Highscore Games

  • Ski Resort Mogul
    Ski Resort Mogul
    Played 1084 times

    Help Julia save a struggling ski resort from foreclosure by turning it into an upscale getaway!

  • Sky Battle
    Sky Battle
    Played 408 times

    It's war and you're flying solo against a barrage of missiles and enemy planes. Survive as long as you can in this awesome new arcade game, Sky Battle! Are you ready to fly in the war-torn sky?

  • Skylands
    Played 343 times
  • Silly Ways to Die: Adventures 2
    Silly Ways to Die: Adventures 2
    Played 5845 times

    These crazy creatures can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Could you keep an eye on them and help them avoid getting hurt in this weird and wacky adventure game?

  • Silly Ways to Die: Differences
    Silly Ways to Die: Differences
    Played 1497 times

    Our crazy silly friends from "Silly Ways to Die" are back and they definitely can’t stop hurting each other or themselves. This time they bring you a cool difference game where you have get the highest score possible by finding all the differences before the time runs out!

  • Sneak Out: Ditch School
    Sneak Out: Ditch School
    Played 432 times

    Sneak your way out of school!

  • Shootout At Stadium
    Shootout At Stadium
    Played 167 times

    Bring down the bad guys with your sneaky sniper savvy.

  • Spy Car
    Spy Car
    Played 6146 times

    Your driving skills are the only thing keeping your country safe from criminals.

  • Star Cannon
    Star Cannon
    Played 963 times

    When it comes to cannons, are you a shooting star?

  • Stickman Dirtbike
    Stickman Dirtbike
    Played 1604 times

    It’s a dirty job from start to finish….can you stick to it??

  • Stickman Downhill
    Stickman Downhill
    Played 5616 times

    The world’s favorite daredevil stickman goes downhill!

  • Street Avenger
    Street Avenger
    Played 1228 times

    Kick and claw your way to vengeance!

  • Subway Sneeze
    Subway Sneeze
    Played 1266 times

    Everyone knows the subway is a foul place, so don't be afraid to send your snot sailing!

  • Techno Mania
    Techno Mania
    Played 2092 times

    Even a risky robotic landscape can't keep you from your mechanical mistress!

  • Tetrabreak
    Played 36 times

    Think outside the box as you plot the blocks' spots!

  • The Arcade Hall
    The Arcade Hall
    Played 128 times

    It's all fun and games for the customers...and for the arcade manager too!

  • Timbermen
    Played 971 times

    This lumberjack is feeling awfully choppy. How much of this tree can you and him take down?

  • Time Machine 3: Futuristic Cooking
    Time Machine 3: Futuristic Cooking
    Played 53 times

    Flabbergast the foodies with your futuristic fare!

  • Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
    Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
    Played 852 times

    Dish out some delicious dinner—medieval style!

  • The Lost World
    The Lost World
    Played 6870 times

    Travel through the Lost World to discover a new reason for collecting currency!

  • The Pretender: Part Two
    The Pretender: Part Two
    Played 1657 times

    What has been done with magic must be undone with magic, if you have the wits to find the way...

  • Tractor Derby
    Tractor Derby
    Played 3072 times

    With bumpy terrain, this track calls for racing the stocky, sturdy mother of all vehicles...the tractor!

  • Traffic Madness Desktop
    Traffic Madness Desktop
    Played 1167 times

    As a car-traffic controller, you're the conductor of a mad traffic ballet.

  • Truck Mania 2
    Truck Mania 2
    Played 17100 times

    The mania's back for more cargo craziness!

  • Trollface Defense
    Trollface Defense
    Played 1422 times

    Forever Alone Guy is about to have his night ruined by Trollface. Only you can stop him!

  • Varsity Stacey
    Varsity Stacey
    Played 139 times

    Drop those pom poms and get ready to fly!

  • William Tell
    William Tell
    Played 63 times

    How 'bout them apples?

  • WeZap
    Played 36 times

    Rocket Bob's on a run...and he can't seem to stop!

  • Where Are You Bunny Bunny?
    Where Are You Bunny Bunny?
    Played 18 times

    Do Easter bunnies hatch from giant chocolate eggs?

  • Urban Fatburner
    Urban Fatburner
    Played 239 times

    Fatty can jump, yo.

  • ZomBears
    Played 59 times

    ZomBears are on the prowl, and it's up to you to defend the base!

  • Wirebuzz
    Played 189 times

    This wire loop game is all about concentration as you guide the metal loop along a wire without touching it. If you touch the wire you lose. Guide the loop down or up along the twisting shape of the path. Wirebuzz is a virtual fun way to develop or improve your hand-eye coordination!

  • 2020!
    Played 31733 times

    Arrange these blocks on the table and find out if you can fit all of them on it.

  • Alien Education
    Alien Education
    Played 659 times

    Lesson #1: We don't like Earthlings.

  • Andy's Golf
    Andy's Golf
    Played 10979 times

    Think you’ve got what it takes to get a hole in one? It’s not as easy as it looks. Complete the course!

  • Blast!
    Played 5723 times

    Whether they go pop or bang, clearing these balls is sure to be a blast!

    • Breakout
      Played 2626 times

      It’s easy to get into prison, but tough to get out!

    • Bridge Hero 2
      Bridge Hero 2
      Played 318 times
    • Bubble World
      Bubble World
      Played 11896 times

      Take aim with magic gemstone bubbles in this Middle-Eastern-themed bubble shooter. But make sure you break out your best moves, because you have a limited number you can make in each level!

    • Canoniac Launcher
      Canoniac Launcher
      Played 125 times

      Give a mannequin a break—let Jimmy fly!

    • City Darts
      City Darts
      Played 88 times

      Where in the world...?

    • Cats Cannon
      Cats Cannon
      Played 307 times

      These fearless felines are ready to fly!

    • Christmas Sugar Cookies
      Christmas Sugar Cookies
      Played 30 times

      'Tis the season to bake cookies, tra la la la la...

    • Cubium
      Played 2012 times

      These cubes have just one destination: the ground.

    • Cucina Sicilia
      Cucina Sicilia
      Played 25 times

      A Sicilian cuisine shootout to satisfy all your mafia cravings...

    • Cookie Connect
      Cookie Connect
      Played 20442 times

      Connect cookies to serve your customers and make them happy. Can you fulfil the hungry bear’s cookie cravings? Dozens of puzzling levels in this fun and playful matching game.

    • Cookieland
      Played 17 times

      Cookies for breakfast. Cookies for lunch. Cookies for dinner.

    • Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
      Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
      Played 850 times

      Thou shalt not pass.