Tower Defense Games

  • Zombie TD: Reborn
    Zombie TD: Reborn
    Played 1027 times

    Wipe out this army of walking dead, before it's too late.

  • Siege Knight
    Siege Knight
    Played 1042 times

    Ogres and skeletons want to conquer the kingdom...but they’re no match for you, right?

  • Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace
    Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace
    Played 1553 times

    Some will rise—and others will fall—in this microscopic battle royale against alien microbes.

  • Island Defense
    Island Defense
    Played 1563 times

    Defend your island in this brand new free to play strategy game, Island Defense. Pirates are coming to take your treasure! Fight back now by using a variety of weapons.

  • Shock Defence
    Shock Defence
    Played 3346 times

    Build towers to kill all of the creeps and stop them from getting to the end.

  • Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Played 6727 times

    You'll need all the manic monkey defenses you can get when the bloons attack!

  • Elements & Magic
    Elements & Magic
    Played 2715 times

    Ready or not, here they come...

  • Desktop Tower Defense Pro
    Desktop Tower Defense Pro
    Played 4706 times

    This desk is YOUR desk, and these creeps ain't crossing it.

  • Favela Heroes
    Favela Heroes
    Played 1546 times

    When they start moving in on your turf, it’s time to welcome them with open gunfire.

  • Dino Assault
    Dino Assault
    Played 2548 times

    Rabid reptiles are trying to ransack your village. Are you gonna let ‘em...or teach ‘em who’s boss?

  • Age of Warriors 2
    Age of Warriors 2
    Played 3774 times

    Age of Warriors is back for more action and more fierce battles (featuring the Romans). Have fun with Age of Warriors 2!

  • Battle Gear Underground
    Battle Gear Underground
    Played 2995 times
  • Castle Defense
    Castle Defense
    Played 4929 times

    This king’s new castle in the mountains has an amazing view. It’s also surrounded by tons of monsters that aren’t too happy with their new neighbor. Help the king protect his latest real estate investment in this wacky and wild tower defense game.

  • Redcoat Invasion
    Redcoat Invasion
    Played 4820 times

    When it comes to the question of independence, you'll be seeing red.

  • Control Craft Modern War
    Control Craft Modern War
    Played 1455 times

    The battle for firepower heats up in this race to the finish: there can only be one winner!

  • Cannons and soldiers
    Cannons and soldiers
    Played 2692 times

    Shoot your enemies by determining the strength and angle of your cannon. The less shots you need, the better.

  • Penguins Attack 2
    Penguins Attack 2
    Played 1951 times

    You're the only thing standing between the penguins and their plans for world domination.

  • Colonial Wars: Special Edition
    Colonial Wars: Special Edition
    Played 1442 times

    All hands on deck! It’s battleships versus pirate ships in this colossal war for supremacy on the high seas.

  • Forest Story
    Forest Story
    Played 848 times

    The Tree of Life is under attack. Protect it at all costs in this enchanting tower defense game.

  • Zombo Buster: Zombie Shooting Game
    Zombo Buster: Zombie Shooting Game
    Played 3266 times

    ALERT: The zombie apocalypse has reached your building! Luckily you head up an elite anti-zombie squad...

  • Trinitas
    Played 2500 times

    A magical world and a fearsome series of foes await you in this tower defense game.

  • Last Town
    Last Town
    Played 981 times

    This town messed with the wrong witch. Now they’ll have to defend themselves from her awesome magic.

  • Zombie Incursion
    Zombie Incursion
    Played 2104 times

    You’re gonna have to cut this nap short. Zombies are heading for your cabin!

  • Zombie Tower Defense
    Zombie Tower Defense
    Played 861 times

    Apparently zombies are still rational enough to walk in an orderly fashion…

  • Age Of Defense 4
    Age Of Defense 4
    Played 2601 times

    Defend your home in this thrilling new defense browser game, Age of Defense 4. Fight back against the forces of evil as you throw rocks, shoot arrows, and summon powerful allies!

  • Bloom Defender
    Bloom Defender
    Played 2327 times

    Go green—blast these nasty elementals with a helping hand from Mother Nature!

  • Trump Has Fallen
    Trump Has Fallen
    Played 2442 times

    Donald Trump has seized the White House and he’s determined to keep his political opponents from giving him the boot. Help the controversial presidential candidate defend it in this action game.

  • Dragon Fortress
    Dragon Fortress
    Played 898 times

    Send your dragon on quests to gather treasure and valuable resources that you can use to upgrade your kingdom. Make sure to train it so that it can become the most powerful dragon ever in Dragon Fortress!

  • Day D: Tower Rush
    Day D: Tower Rush
    Played 34079 times

    This time-travelling professor is going to get eaten by dinosaurs if you don’t help him out and fast!

  • Age Of Defense 3
    Age Of Defense 3
    Played 8331 times

    Bolster your base and rip your rivals to pieces!

  • Battle Towers
    Battle Towers
    Played 1371 times

    An army of goblins is determined to ransack the kingdom. You’re not going to let them get away with that, right? Assemble your knights and protect the kingdom at all costs in this 3D tower defense game.

  • Hands Off
    Hands Off
    Played 1749 times

    Having a superstar for a boyfriend isn’t all fun and games. Hurl some cake at his crazy fans.

  • Dry Fire
    Dry Fire
    Played 1090 times

    Protect your turret and destroy any enemy that come at your base.

  • Castle TD
    Castle TD
    Played 1158 times

    There are vermin in the castle! But they're not getting out...

  • General Room
    General Room
    Played 4047 times

    Show off your military might and skills on the battlefield in this war game. Strategically place your soldiers and tanks on the map while they go up against your enemy’s forces. Who will come out on top?

  • Demons Down Under
    Demons Down Under
    Played 1925 times

    I hope you ate all of your carrots this morning. This bunny is off to slay some demons.

All Our Base Are Belong to You

Protect your people, protect your space. No man or monster must cross the line. Or, erm, as few as possible. There may be just one of you, but your castle is your kingdom and the defense of your tower is in your hands. Prove your bravery. They're not going to take you down! And if they do, you're going to take as many as you can with you. Tower-defense games combine quick thinking with strategic planning and fast fingers to set the traps and spray the gunfire that will take down the enemy. Defense games span all genres, letting you protect dream locales from fantasy towers, like castle-defense game Kingdom Rush, to science-fiction bases, such as in Defense Fleet, to exotic locations all over the globe, including a tropical island overtaken by Northmen in Viking Warfare. 

Immerse yourself (at a safe, virtal emotional and physical distance) in war in battlefield games with realistic graphics, as in Control Craft Modern War. Or go for supernatural horror with one of the many zombie-themed tower-defense games, like 13 Nights. Step into your favorite characters' universes in SpongeBob SquarePants game Defend the Krusty Krab and others. Or play a gunslinger in the Wild West in Long Way and other western games. You can even make a human cell (like the kind with the nucleus and the mitochondria) your point of defense in science game Cell Defense. 

Want to feel like a hero? Tower defense might just be the ticket. Whichever game you play, you're sure to have a blast. (Ka-boom.)