Uphill Racing Games

  • Uphill Rush 5
    Uphill Rush 5
    Played 65720 times

    Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!

  • Icycle: On Thin Ice
    Icycle: On Thin Ice
    Played 4566 times

    Naked guy, put your pedal to the icicle before you freeze your *&@# off.

  • Desktop Racing
    Desktop Racing
    Played 1925 times

    Have you got the drive to succeed in a fast-paced office environment?

  • Bulldozer Mania
    Bulldozer Mania
    Played 8840 times

    Bust through with your big-time bully bravado!

  • Waterfall Rush
    Waterfall Rush
    Played 3003 times

    Tackle this upstream kayak battle one trick at a time!

  • Hell Cops
    Hell Cops
    Played 3116 times

    Neither rain, nor snow, nor innocent pedestrians will keep these policemen from their donuts…

  • Rich Cars 3
    Rich Cars 3
    Played 3345 times

    Even crooks like the best set of vintage wheels possible.

  • Construction City Cargo
    Construction City Cargo
    Played 2996 times
  • Uphill Racing 2
    Uphill Racing 2
    Played 15344 times

    Max out the car stats and prove your prowess on rough terrain to collect more cash and set new distance records in this racing game where you'll need to budget your winnings to really pimp up your car.

  • Motocross Challenge
    Motocross Challenge
    Played 1738 times

    Can you rise to the challenge and take home the trophy? Only one way to find out…

  • Super Bike X
    Super Bike X
    Played 1963 times

    Try to drive over all of the obstacles without falling off of your bike in this realistic environment.

  • ATV Offroad Thunder
    ATV Offroad Thunder
    Played 2780 times

    The more style in your stunts, the more awesome your off-road action!

  • Thrill Rush
    Thrill Rush
    Played 7336 times

    Hold on tight—it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • Snow ATV
    Snow ATV
    Played 2565 times

    How fast could you possibly go in this winter wonderland of slippery snow??

  • Renegade Driver
    Renegade Driver
    Played 7902 times

    Retirement has been anything but relaxing for this former race car driver. He’s been working for a mysterious organization and they just put explosives in his vehicle! Help him escape from this deadly situation and get revenge in this thrilling racing game. He’ll need to collect money for upgrades as he continues his relentless mission.

  • Dirt Bike 4
    Dirt Bike 4
    Played 884 times

    The toughest dirt biker can take on any obstacle. Are you game?

  • Ural Truck
    Ural Truck
    Played 4100 times

    Load your massive 6x6 Snow truck with military equipment and hit the ultimate roads of the Ural Mountains. Your mission is only one: drive as fast as possible through the dangerous lands of the Ural region until you reach the next military base.

  • Mini Race Madness
    Mini Race Madness
    Played 1474 times

    Get ready for a huge series of races that are....well, actually kinda small. Modify your remote controlled racer with a powerful engine, super tough armor and nitro boosters. If you want to blaze past the competition, you’re also gonna need some new tires too. Will you make it to the finish line first?

  • Dirt Course
    Dirt Course
    Played 4530 times

    Time to put this SUV through it's paces...any takers?

  • Motor Beast
    Motor Beast
    Played 6678 times

    In the mood for a roarin’ rampage? Then jump behind the wheel of this monster truck!

  • Monsters Wheels
    Monsters Wheels
    Played 2604 times

    Think you've got what it takes to beat the champion? Then grab a rig and get ready to race!

  • Uphill Vegas
    Uphill Vegas
    Played 756 times

    In Vegas, everything's a show...so break out your best moves and create a stunt spectacle!

  • ATV Destroyer
    ATV Destroyer
    Played 23489 times

    Crank up the crazy with this all-terrain adventure!

  • Max Dirt Bike 3
    Max Dirt Bike 3
    Played 934 times

    Get top speed in this all out thrilling and exciting sports game, Max Dirt Bike 3! Show off your amazing dirt bike skills and become the best dirt bike racer in the entire world!

  • BMX Ghost
    BMX Ghost
    Played 806 times

    See former shadows of your newbie self (the ghosts of biffs past) while you improve your BMX stunt skills!

