Highscore Games

  • 2020!
    Played 25055 times

    Arrange these blocks on the table and find out if you can fit all of them on it.

  • Blockmover
    Played 4785 times

    Making blocks disappear doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting—just a click of the mouse!

  • Jellydad Hero
    Jellydad Hero
    Played 3748 times

    Some space pirates are trying to ruin their vacation but these jellies aren’t gonna let that happen.

  • Tetra
    Played 2616 times

    Enjoy this Tetris-like puzzle game that will have you playing for hours and only becoming more challenging, Tetra! Are you ready to the ultimate puzzle game ever made?

  • Azgard Tower Defense
    Azgard Tower Defense
    Played 7268 times

    Hordes of horrible creatures descend upon your fantasy land. Magic towers to the defense!

  • Truck Mania 2
    Truck Mania 2
    Played 12532 times

    The mania's back for more cargo craziness!

  • Nob War: The Elves
    Nob War: The Elves
    Played 8271 times

    The elves' arrows are poised, the humans' swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge!

  • Silly Ways to Die 2
    Silly Ways to Die 2
    Played 2057 times

    These crazy creatures can’t stop hurting themselves. Can you help protect them before it’s too late?

  • Super Santa Shooter
    Super Santa Shooter
    Played 6048 times

    Santa's scared of heights: help him get up on the rooftop!

  • Money Truck
    Money Truck
    Played 11084 times

    Money, money, money...

  • Papa's Burgeria
    Papa's Burgeria
    Played 11676 times

    Make every customer a burger-addicted regular!

  • Police Pursuit
    Police Pursuit
    Played 2050 times

    Climb behind the wheel and take this cruiser for a ride.

  • Coin Pusher Mania
    Coin Pusher Mania
    Played 5022 times

    Try your luck with this addictive arcade classic.

  • Gemollection
    Played 2149 times

    Get rich + brain exercise = double win!

  • Crazy Santa Racer
    Crazy Santa Racer
    Played 1031 times

    Even Santa has to deal with holiday traffic!

  • Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Played 22727 times

    Surgery saves lives...if you can handle the heat!

  • Papa's Taco Mia
    Papa's Taco Mia
    Played 12768 times

    Take a bite of this tasty, tempting, Mexican treat!

  • Double Panda
    Double Panda
    Played 622 times

    Two pandas are better than one...

  • Drake and the Wizards
    Drake and the Wizards
    Played 713 times

    Only a dragon can take that despicable wizard down!

  • Cookie Connect
    Cookie Connect
    Played 9595 times

    Connect cookies to serve your customers and make them happy. Can you fulfil the hungry bear’s cookie cravings? Dozens of puzzling levels in this fun and playful matching game.

  • Mini Robot Wars
    Mini Robot Wars
    Played 3806 times

    Kick butt at the Robot Wars World Championship 2054!

  • Stix Basketball
    Stix Basketball
    Played 5032 times

    Basketball season's here, so get shooting...with stickman!

  • Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake
    Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake
    Played 2388 times

    Emma's really done it this time!

  • Moto Stunts
    Moto Stunts
    Played 4172 times

    Flaunt your stunts at the stadium!

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Valentine
    Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Valentine
    Played 2522 times

    Baked with love for Valentine's Day: cupcakes even Cupid can't resist!

  • Jewel Academy
    Jewel Academy
    Played 203832 times

    Enjoy match-3 gameplay at its finest! Match the gems, activate special power-ups and solve puzzles in this great new match-3 game! Jewel Academy is a gem-filled, action packed game with a ton of levels to complete.

  • Hot Pursuit City
    Hot Pursuit City
    Played 3701 times

    Being a cop isn't easy—but you do get to drive fast and shoot stuff. #WINNING!

  • Dodgeball Medieval
    Dodgeball Medieval
    Played 2278 times

    Even in the days of knights and castles, the famous sport of Dodgeball was played then. Move your knight around the incoming balls and collect the glamouring diamonds to earn points.

  • Rugby Down Hero
    Rugby Down Hero
    Played 8149 times

    This crazy game combines the thrills of football with the excitement of rugby. Can you become a gridiron hero?

  • Cindy the Hairstylist
    Cindy the Hairstylist
    Played 1140 times

    With this coiffure queen on the scene, even a mullet looks keen!

  • Moon Elf Mahjong
    Moon Elf Mahjong
    Played 1042 times

    Get into the Mahjong madness with a magical Moon Elf deck!

  • Go Go Agent Zero!
    Go Go Agent Zero!
    Played 2920 times

    Shoot 'em up, secret-agent style! Eat your heart out, Mr. Bond...

  • Tank Mania
    Tank Mania
    Played 11723 times

    Smash and blast your way to the top of the heap!

  • Flip Fruit
    Flip Fruit
    Played 1611 times

    Flip these fruit 'til they're ready to scoot!

  • King of Drift
    King of Drift
    Played 21068 times

    Are you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??

  • American Truck 2: The Mean Machine
    American Truck 2: The Mean Machine
    Played 5209 times

    Tame this monster tanker!

    • Rich Cars 3
      Rich Cars 3
      Played 3582 times

      Even crooks like the best set of vintage wheels possible.

    • Bike Racing
      Bike Racing
      Played 66300 times

      Show off your awesome bike racing skills in this totally fun and competitive sports game, Bike Racing! There are many stages to ride through and each one offers a different challenge.

    • Thrill Rush 2
      Thrill Rush 2
      Played 21024 times

      Jump back in the cart for the ride of your life! Do you have the skills to survive this runaway rollercoaster?

    • Disco Flirt
      Disco Flirt
      Played 1343 times

      Impress the ladies with your smooth moves and fine flirting!

    • Uphill Vegas
      Uphill Vegas
      Played 804 times

      In Vegas, everything's a show...so break out your best moves and create a stunt spectacle!

    • Trick Shot
      Trick Shot
      Played 5199 times

      Use every trick in the book to bounce this ball into the cup!

    • Ski Resort Mogul
      Ski Resort Mogul
      Played 1608 times

      Help Julia save a struggling ski resort from foreclosure by turning it into an upscale getaway!

    • Downhill Hamsterball
      Downhill Hamsterball
      Played 2068 times

      This hamster is loose and ready to go on a rollicking roll to the finish line!

    • 911 Rescue Team
      911 Rescue Team
      Played 21338 times

      Race to the rescue; it's an emergency!

    • Arcade Baseball
      Arcade Baseball
      Played 2595 times

      Just landing a hit won't cut it. You need to have accuracy and precision in this ball game!

    • Car Chaos
      Car Chaos
      Played 1272 times

      Can you keep your cool in times of chaos—or will your nerves result in a crippling car crash?

    • Age Of Defense
      Age Of Defense
      Played 892 times

      The best offense is a good defense!