword, if you can, in this thrilling 3D action game.

    • Slash Zombies Rampage 2
      Slash Zombies Rampage 2
      Played 62 times

      Go back to bloody war with the undead! Slash Zombies Rampage 2 gives you the ability to crush, slice, and decimate every walking corpse. Once again, valuable upgrades will help you cause extreme mayhem in the streets. Prove that humanity can survive!

    • The Highway of Zombies
      The Highway of Zombies
      Played 451 times

      What’s a great way to get rid of a bunch of zombies blocking the road? With a car, of course!

    • Top Truck 2
      Top Truck 2
      Played 323 times

      Monster trucking gets a whole new meaning when it involves zombies.

    • Zombie Arena
      Zombie Arena
      Played 110 times

      You are under attack! Wipe out the zombies before they wipe you out!

    • Zombie Cats
      Zombie Cats
      Played 27 times
    • Zombie Dominion
      Zombie Dominion
      Played 335 times

      The jungles located on each one of these islands is chock full of zombies. Make mincemeat out of ‘em with your super awesome tank and collect tons of medals in this free online action game.

    • Zombies Runaway!
      Zombies Runaway!
      Played 122 times

      Undo the undead with this pint-sized powerhouse!

    • Zombies vs. Finger
      Zombies vs. Finger
      Played 0 times

      The undead are storming the streets! Some of them are protected by robotic armor and others can spit out evil baby zombies! Crush them, as fast you can, in this crazy action game.

    • Zombiewest: There and back again
      Zombiewest: There and back again
      Played 55 times

      Howdy, pardner! Things were downright peaceful in this little town until the zombies showed up. Fortunately, this lawman just rolled in and he’s brought along lots n’ lots of fancy weapons like revolvers and shotguns. Why don’t you team up with him and get rid of all of these stinky monsters in this rootin’-tootin’ zombie game?