  • ATV Ride
    ATV Ride
    Played 1575 times

    Four wheelers are made for off-road racing fun! Take the ATV challenge, overcome obstacles and keep your balanced ride in this free and fun Quad racing game!

  • Rich Cars
    Rich Cars
    Played 1369 times

    These <b>racing</b> machines pack some serious rocket power!

  • Bike Racing 2
    Bike Racing 2
    Played 41160 times

    Three challenging tracks are waiting for you in this racing game. Hop on your bike and see how much air time you can earn on each one. How quickly will you reach the finish line on all three tracks?

  • Truck Wars
    Truck Wars
    Played 5536 times

    Channel your road rage into some tricked-out truck racing!

  • Trial Bike Pro
    Trial Bike Pro
    Played 4779 times

    It's you, a load of gnarly jumps, the wide open sky, and the hard, hard ground.

  • Uphill Rush
    Uphill Rush
    Played 103513 times

    Bike, truck, quad, or skateboard… Race over hills and obstacles, but be careful not to fall!

  • Stunt Guy: Tricky Rider
    Stunt Guy: Tricky Rider
    Played 4916 times

    This stunt man has a hunger for danger and a need for speed.

  • Bicycle Drag
    Bicycle Drag
    Played 850 times

    Have fun in a challenging racing game and win one to one head-on races. Spike it up with upgrades to your bicycle speed, balance and power. Get into the fast lane with spinning chains on a well-oiled road to victory. So don't drag your heels, drag your bicycle in a fun game filled with endless spikey sports!

  • Ambulance Rush
    Ambulance Rush
    Played 6069 times

    Forget the economy—you'll never be out of a job as long as you keep sending people the hospital!

  • Nitro Ninjas
    Nitro Ninjas
    Played 3759 times

    Race through an urban jungle with your katana in hand

  • Nuclear Bike
    Nuclear Bike
    Played 1711 times

    Pull off some sweet stunts and you'll be the bomb!

    • Mini Car Racer
      Mini Car Racer
      Played 2347 times

      Go the distance. Go for speed. Go—now!

    • Up Hill Racing
      Up Hill Racing
      Played 14801 times

      Race uphill with many different vehicles: a convertible, bicycle, monster truck and so much more! Each vehicle offers a unique experience! Climb as high and go as far as you can to the top while you collect coins and perform stunts!

    • Moto X Madness 2
      Moto X Madness 2
      Played 1157 times

      Own the racetrack with your sickest stunts and an insane need for speed!

    • Super Truck Racer
      Super Truck Racer
      Played 1007 times

      Get your truck safely to the finish while collecting all the stars.

    • Backhoe Trial 1
      Backhoe Trial 1
      Played 731 times

      Backhoe Trial is a cool driving trial racing game. Drive a big tractor and use your backhoe crane to get over the different hills and steer you around the end of the level. Do you got a few minutes to reach the end of the level?

    • Truckformers 1
      Truckformers 1
      Played 1715 times

      Trucksformers is a really cool side scrolling truck racing game inspired by the movie Transformers. Drive your transformer monster truck through dangerous terrains and choose the right form of the Transformer to beat the level!

    • Construction Yard Bike
      Construction Yard Bike
      Played 1018 times

      The turmoil of construction is the perfect playground for stunt-bike action!

    • Ghost Train Ride
      Ghost Train Ride
      Played 1340 times

      Take your ghoulish customers on the ride of the unlives!

    • Big Bus League
      Big Bus League
      Played 1692 times

      Spin your bus around for points and stay in the lead in this brand new online racing game, Big Bus League! Race through various stages that will test your racing skills.

    • Stickman Dirtbike
      Stickman Dirtbike
      Played 1253 times

      It’s a dirty job from start to finish….can you stick to it??

    • Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams
      Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams
      Played 15791 times

      He’s a little car in a big, bad world full of nightmarish trucks. Can he find his way back home?

    • Big Truck Adventures 3
      Big Truck Adventures 3
      Played 746 times

      It’s not really off-road driving until your truck is 50 feet above the ground…