Highscore Games

  • Rolling Fall 2
    Rolling Fall 2
    Played 851 times

    Unleash the power of physics...these zombies won't know what hit them.

  •  Tactical Force 1
    Tactical Force 1
    Played 2135 times

    Your mission, Ghost1, should you choose to accept it...

  • Traffic Madness Waterways
    Traffic Madness Waterways
    Played 846 times

    Master the roads where sea and street meet, if you can take the traffic heat.

  • Epic Defender
    Epic Defender
    Played 2371 times

    Eradicate the enemy to become king of the hill!

  • Kissing in the Cinema
    Kissing in the Cinema
    Played 1616 times

    Going to the movies just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Risotto: Sara's Cooking Class
    Risotto: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1650 times

    Creamy risotto is the best! With Sara's instructions, you'll make a surefire hit.

  • Pony Run
    Pony Run
    Played 2027 times

    Hop those hurdles and giddy up across the finish line!

  • Rush Rush Santa
    Rush Rush Santa
    Played 1733 times

    Santa's sled must be broken—he's on a scooter this year!

  • Rush Rush Pizza
    Rush Rush Pizza
    Played 982 times

    Everybody wants a piece of you (well, of your pizza). So, hop on your scooter and get delivering!

  • Bug Attack
    Bug Attack
    Played 1194 times

    Defend your picnic from hordes of bugs on the rampage!

  • NY Cab Drive
    NY Cab Drive
    Played 27281 times

    Show off your driving skills with New York's finest.

  • Toy Factory Fun
    Toy Factory Fun
    Played 829 times

    Every toy wants to find a good home, so make sure these get shipped out in good shape!

  • Headless Zombie 2
    Headless Zombie 2
    Played 8143 times

    Carl’s still a zombie but he knows a certain scientist who might be able to turn him back into a human.

  • Super Mega Solitaire
    Super Mega Solitaire
    Played 1999 times
  • Tomb Runner
    Tomb Runner
    Played 75251 times

    How far can Professor Jones keep running in the adventures of Tomb Runner? Run, jump, slide, rush and surf through, over and under various obstacles through temples, exotic landscapes, bridges and subways while you collect precious gems, special powers and coins. Unlock cool characters like Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, the hip Disco Dancer and so much more! Endless running fun!

  • Level Editor: The Game
    Level Editor: The Game
    Played 8819 times

    If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself!

  • The Square 2
    The Square 2
    Played 892 times

    Get the ball rolling in this puzzle-filled gauntlet!

  • Timbermen
    Played 1187 times

    This lumberjack is feeling awfully choppy. How much of this tree can you and him take down?

  • Table Rugby
    Table Rugby
    Played 1459 times

    Come to the team's rescue and score the winning goal of the day!

  • Vintage Car Parking
    Vintage Car Parking
    Played 1812 times

    This isn't just any regular old parking game, son.

  • My Daily Ranch
    My Daily Ranch
    Played 3103 times

    Step up for free-range fun on the farm!

  • Bubble Mover
    Bubble Mover
    Played 1511 times

    Bubbles...beautiful bubbles!

  • Jigsaw City Trip
    Jigsaw City Trip
    Played 1732 times

    Take a virtual trip around the world while you piece together these gorgeous puzzles.

  • Chicken Jump
    Chicken Jump
    Played 889 times

    Launch this chicken into the sky with a hop, skip, and flap!

  • Cricket Rivals
    Cricket Rivals
    Played 2061 times

    Bowl them over with your beastly batting skills!

  • Candy Rain 3
    Candy Rain 3
    Played 13522 times

    Another delicious storm is heading your way. Can you conquer each one of these sweet puzzles?

  • Silly Ways to Die 3
    Silly Ways to Die 3
    Played 2699 times

    These crazy creatures have decided to work at a dangerous construction site. Can you help them stay safe and avoid getting killed by everything from drills to falling bricks in this action game?

  • Slam Dunk Mania
    Slam Dunk Mania
    Played 4333 times

    Have you got game?

  • Candy Rain 2
    Candy Rain 2
    Played 5443 times

    Hands up who love pick 'n' mix?! Now get those hands down and put your thumbs to work…

  • Robotic Emergence
    Robotic Emergence
    Played 1199 times

    After the extinction of the humans, their robots have taken up their mantle, waging wars in their stead.

  • Kate’s Car Service
    Kate’s Car Service
    Played 751 times

    Drive on in for friendly service in a flash!

  • Devilish Trick
    Devilish Trick
    Played 1396 times

    Her tricky spells can't pull the magic over your eyes...

  • Zombies Mice Annihilation
    Zombies Mice Annihilation
    Played 795 times

    It's not a classic cat-and-mouse tale...

  • Pony Racing
    Pony Racing
    Played 917 times

    Rise through the ranks as you race to glamor and glory!

  • Bear Grills
    Bear Grills
    Played 2650 times

    This big ol’ bear loves to BBQ but a vegan has stolen his grill! Now it’s time to get grizzly!

  • The Jumper 2
    The Jumper 2
    Played 1362 times

    This hero who comes from the sky can't fly, but will make sure people don't die!

    • Rachel's Kitchen Grandprix: Cake
      Rachel's Kitchen Grandprix: Cake
      Played 7727 times

      If you can’t stand the heat…

    • Conveyor
      Played 677 times

      The next shipment date is coming up soon, and all these boxes still need to be packed!

    • ATV Destroyer
      ATV Destroyer
      Played 25618 times

      Crank up the crazy with this all-terrain adventure!

    • Monster Snake
      Monster Snake
      Played 2142 times

      This rad reptile is incredibly hungry. Can you help him eat all of these delicious desserts?

    • Rich Cars
      Rich Cars
      Played 1376 times

      These <b>racing</b> machines pack some serious rocket power!

    • Zball 2
      Zball 2
      Played 5662 times

      Can you maneuver this ball across the platform without it falling off the edge? In this sequel of the popular original Zball, it gets's a little trickier!

    • Personal Mystery
      Personal Mystery
      Played 1319 times

      Help Craig and Lily unravel some mysteries and put a personal touch on their P.I. biz!

    • Toys vs. Nightmares
      Toys vs. Nightmares
      Played 985 times

      Afraid of the dark? You should be...

    • Thrill Rush
      Thrill Rush
      Played 7060 times

      Hold on tight—it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

    • Zball 4: Halloween
      Zball 4: Halloween
      Played 5829 times


    • My Cute Pets
      My Cute Pets
      Played 1459 times

      Take good care of your cute pets, the kitten, puppy and pony. How long can you keep them happy?

    • Snow White Valentine
      Snow White Valentine
      Played 1107 times

      Join Gwen, Grace, and Gabriella for a chocolatey Valentine adventure!