War Games

  • Maganic Wars 2
    Maganic Wars 2
    Played 2274 times

    Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.

  • Lone Ops
    Lone Ops
    Played 1507 times

    Your base is under attack! Put your shooting skills to the ultimate test.

  • Super Battle City
    Super Battle City
    Played 784 times

    This city has a bit of a problem with tanks. Maybe you could clear out a few of them?

  • Monster Town Defense
    Monster Town Defense
    Played 973 times

    This peaceful land is under attack from rampaging monsters: you know what to do, right?

  • Elemental Strike: Mirage Tower
    Elemental Strike: Mirage Tower
    Played 1229 times

    Take control of all of the elements of this magical kingdom and help defend it from some rampaging armies.

  • Epic War 5
    Epic War 5
    Played 706 times

    Fight your way to victory in another version of the popular Epic War game! The kingdom needs your bravery to achieve victory against the forces of evil now.

  • Super Mechs
    Super Mechs
    Played 66500 times

    Fighting is very different with gigantic guns for arms.

  • Warzone Battle
    Warzone Battle
    Played 2415 times

    Become the ultimate sniper by aiming at your targets on the assault course. Keep calm and reload your ammo on time in this tense shooting game. Do you have nerves of steal comrade?

  • Sharp Trigger
    Sharp Trigger
    Played 1339 times

    A mere pawn in warfare you still have your ammo and sharp shooting skills to get out of harms way! Use your sharp triggers to get out of some bloody sticky situations in this adrenaline pumping aim and shoot warfare game!

  • Royal Offense 2
    Royal Offense 2
    Played 2185 times
  • Goodgame Empire
    Goodgame Empire
    Played 130861 times

    Crush your enemies and conquer the world—one castle at a time!

  • Necronator 2
    Necronator 2
    Played 1281 times

    Get ready to venture into a world filled with danger and dark fantasy, in Necronator 2! Gather your forces as you make your way to victory!

  • Desert Operations
    Desert Operations
    Played 1334 times
  • CF Sudden Attack
    CF Sudden Attack
    Played 1299 times

    The enemy has taken over several important and highly classified areas, and it’s up to you, the most deadly and trained warrior, to take them out! Travel to several extremely dangerous locations in this counter strike-like game, but be careful, the more places you go the more enemies you’ll encounter!

  • Counter Shooter
    Counter Shooter
    Played 2567 times

    Be a super sniper and eliminate the enemies to complete your top secret missions. Underground forces may risk your life if you fail. Be brave, take your gun, aim and shoot in this free online action-packed shooting game.

  • Maganic Wars
    Maganic Wars
    Played 601 times

    Choose the card you want to use and click on the execute button to play your turn.

  • Royal Heroes
    Royal Heroes
    Played 606 times

    Fight for honor and your kingdom in this awesome free to play strategy game, Royal Heroes. Recruit famous heroes to battle against the forces of evil and march towards victory!

  • Mighty Knight 2
    Mighty Knight 2
    Played 14425 times

    The world once again needs the awesome might of your blade. To arms!

  • Forge of Empires
    Forge of Empires
    Played 14608 times

    Starting with a small Stone Age settlement it is your task to create an empire and accompany it onward throughout the centuries.

  • Total Tankage
    Total Tankage
    Played 2006 times

    Get ready for a totally terrific truckload of tremendous tanks! Take control of one of these mighty machines while you attempt to wipe out your opponent. Can you destroy their tank before they take aim at yours? It’s time to find out in this action game.

  • Tank in Action
    Tank in Action
    Played 1292 times

    Feeling the urge to be indestructible? We have just the vehicle for you...

  • Imperia Online
    Imperia Online
    Played 1561 times

    Imperia Online takes you to a world existing before the age of gunpowder. A time of legendary war lords, crushing rich and economically advanced kingdoms. A time of powerful alliances, fighting each other for total world domination.

  • Bist.io
    Played 964 times

    It’s kill or be killed in this thrilling io game. Take control of a tank and eliminate your opponents as quickly as you can. Collect force fields and valuable items along the way that will help you avoid getting blown to bits!

  • Battle Cry :Age of mhyts
    Battle Cry :Age of mhyts
    Played 675 times
  • Cross Fire
    Cross Fire
    Played 1588 times

    Destroy the enemy planes in a cross fire or with an armed missile!

