Puzzle Games

  • Super Sticky Stacker
    Super Sticky Stacker
    Played 148 times

    These silly monsters really love to stick around! Can you help them hold themselves together while they cling to some floating platforms in this totally wild puzzle game?

  • Word Search: Classic
    Word Search: Classic
    Played 56 times

    Are you ready for an exciting challenge? Can you find all of the hidden words in each one of the puzzles in this online game? The clock is ticking so you’ll need to move fast!

  • 4 Elements 2
    4 Elements 2
    Played 1543 times

    The Book of Elements has held together this enchanted kingdom for generations. Now it’s all mixed up. If you don’t help put its pages back in the correct order, there’s no telling what will happen! Link together the magical chips as quickly as you can while this fairy repairs the precious tome in this match 3 puzzle game.

  • At the Office
    At the Office
    Played 82 times

    It’s Amanda’s first day at the office and she’s got quite a lot on her hands. Can you help her tidy everything up in this hidden objects game? The person who worked there before her definitely made a mess of things.

  • Easter Bubble
    Easter Bubble
    Played 36 times

    How quickly can you destroy all of these colorful Easter eggs? They’re really piling up! Take control of the cannon and get ready to break tons of them in this puzzle game.

  • Elsa Bubble Shooter
    Elsa Bubble Shooter
    Played 44 times

    The famous princess is ready to take on a challenge that’s super cool. Join her at her ice palace in the mountains while she uses her magical powers to pop all of these bubbles. Can you help her wipe all of them out in this enchanting bubble shooter game?

  • Puzzle Express
    Puzzle Express
    Played 0 times

    Grab puzzle pieces that reveal pictures as you ride the railways.

  • Jewels Blitz 2
    Jewels Blitz 2
    Played 417 times

    Earn exciting daily bonuses while you play this match 3 puzzle game. Link together all of the colorful jewels as quickly as you can. You’ll only get a certain number of moves during each level though so you’ll need to be careful.

  • Ancient Maya Treasures
    Ancient Maya Treasures
    Played 29 times

    A challenge awaits you at the temple that lies deep within this mysterious jungle. Can you link together all of these precious gems while you destroy the stone slabs? Use items like bombs, dynamite and even lightning bolts while you play through this epic match 3 puzzle game.

  • Easter Hunt
    Easter Hunt
    Played 0 times

    The Easter Bunny could really use some help. All of his eggs are very disorganized. Can you help him match them up in this fun puzzle game?

  • Dream a Little Dream
    Dream a Little Dream
    Played 73 times

    Grace’s boyfriend is studying at a college located far away from her town and she feels really lonely. Can you help her deal with her longings for him by focusing on something else in this hidden objects game? Join her while she finds the missing items that are scattered around her community.

  • Dream Fruit Farm
    Dream Fruit Farm
    Played 83 times

    This young couple has decided to pursue their dreams and buy a farm. Unfortunately, it needs some sprucing up. Can you help them restore the orchards and plant new trees in this simulation game?

  • Shuigo 2
    Shuigo 2
    Played 0 times

    Are you ready for the sequel to an online version of Mahjong that’s fabulous and fruity? If so, do your best to match up all of the cherries, pineapples and other nutritious and delicious fruit in this puzzle game before time runs out.

  • Word Zen
    Word Zen
    Played 0 times

    Over 100 challenging puzzles and four different levels of difficulty are waiting for you in this online game. Give your vocabulary skills a workout while you find all of the hidden words.

  • Jungle Collapse
    Jungle Collapse
    Played 11 times

    These adorable animals are all mixed up! Step into this wonderful jungle and see if you can help them reconnect with their friends in this match 3 puzzle game.

  • Call of the Ages
    Call of the Ages
    Played 1150 times

    Are you ready to answer the call in this magical match 3 puzzle game? Step inside the mysterious tent and connect the enchanted objects as quickly as you can.

  • Jigsaw Palace
    Jigsaw Palace
    Played 2176 times

    Have a look at the pieces for each one of the jigsaw puzzles in all of these challenging levels. Can you find the correct spots for them in this online game?

  • Balloonz
    Played 67 times

    Get ready for a magical adventure in this challenging and very cute match 3 puzzle game. See how fast you can shift the tiles to make all of these colorful hot air balloons link together. Can you connect them in the correct order before time runs out?

  • Candy Chain
    Candy Chain
    Played 2057 times

    All of this candy is about to blow sky high! Can you detonate these extremely explosive sweets in the correct order? You can also aim for the super sugary mines too in this puzzle game.

  • Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings
    Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings
    Played 512 times

    Save your son! Step through an enchanted painting into a mystical world...

  • The Path of Hercules
    The Path of Hercules
    Played 1169 times

    Follow in the footsteps of one of Ancient Greece’s most legendary heroes in this match 3 puzzle game. Can you recover seven long lost treasures and return them to the temple while you explore a mysterious land filled with enchantment and adventure?

  • Brave Tomato 2
    Brave Tomato 2
    Played 1221 times

    Oh no! Another army of genetically-modified veggies has escaped from the lab. Now it’s up to this tomato to smoosh them in this action-packed puzzle game. Could you lend him a hand? Or maybe, in this case, a stem?

  • Escape the Forest
    Escape the Forest
    Played 2127 times

    This daring adventurer is lost in a mysterious forest. Can you help him choose the correct path that will allow him to return home? He’ll need to make wise choices in order to stay safe in this puzzle game.

  • Ellie Squad Goals
    Ellie Squad Goals
    Played 134 times

    Ellie and her new friends are eager to get to know more about each other and figure out their squad goals. Can you help them out in this game for girls? Join them while they take a closer look at their favorite trends, clothing and more!

