War Games

  • Legend Wars
    Legend Wars
    Played 540 times

    Win or lose, your last stand against the evil horde will be legendary!

  • Super Battle City: The New Mission
    Super Battle City: The New Mission
    Played 591 times

    Ride into battle with your unstoppable tank of destruction. With 60 intense missions and a wide variety of achievements and upgrades, you’ll spend hours blasting your way to the final boss in this exciting arcade game. Prepare for an all-out war against steel-enforced foes!

  • FWG Knight 2
    FWG Knight 2
    Played 588 times

    Sometimes chivalry alone just doesn’t cut it.

  • Battle Cry :Age of mhyts
    Battle Cry :Age of mhyts
    Played 1030 times
  • Cross Fire
    Cross Fire
    Played 2128 times

    Destroy the enemy planes in a cross fire or with an armed missile!

  • Imperia Online
    Imperia Online
    Played 8133 times

    Imperia Online takes you to a world existing before the age of gunpowder. A time of legendary war lords, crushing rich and economically advanced kingdoms. A time of powerful alliances, fighting each other for total world domination.

  • Warrior Slide
    Warrior Slide
    Played 846 times

    This bold knight is about to head into his next battle. Join him in a kingdom filled with rampaging ogres and bloodthirsty monsters in this unique action game.

  • World of Tanks
    World of Tanks
    Played 949 times
  • Warcraft Savage
    Warcraft Savage
    Played 85 times

    Calling all Warcraft fans: Give orders to your troops and destroy the other teams.

  • Quadrobarrel Defence
    Quadrobarrel Defence
    Played 34 times

    Take control of 4 separate turrets as you fight off 30 waves of enemies.

  • Holy War Invasion
    Holy War Invasion
    Played 235 times

    Get to the end of the level, destroying as many enemy units as possible on the way.

  • Maganic Wars
    Maganic Wars
    Played 282 times

    Choose the card you want to use and click on the execute button to play your turn.

  • Heli Storm 2
    Heli Storm 2
    Played 239 times

    Follow the yellow radar dots to the targets, protect the convoy trucks, and try to destroy the artillery in time!

  • Geo Wars
    Geo Wars
    Played 90 times

    Destroy the shapes before they touch the triangle.

  • DestructoTanks
    Played 26 times

    Destroy all of the tanks and score points.

  • Indestruc2Tank
    Played 267 times

    Get underneath your enemies and wait for their missile, or hit them while you are in the air.

  • Guardian Popon
    Guardian Popon
    Played 94 times

    Throw bombs at the enemy ships to sink them.

  • Germageddon
    Played 137 times

    Fire the white substance at the tiled surface to kill all of the germs!

  • Vorlon Wars
    Vorlon Wars
    Played 44 times

    Steer your ship to collect all red items and avoid your enemies.

  • Defend Your Dirt
    Defend Your Dirt
    Played 37 times

    Defend your dirt by shooting all of your enemies.

  • Super Metal Armor
    Super Metal Armor
    Played 69 times

    Get in combat against tanks, soldiers and copters into the enemy's battlefield!

  • Gangster Wars
    Gangster Wars
    Played 110 times

    Choose your character and puzzle your way to the top in this RPG puzzle adventure.

  • Child Wars
    Child Wars
    Played 86 times

    Would you like to take part in this rugrat fight?

  • Art of War 2: Stalingrad Winters
    Art of War 2: Stalingrad Winters
    Played 334 times

    Winter has fallen, but you must fight the cold and the Nazis to reclaim the glorious city of Stalingrad.

  • Warfare Transporter
    Warfare Transporter
    Played 197 times

    Your warfare supply ship is under attack--defend it!

  • Elite Forces Conquest
    Elite Forces Conquest
    Played 182 times

    Position your defenses to annihilate the enemy.

  • Storm the House
    Storm the House
    Played 352 times

    What, you want some kind of story? Just shoot!

  • FWG Knight
    FWG Knight
    Played 40 times

    Sometimes chivalry alone just doesn’t cut it.

  • Tech Wars
    Tech Wars
    Played 129 times


  • Mana Wars 2
    Mana Wars 2
    Played 142 times

    More units, more battles, more choices, more Mana Wars!

  • Pirates: Captain Jack Adventure!
    Pirates: Captain Jack Adventure!
    Played 391 times

    Aye ye scurvy-infested sea dogs, ye heard right: thar's treasure ahead! Adventure ho!

  • Winter Wars
    Winter Wars
    Played 91 times

    Use snowballs, slingshots, and the occasional Yeti to defend the Great Snow Tree from waves of baddies.

  • Turret Takeover
    Turret Takeover
    Played 241 times

    Who says a tank driver doesn't need a brain? Put some thought into your shooting!

  • Battle Station
    Battle Station
    Played 301 times

    Towers are tough, but bots are better.

  • Paper Warfare
    Paper Warfare
    Played 19 times

    Exo-suits let you fly. Taking out the aliens makes the earth not die.

  • Para-Uber
    Played 265 times

    These paratroopers are uber-bad and uber-nasty.

    • Hill Defender
      Hill Defender
      Played 253 times

      From your vantage point, all enemies are just sitting ducks.

    • Frontline
      Played 265 times

      They came from deepest space without warning, and now the salvation of humanity rests in your metal guns.

    • Castle Guardian
      Castle Guardian
      Played 154 times

      Keep an airtight defense against the enemy's minions...

    • Xeno Defense
      Xeno Defense
      Played 216 times

      It's an alien attack—and you're the only surviving officer left to defend the base...

    • Dominion
      Played 317 times

      Restore peace to the magical kingdom of Morphilia.

    • Operation Desert Sabre
      Operation Desert Sabre
      Played 440 times

      Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it...

    • Retired Wizard Defense
      Retired Wizard Defense
      Played 287 times

      Is a relaxing retirement too much for an old wizard to ask for?

    • Hugo Commander
      Hugo Commander
      Played 477 times

      No guts, no glory! Grapple with the enemy to control the battlefield, no matter the cost.

    • Fort Blaster Puzzle
      Fort Blaster Puzzle
      Played 68 times

      Sail the high seas with a pirate on a quest to regain his honor and rescue his lost love.

    • Frontline Defender
      Frontline Defender
      Played 272 times

      It doesn't get much tougher than the frontline. Except when you’re on the frontline ALONE.

    • Civilization Wars 2
      Civilization Wars 2
      Played 154 times

      Epic tales of warriors and battles await you in the Cave of Wonders. All you need to do is step inside...

    • Artillery Rush  2
      Artillery Rush 2
      Played 74 times

      After this mega-battle, even the worms won’t survive…