• Pixel Linker
    Pixel Linker
    Played 220 times

    How quickly can you link together all of these colorful pixels? See if you can form connections between them before you’re out of time in this puzzle game.

  • Messy Factory
    Messy Factory
    Played 31 times

    Are you ready to get challenged by this delightful pairing game? Help the crane operator to collect the packages coming from the ceiling and catalog them in the right way. Click on the packages to see what 's inside and find the right combination . Be careful with messing up too much; you may lose lives!

  • A Knight to Remember
    A Knight to Remember
    Played 25 times

    This bold knight has lost his memory. Can you help him get it back in this enchanted adventure?

  • Goofy Gopher
    Goofy Gopher
    Played 106 times

    Match all the flowers before the sun sets!

  • SWAP
    Played 132 times

    Pick a letter in this word and find out how long you can follow it in this challenging puzzle game. Keeping an eye on the letter as it swirls around is tougher than it might seem.

  • River Diamonds
    River Diamonds
    Played 116 times

    Give your memory skills a workout with this family-friendly online game. Take a look at the precious gems hidden within each one of these stones and find out if you can match them together.

  • Test My History
    Test My History
    Played 117 times

    How evolved is your historical trivia thinking?

  • Swipe Art Puzzle
    Swipe Art Puzzle
    Played 122 times

    Swipe and slide the tiles into their correct position to complete the picture puzzle. Have fun with the various pieces of beautiful art.

  • Guess the Underwear
    Guess the Underwear
    Played 89 times

    Exercise your memory and guess to which character belongs shown uderwear.

  • Brain Spa - Word Matching
    Brain Spa - Word Matching
    Played 206 times

    Do you see how these headline categories fit together?

  • Brain Spa - Spelling Booster
    Brain Spa - Spelling Booster
    Played 286 times

    Calling all film geeks! How's your cinema spelling…?

  • Africa Quiz
    Africa Quiz
    Played 48 times

    The African continent contains a lot of mysteries...starting with the names of its countries!

  • Shaved Ice
    Shaved Ice
    Played 26 times

    The fastest frigid fruity ice staker works from memory!

  • Flag Bricks
    Flag Bricks
    Played 36 times

    Match as many flags needed per level but don´t let them reach the bottom.

  • GoGo Puzzle Pets
    GoGo Puzzle Pets
    Played 132 times

    Match 2 tiles of the same picture to gain food or bonuses.

  • Easter Card Match
    Easter Card Match
    Played 208 times

    Play this fun Easter themed matching cards game and find the identical eggs, bunnies and candy's in the fewest moves possible for the sweetest search and find fun!

  • Searching for the Truth
    Searching for the Truth
    Played 468 times

    Miss Hubert is up to her neck in police-detective work. Help her catch up so that she can save her job!

  • Secret Book
    Secret Book
    Played 375 times

    Open a dusty, long-forgotten tome, and find yourself...sucked in!

  • Easter Hunt
    Easter Hunt
    Played 74 times

    The Easter Bunny could really use some help. All of his eggs are very disorganized. Can you help him match them up in this fun puzzle game?

  • Doctor Joe
    Doctor Joe
    Played 79 times

    Which of these cute animals are sicker than the others?

  • Memmals Memory Game 2
    Memmals Memory Game 2
    Played 104 times

    Join these clever animals for another few rounds of memory games. Match them up as fast as you can before the clock runs down to zero.

  • Secret Book 2
    Secret Book 2
    Played 162 times

    Celine and Ian thought their quest was over—but their adventures have only just begun...

  • Christmas Star Memo Cards
    Christmas Star Memo Cards
    Played 36 times

    Your favorite characters are here, and they're all dressed up for Christmas…but can you remember where?

  • Spittin’ Image
    Spittin’ Image
    Played 77 times

    Can you spit out rhymes to match Miss Rap Supreme?

  • Mistery Totem
    Mistery Totem
    Played 39 times

    The mists are closing in and this cave is dark...can you guide the totem out in one piece?