Santa Games

  • Super Santa Shooter: Christmas Game
    Super Santa Shooter: Christmas Game
    Played 19027 times

    Santa's scared of heights: help him get up on the rooftop!

  • Where is 2009?
    Where is 2009?
    Played 2268 times

    That kid 2009 got lost - help Santa find the New Year.

  • Tied Santa Escapes: Christmas Game
    Tied Santa Escapes: Christmas Game
    Played 13022 times

    Only you can rescue Santa Claus and help him on his way: can you save Christmas?

  • Baby Hazel Christmas Dream
    Baby Hazel Christmas Dream
    Played 5408 times

    Baby Hazel is so excited about Xmas eve and she wants her own sleigh for Christmas. Help her write a sweet note to Santa! Enter the world of magical dreams with Baby Hazel. Maybe you can help Santa and Baby Hazel wrap the gifts too? Have snowballs of fun with Santa Claus and Baby Hazel in a winter wonderland adventure.

  • Santa Fartypants: Christmas Game
    Santa Fartypants: Christmas Game
    Played 8346 times

    Help Santa deliver the presents through the chimneys by using his fart powered pants. Look for gaseous food types!

  • Christmas Slacking 2014
    Christmas Slacking 2014
    Played 6009 times

    Sarah is super excited to receive her gifts from Santa. She was so sweet the whole year. The night before Christmas she just cannot fall asleep and is trying to stay awake to see Santa Claus. Can you help Sarah slack on Christmas Eve by completing the merry activities? If you see Santa pretend to sleep. Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is on his way!

  • Wake the Santa: Christmas Game
    Wake the Santa: Christmas Game
    Played 668 times

    This Santa needs to stop snoozing. A few snowflakes should do the trick...

  • So You Wanna Be a Santa
    So You Wanna Be a Santa
    Played 423 times

    Santahood isn't just a beard, belly, and red suit. It's about Christmas spirit! So what kind of Santa are you?

  • Snowball: Christmas Game
    Snowball: Christmas Game
    Played 1143 times

    Control Santa's paddle and hit all the presents with the snowball!

  • Santa vs. Jack
    Santa vs. Jack
    Played 376 times

    Help Santa deliver as many fancy dress costumes as possible before time runs out!

  • Sue's Santa Gifts
    Sue's Santa Gifts
    Played 190 times

    Can you help the Santas get the Christmas gifts out on time?

  • HoHoHo Yellow Snow: Christmas Game
    HoHoHo Yellow Snow: Christmas Game
    Played 7201 times

    Connect the dots and make Christmas figures with Santa's pee-power!

  • Rush Rush Santa: Christmas Game
    Rush Rush Santa: Christmas Game
    Played 1899 times

    Santa's sled must be broken—he's on a scooter this year!

  • Happy Santa: Christmas Game
    Happy Santa: Christmas Game
    Played 483 times

    Light up these houses with the happiness of Christmas gifting joy.

  • Gift delivery
    Gift delivery
    Played 391 times

    Help Santa deliver gifts to the sleeping children in 11 houses before time's up!

  • Crazy Santa Racer
    Crazy Santa Racer
    Played 1562 times

    Even Santa has to deal with holiday traffic!

  • Xmas Shopping
    Xmas Shopping
    Played 2178 times

    Elf up and help Santa with his Xmas shopping!

  • Santa Snowboarding: Christmas Game
    Santa Snowboarding: Christmas Game
    Played 1244 times

    Help Santa collect the Christmas bling!

  • Shopping Season
    Shopping Season
    Played 1858 times

    Get your Santa on with a super-sized Christmas shopping spree!

  • Santa's Quiz
    Santa's Quiz
    Played 15009 times

    This festive Christmas quiz is tougher than it looks. Can you make it all the way to the end?

  • Santa's Real Haircut
    Santa's Real Haircut
    Played 250 times

    Christmas Eve is almost here, and Santa Claus’ beard could really use a trim. His hair could also use some tender loving care. Could you give him a whole new style before it’s time for him to deliver presents in this festive holiday makeover game?

  • Santa and the Lost Gifts: Christmas Game
    Santa and the Lost Gifts: Christmas Game
    Played 2360 times

    The Grinch has stolen Santa's gifts. You must recover them!

Feel His Presents

Here he comes! And let’s hope that you haven’t cried or pouted, because when Santa Claus comes to town, there will be no pity for the bad ones among us. So keep a smile on your face with our Santa games.

Take Sarah, for example. In Christmas Slacking Games she was so sweet the whole year, but the night before Christmas she is doing her best to stay awake to and try to get a peek at that jolly ole St. Nick. Can you help Sarah, the habitual slacker, on Christmas Eve by completing the merry activities?

While Santa’s little helpers may be subordinate Clauses, you can be an intern with a purpose and help cultivate some Christmas spirit one tree at a time with Christmas Threes. And if you do dream up climbing up the peppermint pole and vying for Santa’s job, see what kind of Kris Kringle you would be as you apply for the position in the game So You Want to Be Santa.

Its not all smooth sleighing for Santa, though. What happens when he has to deal with holiday traffic? Crazy Santa Racer is trying to beat the odds, and not get a ticket, as he spirits us our gifts on Christmas Eve. And if his sled slips a gear, then Rush Rush Santa knows how to kick the ignition and zip to chimneys with a scooter he likes to call his Holly Davidson!! 

You can also have some icy target practice hurling Snowballs and see how many packages you can get. And, girls, why don’t you help a friend get the gift she wants the most by helping her write Santa the best letter ever in Baby Hazel Christmas Dream?

Don’t be Claustrophobic, get online and enjoy some Santa shenanigans in our Santa Claus games!