Highscore Games

  • Operate Now: Knee Surgery
    Operate Now: Knee Surgery
    Played 4041 times

    This young skateboarder has injured his knee and needs surgery. Get down to the OR on the double, Doc.

  • Bury My Bones
    Bury My Bones
    Played 1723 times

    This cheerful undertaker found an interesting way to make his job more challenging…

  • Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake
    Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake
    Played 1317 times

    Emma's really done it this time!

  • Elevator Rush
    Elevator Rush
    Played 1230 times

    Whether they're moving on up or going down, it's your job to get them there!

  • Dad's Long Legs
    Dad's Long Legs
    Played 1367 times

    Walking with these long legs is a lot tougher than it looks. How far will you make it?

  • Hero Clicker
    Hero Clicker
    Played 1126 times

    You’ll have to be brave in order to journey into the unknown lands that are filled with evil monsters lurking about. Get ready for an adventure in Brave Squad!

  • Wedgie Toss 2
    Wedgie Toss 2
    Played 1258 times

    Become the wedgie-tossing distance champion!

  • Candy Rain 4
    Candy Rain 4
    Played 6614 times

    This girl definitely loves candy. Join her while she connects all of the tasty treats in this match 3 puzzle game. Can you reach the goal in each level without using too many moves?

  • Burger Restaurant 4
    Burger Restaurant 4
    Played 3932 times

    Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those burger lovers happy!

  • Beauty Resort 3
    Beauty Resort 3
    Played 1548 times

    Exotic India is the setting for Heather's next palace of pampering!

  • Ninja Miner 2
    Ninja Miner 2
    Played 1444 times

    He’s one of the world’s best treasure hunters and he’s about to go searching for another batch of precious jewels in these forbidden temples. Wanna tag along with him in this online game?

  • 5 Nights Mega Parking
    5 Nights Mega Parking
    Played 1944 times

    Play 5 Nights Mega Parking for free now and drive through the daunting alleys of horror Freddy Fazbear style! Complete your missions and avoid bumping into dark and dangerous obstacles while you earn money too! Test your driving skills in just 5 nights now.

  • Basketball Blitz
    Basketball Blitz
    Played 726 times

    Vertically challenged? You can still free-throw your way to basketball stardom.

  • Hyper Dunker
    Hyper Dunker
    Played 2344 times

    What would make basketball an even better game? If you got points for style.

  • Candy Rain 2
    Candy Rain 2
    Played 2959 times

    Hands up who love pick 'n' mix?! Now get those hands down and put your thumbs to work…

  • Tetroid
    Played 2676 times

    Tetroid is a more challenging and fun brain teaser for all ages. In this puzzle game you drag and drop the elements on the 10 x 10 board and fill the horizontal or vertical row to clear your board. The game ends when you cannot fit an element onto your board anymore

  • Cubium
    Played 465 times

    These cubes have just one destination: the ground.

  • Celebrity Hunt
    Celebrity Hunt
    Played 1106 times
  • Timbermen
    Played 622 times

    This lumberjack is feeling awfully choppy. How much of this tree can you and him take down?

  • Happy Summer Slide
    Happy Summer Slide
    Played 1482 times

    You can enjoy some totally fresh summer excitement any time of the year with this action game. Collect valuable stars while you blast down this epic slide so you can buy upgrades between levels. Will you reach the pool and earn a high score along the way?

  • Jumping Bananas
    Jumping Bananas
    Played 1698 times

    Help the monkey collect every banana in the level.

  • Trollface Launch 2: Toilet Powered
    Trollface Launch 2: Toilet Powered
    Played 1673 times

    Everybody’s favorite troll just got his hands on a very powerful potty. How far will he go? That’s up to you.

  • Sir Jump
    Sir Jump
    Played 3062 times

    This fancy guy sure loves to bounce. All the way over the top of mountains, if you can believe it...

  • Uphill Rush 5
    Uphill Rush 5
    Played 19649 times

    Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!

  • My "Dear" Boss: Physics Vengeance
    My "Dear" Boss: Physics Vengeance
    Played 428 times

    You’ve got the boss from hell, but don’t worry: fight back with the power of physics.

  • Coffee Bar
    Coffee Bar
    Played 2380 times

    I'd like a half-caf, triple-shot, non-fat latte with a cherry on top. Stat!

  • 10x10
    Played 43166 times
  • Alchemist Scroll
    Alchemist Scroll
    Played 421 times

    Apply your alchemy skills to unlock the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone!

  • Assemble Bots
    Assemble Bots
    Played 857 times

    Can you assemble robots as fast as possible? Complete the colored robots to score points and score even more with the prized golden robot. You can also compete with friends for more speed and action in this free multiplayer game.

  • Pony Run
    Pony Run
    Played 732 times

    Hop those hurdles and giddy up across the finish line!

  • Nob War: The Elves
    Nob War: The Elves
    Played 2729 times

    The elves' arrows are poised, the humans' swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge!

  • Bomb It 4
    Bomb It 4
    Played 15996 times

    Blow away the competition!

  • Skateboard City 2
    Skateboard City 2
    Played 2005 times

    Urban skateboarding is probably the best extreme sport ever created. Grab your board and join the crew!

  • Bubble Charms
    Bubble Charms
    Played 22132 times

    How high will you make it in this bubbly puzzle game?

  • Owl Cake: Sara’s Cooking Class
    Owl Cake: Sara’s Cooking Class
    Played 1058 times

    This cake is a real hoot! Really though...don't you want this adorable cake for your next birthday?

  • Downhill Hamsterball
    Downhill Hamsterball
    Played 1255 times

    This hamster is loose and ready to go on a rollicking roll to the finish line!