Skill Games

  • Daily Hidden Object
    Daily Hidden Object
    Played 81246 times

    See how much treasure you can find in the dusty corners of this old shop.

  • Bubblez
    Played 34336 times

    Hey, I didn't mean to burst your bubble. Wait - yes I did.

  • 1001 Arabian Nights
    1001 Arabian Nights
    Played 113225 times

    The Arabian Desert is full of mysterious treasures that are yours for the taking.

  • Checkers Fun
    Checkers Fun
    Played 8331 times

    Play checkers against the computer or against a friend!

  • Riddle School 5
    Riddle School 5
    Played 23274 times

    Could this be the last of the Riddle School games? Find out as you discover secrets that were not meant to be found in this brand new adventure game, Riddle School 5. Be ready for the unexpected!

  • Trollface Quest 1
    Trollface Quest 1
    Played 39724 times

    Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of the lolz, fear no trolls.

  • Fleeing the Complex
    Fleeing the Complex
    Played 18239 times

    Fleeing the Complex is one of the latest, coolest and best point and click adventure stick-man games ever created. Play as this stick figure that is imprisoned in a maximum security cell and try to escape at all cost!

  • Geometry Dash Online
    Geometry Dash Online
    Played 36851 times

    Put your reaction skills to the test in this fast-paced game where you have to jump to avoid oncoming objects.

  • The Impossible Quiz 2
    The Impossible Quiz 2
    Played 29750 times

    It’s not called impossible for nothing…

  • Fishy
    Played 11088 times

    Eat smaller fish to get bigger and don't get eaten by bigger fish!

  • Draw My Thing Online
    Draw My Thing Online
    Played 181076 times

    Join players from around the world in this weird and wild online game. Can you figure out the secret word or phrase that will be drawn during each round? You can join in the fun by drawing one too.

  • Parking Mania
    Parking Mania
    Played 32585 times
  • Red Ball 4: Volume 2
    Red Ball 4: Volume 2
    Played 3633 times

    Help our well-rounded hero stop the evil squares from turning the entire world into Squaresville...

  • Cosmos Quest
    Cosmos Quest
    Played 4574 times

    This planet looks like it’s stuck in the Stone Ages. Are you ready to help it become something far greater? Use its natural resources wisely while you build a civilization that can stand the test of time in this unique simulation game.

  • Sea Fishing Tropical
    Sea Fishing Tropical
    Played 3132 times

    Sit back and relax as you travel around the sea to find the best fishing spot in this beautifully graphic fishing game, Sea Fishing Tropical. Reel in the biggest fish you can!

  • Parking Space
    Parking Space
    Played 10169 times

    You've found the perfect parking space...if only you could squeeze into it!

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat
    Played 3773 times

    Nyan Cat! Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird
    Played 6633 times

    Simple. Addictive. And REALLY, REALLY HARD. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK?

  • Scary Maze
    Scary Maze
    Played 19397 times

    How steady are your hands when you’re confronted with a game that will have you punished for touching the walls? Find out in Scary Maze!

  • Elevator Fart
    Elevator Fart
    Played 1768 times

    Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore…

  • Sport Fishing
    Sport Fishing
    Played 9562 times

    Enjoy the pleasure and thrill of fishing! Get immersed with the beautiful 3D art and the sounds of nature as you await your catch of the day!

  • Cure the Bunny
    Cure the Bunny
    Played 9519 times

    This bunny needs to have an operation - help to save his life!

  • Pretentious Game 4
    Pretentious Game 4
    Played 5899 times

    The only way this brother and sister are going to work things out is if they stick together!

  • Patterns Link
    Patterns Link
    Played 32613 times

    Breaking news from the Fashion Police—mixing and matching patterns is encouraged!

  • Skribbl.Io
    Played 57435 times

    You can compete against players from all across the globe in this fun and exciting io game. Put your creative skills to the test while you try to figure out the other players’ drawings. Will they be able to identify yours too?

  • I want to be a Billionaire 2
    I want to be a Billionaire 2
    Played 14919 times


  • Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Played 80386 times

    Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?

  • I Don't Even Know
    I Don't Even Know
    Played 17630 times

    How quickly can you finish each quiz in this insane and brilliant puzzle game?

  • Tiles of the Unexpected
    Tiles of the Unexpected
    Played 10577 times

    Clear the picture of these dark images and blast your way to the end of the level.

  • Stealing the Diamond
    Stealing the Diamond
    Played 14051 times

    Sure, it sounds simple, but robbing this museum is gonna be pretty tough...