  • Right Click Totemland
    Right Click Totemland
    Played 1652 times

    This desert could definitely use some sprucing up. Maybe a few lawns would do the trick? See if you can turn this sparse land into a lush paradise in this challenging puzzle game.

  • Super Stack
    Super Stack
    Played 852 times

    The crazy creatures in this puzzle game love to stack themselves up. They’ll need your help to avoid falling over though. Assemble them into towers and see if you can get them to remain standing until the clock runs down to zero.

  • Happy Kittens Puzzle
    Happy Kittens Puzzle
    Played 640 times

    This group of perky kittens is trying to cheer up some of their grumpy friends. Can you help them turn their frowns upside down in this adorable puzzle game? You’ll need to plan your moves carefully in order to prevent all the kitties from getting a major case of the blues.

  • Dream Pet Link Adventures
    Dream Pet Link Adventures
    Played 1751 times

    Explore a magical world with this gang of adorable animals.

  • Farm Jelly Puzzle
    Farm Jelly Puzzle
    Played 4947 times

    Everything is kinda disorganized on this busy farm. Maybe you could rearrange all of its fruits, veggies and chickens in this challenging match 3 puzzle game? Connect them in the right order while you collect useful boosters like tractors and explosives.

  • Jewelish Blitz
    Jewelish Blitz
    Played 1883 times

    The clock is ticking and time is running short in this electrifying match 3 puzzle game. Connect the jewels of the same kind into groups of three or more as quickly as you can.

  • Juicy Hero
    Juicy Hero
    Played 2430 times

    All of this fruit is really starting to stack up! Can you squish it and turn it all into juice? Link together the fruits of the same kind into groups in this delightful match 3 puzzle game.

  • Lineum
    Played 28 times

    A challenge awaits you on a lush field in this puzzle game. Can you flip over all of the turf while you make a white line that stretches around it and back to the same point?

  • Pearl's Peril
    Pearl's Peril
    Played 2085 times

    Pearl hasn’t really spoken to her father in years. Now he’s passed away and left her an entire island as part of her inheritance! Join her and her best friend while they explore it in this exciting hidden objects game. Is everything not quite what it seems on the island? It’s time to find out!

  • Color Garages
    Color Garages
    Played 379 times

    Four cars. Four garages. Can you make sure that these colorful vehicles park in the right places in this challenging puzzle game? Do your best to keep them on the right track.

  • Cut The Rope Experiments
    Cut The Rope Experiments
    Played 31503 times

    The little green monster Om Nom is back and hungrier than ever! Team up with the Professor, a mad (but not bad!) scientist determined to study Om Nom’s candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments, 200 levels and more to come!

  • MasterMind
    Played 26 times

    Can you figure out this tricky puzzle game? Give your brain a workout while you try to place the colored balls in the correct spots. Will you become a mastermind or give up in the process?

    • DNA Lab Rush
      DNA Lab Rush
      Played 22 times

      Things are incredibly busy at this top secret laboratory. Can you complete a series of exciting experiments in this match 3 puzzle game? Connect the nucleotides into groups of three or more of the same kind as fast as you can.

    • Hungry Worm 2
      Hungry Worm 2
      Played 50 times

      Another batch of hungry worms is determined to gobble up all of the fruits and veggies on this farm. Only you can stop them! Quickly harvest the crops before the worms eat them in this match 3 puzzle game.

    • Dream Pet Link
      Dream Pet Link
      Played 241 times

      Go crazy with some cute critter-matching mania!

    • Classic Sudoku Volume 2
      Classic Sudoku Volume 2
      Played 0 times

      More of the classic game that started the phenomenon...

    • Apple Blast
      Apple Blast
      Played 2326 times

      This greedy goat is determined to eat all of the fruit in this orchard. Can you stop him in this fun puzzle game? Match up all of the different types of fruit quickly before he goes after it.

    • Hex Blitz
      Hex Blitz
      Played 2690 times

      Can you find the correct spots for the gems in this exciting puzzle game? The clock is ticking so you’ll need to move fast!

    • Pregnant Princess: Special Gift
      Pregnant Princess: Special Gift
      Played 1784 times

      This princess is expecting a new baby and her friends have created a cool challenge for her. It’s a treasure hunt! Can you help her find all of the hidden presents in her living room? She would really appreciate it in this hidden objects game for girls.

    • Dream Christmas Link: Classic
      Dream Christmas Link: Classic
      Played 221 times

      How fast can you link together all of the ice skates, gingerbread houses and other festive items in this match three puzzle game that’s perfect for Christmas? It’s time to find out!

    • Bubble Shoot
      Bubble Shoot
      Played 1682 times

      This isn’t your typical bubble shooter! You’re low on ammo so you’ll need to choose your shots wisely in this action game. Can you destroy all of the bubbles while you earn money to buy upgrades between levels?

    • Jump out: The Workshop
      Jump out: The Workshop
      Played 120 times

      little Cute bugs are back! they are locked up in the workshop, full of tools and machinery. help them reach the exit

    • Moopzz
      Played 1898 times

      Can you reassemble all of these funny and colorful animated images? See if you can find spots for the missing pieces in this challenging puzzle game.

    • Wicked High School: Prom Tailor
      Wicked High School: Prom Tailor
      Played 227 times

      This busy tailor has tons of prom outfits to make this afternoon but her workshop is a total wreck! Can you help her find all of her work stuff before she greets her first customer in this magical simulation game?

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