Physics Games

  • Energy Physics
    Energy Physics
    Played 970 times

    Science can really pack a punch!

  • Candy Land
    Candy Land
    Played 5539 times

    These monsters are really thirsty. Help them fill their cups with some yummy lemonade.

  • Formula Fever: 3D Race Car Game
    Formula Fever: 3D Race Car Game
    Played 10800 times
  • BMX X-Rider
    BMX X-Rider
    Played 1249 times

    Take a free ride or go straight into fierce competition as you perform awe inspiring stunts in front of adoring fans!

  • Mixed World
    Mixed World
    Played 919 times

    Welcome to Mixed World, the cheerful platform puzzle game! Use your brains and skills to help a bunch of cute creatures to chase off all the grumpy red monsters. Use your funny friends’ special skills to nudge all monsters off the platforms!

  • King Soldiers 2
    King Soldiers 2
    Played 2501 times

    Another alien army just landed on the planet and they’re up to no good. Grab your bazooka and take aim! Can you eliminate all of them in this exciting action game?

  • Cat Around Europe 2
    Cat Around Europe 2
    Played 848 times

    This kitty is off to explore Europe’s most famous cities while on a mad dash for pizza.

  • Cover Orange: Player Pack
    Cover Orange: Player Pack
    Played 3538 times

    Agh! These cute fruits don't want to be pulp—they just want some shelter.

  • Bulldozer Brothers
    Bulldozer Brothers
    Played 1942 times

    Two brothers with one shared passion….wrecking stuff!

  • Pet Swap
    Pet Swap
    Played 879 times
  • Conveyor
    Played 1239 times

    The next shipment date is coming up soon, and all these boxes still need to be packed!

  • Demoman
    Played 1967 times

    Demolish all of the office buildings with your demolition ball!

  • Hungry Shapes 2
    Hungry Shapes 2
    Played 920 times

    Cure the hunger pangs of these hungry shapes with a chow-down session!

  • Collateral Damages
    Collateral Damages
    Played 1280 times

    Pilot a giant combat robot and destroy everything you encounter in your path.

  • Cute Owl
    Cute Owl
    Played 1223 times

    Wake the cute owl up, and get ready to make some noise!

  • Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party
    Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party
    Played 1045 times

    Fly high with Amigo and his balloon-powered dreams!

  • Ragdoll Avalanche: Blood Game
    Ragdoll Avalanche: Blood Game
    Played 2144 times

    Dodge sharp spikes and try to survive as long as possible in Ragdoll Avalanche!

  • Cat Around The World
    Cat Around The World
    Played 1116 times


  • Balloons vs Zombies
    Balloons vs Zombies
    Played 998 times

    Send the zombies on their final journey with the deadliest of weapons: balloons!

  • Bazooka Trooper
    Bazooka Trooper
    Played 1863 times

    Hundreds of prisoners just busted out of the world’s most dangerous prison and now they’re on a rampage. A few of them have even managed to rob the city’s main bank! Now it’s up to you and this elite trooper to put an end to their reign of terror. Help him take aim with his super cool bazooka and eliminate all of the bad guys in this action game.

  • Mr Box
    Mr Box
    Played 831 times

    This kingdom is totally crazy but Mr. Box is determined to explore it. Can you keep him safe during his journey? Get him to the right spots in order to activate the bridges that will allow him to cross the dangerous gaps.

  • Crazy Climber
    Crazy Climber
    Played 1470 times

    Just how far up can you climb? Find out in this exciting and fun game for all ages, Crazy Climber! The controls are easy to learn, but it will take time to dodge the traps!

  • Sugar, sugar the Christmas special
    Sugar, sugar the Christmas special
    Played 5965 times

    Up for a sugar sweet challenge? Draw a line to guide the sugar cubes into all the cups in Sugar, Sugar Xmas Special. Physics and gravity just got a taste for sweetness.

  • Demon Destroyer
    Demon Destroyer
    Played 930 times

    Demons have escaped from hell. Bring them back home!

  • Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage
    Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage
    Played 961 times

    Well, a bunch of pirates just showed up. Think you can stop them from raiding the island?

  • Amigo Pancho 6
    Amigo Pancho 6
    Played 1409 times

    Amigo Pancho doesn't like helicopters—as far as he's concerned, balloons are the only way to fly. Use your problem-solving skills to help him get to the top without popping his precious balloons and destroying his dreams! Click and drag to remove obstacles from his path without letting the deadly spikes make contact with Pancho or his helium.

  • Absotruckinlutely!: Monster Truck Game
    Absotruckinlutely!: Monster Truck Game
    Played 1244 times

    Finally! A monster-truck game so weird, even your little sister will like it.

  • Saucer Destruction 3: Armageddon
    Saucer Destruction 3: Armageddon
    Played 1393 times

    The humans never expected that Armageddon would come in the form of an extraterrestrial prankster.

  • Slip Slide Sloth
    Slip Slide Sloth
    Played 1177 times

    Swing these sloths to some sweet smooching!

  • Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Played 19244 times

    Get down to the OR, Doc! This young patient is experiencing chest pains and he needs your help...

  • Soccer Physics Mobile
    Soccer Physics Mobile
    Played 7810 times

    These soccer players really love to flop around so things get pretty crazy on the field when it's covered in snow. Can you help them nab a few victories, whatever the weather, in this sports game?

  • Light People on Fire
    Light People on Fire
    Played 997 times

    Share your flame with as many people as possible by running past them.

  • Fantasy Pinball
    Fantasy Pinball
    Played 1537 times
  • Sly Fox
    Sly Fox
    Played 2354 times

    This clever fox is no match for your farm fresh puzzle-solving skills!

  • Moon and Sun
    Moon and Sun
    Played 2123 times

    The moon and sun are on a tight schedule, so help them make their appearances on time!

  • Splitter Pals
    Splitter Pals
    Played 1132 times

    Every ball needs a hole, but reaching it can be a problem.

An Atomic Blast

Why do we need physics? Well, the most basic answer is that physics makes things possible. Just think, without the branch of science that sprung from the study of nature and philosophy, there would be no space rockets, cars, computers, iPhones, airplanes, or the plethora of other inventions that we use daily. Sir Issac Newton knew this in the 17th century when he tried to pin down what made the world go round. Before Newton though, in ancient Greece Aristotle used it to start to explain nature. 

Physics can be fascinating. Some of the concepts aren’t always the easiest for pupils, or adults for that matter, to grasp. Online games can spotlight the major ideas of this branch of science. Physics kids games teach about world’s great thinkers, both from the past and present, through virtual examples and simulations. Kids can play with virtual wooden blocks to meet the world of physics with Blosics. High-school physics games get a little tougher...and more exciting! 

Or maybe you're just looking for a little physics-based engineering fun? With the Engine of Creation, players defy the laws of Physics with their creepy crawly triangle. For an electrifying experience, Wirebuzz tests concentration skills as you guide a metal loop along a wire without touching it. Touch the wire, and you lose! 

Astronomical discoveries helped Italian mathematician, astronomer, and physicist Galileo Galilei as he spearheaded the Scientific revolution and improved his telescope in the 16th and 17th centuries. You too can reach for the stars with the physics game Lofty Tower, pillaring up as high as possible, without toppling down.

Explode onto the scene with any one of these games and see how the world really turns.