  • Pirate Hunter 2
    Pirate Hunter 2
    Played 148 times

    Hunt down these nasty pirates in this brand new beat 'em up action game, Pirate Hunter 2. Sail the seven seas with your crew to stop the evil pirates in their tracks!

  • Artillery Rush  2
    Artillery Rush 2
    Played 39 times

    After this mega-battle, even the worms won’t survive…

  • Battle Fury
    Battle Fury
    Played 439 times

    There is no mercy in war and that is why you will not show any mercy against your enemies! It's battle time and you are in charge of a big battalion that is ready to kill or be killed. Take them all to victory on this real time strategy tower defense game!

  • Castle Guardian
    Castle Guardian
    Played 111 times

    Keep an airtight defense against the enemy's minions...

  • Quadrobarrel Defence
    Quadrobarrel Defence
    Played 36 times

    Take control of 4 separate turrets as you fight off 30 waves of enemies.

  • Civilization Wars 2
    Civilization Wars 2
    Played 89 times

    Epic tales of warriors and battles await you in the Cave of Wonders. All you need to do is step inside...

  • Warun
    Played 111 times

    This compound is chock full of enemy soldiers. How long can you hold out against their endless attacks? They’ll be coming at you in waves. Conserve your ammo and aim for the explosive canisters while you fight to stay alive in this first person shooter game.

  • Warzone Getaway 3
    Warzone Getaway 3
    Played 155 times

    Four important leaders have been kidnapped and taken hostage in this lawless region. Join a team of brave commandos as they set out to rescue them. They’ll need you to take out the terrorists that are determined to destroy their vehicle. Keep it safe with machine guns, grenades and other cool weapons in this shooter game.

  • Xeno Defense
    Xeno Defense
    Played 99 times

    It's an alien attack—and you're the only surviving officer left to defend the base...

  • Defend Your Dirt
    Defend Your Dirt
    Played 25 times

    Defend your dirt by shooting all of your enemies.

  • Frontline
    Played 214 times

    They came from deepest space without warning, and now the salvation of humanity rests in your metal guns.

    • FWG Knight 2
      FWG Knight 2
      Played 358 times

      Sometimes chivalry alone just doesn’t cut it.

    • Geo Wars
      Geo Wars
      Played 81 times

      Destroy the shapes before they touch the triangle.

    • Khan Kluay Kids War
      Khan Kluay Kids War
      Played 377 times

      Two clans are standing on opposite sides of the battlefield and they’re about to go to war with...elephants? That’s right! Pummel your opponents with pachyderms in this wild action game.

    • Heli Storm 2
      Heli Storm 2
      Played 34 times

      Follow the yellow radar dots to the targets, protect the convoy trucks, and try to destroy the artillery in time!

    • Lords of Vandaria
      Lords of Vandaria
      Played 349 times

      The King of Nirvana challenged Edenion in a great war! Join the army of Zur, an ally of the union of destiny, and conquer captured castles, withhold supplies to enemies and fight by building up armies and supplies.

    • Operation Desert Sabre
      Operation Desert Sabre
      Played 223 times

      Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it...

    • Awesome Conquest
      Awesome Conquest
      Played 52 times

      The evil Red Army has stolen your precious amulet! Go get it back and give their heads a good bonk too!

    • Imperial Guardians
      Imperial Guardians
      Played 78 times

      Send out your troops to defend your castle while gathering precious resources. Upgrade heroes in this thrilling strategy game and save your kingdom from damnation!

    • Army Pilot
      Army Pilot
      Played 236 times

      Are you ready to take this experimental spaceship out for a spin? Dodge buildings and blast towards the glowing rings while you try to earn a high score. How long will you survive in this endless action game?

    • Brave Shorties 2
      Brave Shorties 2
      Played 153 times

      It’s time once again to assemble your warriors! A kingdom filled with adventure awaits you in this online game. Can you vanquish the monsters that are rampaging through each one of its realms?

    • Dominion
      Played 428 times

      Restore peace to the magical kingdom of Morphilia.

    • Retired Wizard Defense
      Retired Wizard Defense
      Played 53 times

      Is a relaxing retirement too much for an old wizard to ask for?