  • Sugar Sugar
    Sugar Sugar
    Played 1059 times

    Coffee is awesome but it’s even better with lots of sugar in it! Can you fill this mug all the way to the top?

  • Riddle School 4
    Riddle School 4
    Played 17645 times

    Find the clues to unlock the mystery in this new adventure game made for kids, Riddle School 4. Can you solve the puzzles in this scary and strange school?

  • Miragine War
    Miragine War
    Played 85776 times

    Outsmart your opponent and lay waste to their legions!

  • Troll Face Quest Video Games
    Troll Face Quest Video Games
    Played 16875 times

    The latest crazy installment of Troll Face Quest is finally here! Embark on a hilarious journey where you’ll solve brain-teasing puzzles and try to make sense of impossible situations while trolling the most famous video game characters in history. To spare their embarrassment, we’re not mentioning any names here, but the heroes of first-person shooters, Italian plumbers, fruit-craving ninjas, fearsome orcs, candy-clogged puzzles and innocent test subjects trapped in labs filled with portals won’t escape Troll Face’s ridiculous pranks. How do you make sense of a world that makes no sense? Is it crazy, or are you just crazy? Try to keep it together as you work your way through more than 30 wacky levels, or lose it when you get trolled for the umpteenth time.

  • Bloons
    Played 7599 times

    Try to pop as many balloons as possible using the darts you are given on each level.

  • The Worlds Hardest Game
    The Worlds Hardest Game
    Played 13234 times

    You know you're curious…

    • Mystic India Pop
      Mystic India Pop
      Played 31841 times

      Pop over to India for a mysterious elephant safari...

    • Love Tester
      Love Tester
      Played 56385 times

      Are you in love? Enter your names and check if you match with each other!

    • Centre Court
      Centre Court
      Played 15827 times

      Be a real pro and win the Wimbledon tournament!

    • Red Ball 4
      Red Ball 4
      Played 5137 times

      These nasty squares want to make the world four-sided. Only a true circle can bounce back!

    • Boneless Girl
      Boneless Girl
      Played 5251 times

      Life isn’t easy when you’re stuck in an alternate universe filled with bubbles.

    • Skateboard City
      Skateboard City
      Played 11847 times

      Complete these missions and, in the world of skateboarding, you'll rule!

    • 8 Ball Pool
      8 Ball Pool
      Played 53509 times

      Can you master this multiplayer online version of the classic billiards game? Challenge opponents from all across the globe in the tournament mode or just play a quick match.

    • Mini Ping Pong
      Mini Ping Pong
      Played 12214 times

      Control your paddle and play table tennis online!

    • Smilodon Rampage
      Smilodon Rampage
      Played 4227 times

      Description: Espace from your icy tomb and tear anything and everyone in your path to freedom! There’s nothing like being a powerful and mighty Smilodon!

    • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
      Operate Now: Brain Surgery
      Played 44529 times

      As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

    • The Binding of Isaac
      The Binding of Isaac
      Played 6659 times

      Isaac is having a very bad day. His mom has gone crazy. Oh, and there’s a dungeon under his bed too.

    • Bookworm
      Played 11509 times

      Make words using the available tiles in this wordy PopCap classic...

Improve Skills, Have Fun

Skill games are a great way to have fun while improving various skills, such as concentration, memory, reflexes, and strategy. This is already sounding too serious for a fun website so we need to point out that our games also have balloons, gluey creatures, bubbles, worms, and fish. And speaking of fish, games like Fishy help you train your reflexes as you swim around eating smaller fish while avoiding getting eaten by bigger fish. In Fish Eat Fish 3 you live in a fish-eat-fish world, and the only way to survive is to eat your way to the top of the fish chain.

And what’s the aim of games like Bubble Hit and Bloons? Why, it’s to improve your aim, of course. Try to pop as many balloons as possible using darts or hit the bubbles for some bubble-popping mayhem!

These games will also help you impress your friends and win your next Scrabble or Pictionary match! Improve your word skills with Bookworm, where you make words using the available tiles. Not the next da Vinci? Hone your drawing skills with Sketchpad DX by drawing the images that are shown. Looking to improve strategy? Miragine War lets you outsmart your opponent and lay waste to their legions, always a useful skill.

And looking to improve your pub quiz skills? Try the Impossible Quiz 2 – it’s not called impossible for nothing, and you may even pick up some interesting trivia.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on improving your skills, and having fun!