Helix Jump Games

  • Helix Jump Advanced
    Helix Jump Advanced
    Played 41631 times

    How long will you be able to keep each one of these globs of paint from being destroyed? You’ll need to carefully maneuver them through each one of the towers in this intense action game. You can grab power-ups along the way that will help you smash through everything standing between them and safety.

  • Helix Jump 2
    Helix Jump 2
    Played 165098 times

    How long can you keep the ball of ink moving in this sequel to the intense puzzle game? Rotate the tower while you try to help it avoid the dangerous red platforms.

    Helix Jump 2 game is also available on the Apple App Store or you can get it on Google Play.

  • Helix Jump
    Helix Jump
    Played 43406 times

    How long can you keep this glob of paint moving as it works its way down this dangerous tower? The tower isn’t in the best of shape and parts of it keep falling off. You’ll also need to prevent the glob from hitting the yellow sections in this exciting 3D puzzle game.

  • Stack Fall 3D
    Stack Fall 3D
    Played 2904 times

    Will this ball make it all the way to the bottom of the towers in this online action game? That all depends on your skills and reflexes. You’ll have to move fast to prevent it from getting destroyed by one of the barriers.

  • Helix Ball Jump
    Helix Ball Jump
    Played 21170 times

    How far can you maneuver each one of these balls of paint down the helixes? Twist and turn the structures while you try to avoid the colored platforms. Also keep an eye out for helpful power-ups in this intense online game.

  • Hyper Helix Jump
    Hyper Helix Jump
    Played 1833 times

    How long will you be able to prevent this glob of paint from getting squished in this 3D action game? See if you can maneuver it past all of the barriers as it makes its way down each one of these towers.

  • Spooky Helix Jump
    Spooky Helix Jump
    Played 1150 times

    This mysterious creature is determined to reach the bottom of each one of these towers. Can you help it accomplish its spooky mission in this 3D action game? It can smash through some of the barriers standing in its way, but it will need to avoid certain ones that are capable of destroying it.

  • Helix Jump Color
    Helix Jump Color
    Played 2439 times

    How long can you keep this glob of paint moving in this fast-paced action game? Maneuver it down the tower and past each one of the colorful platforms.

Helix Hump games to play

How far will you make it in all of these different versions of Helix Jump? This intense and addictive action game has been keeping players glued to their computers and mobile devices for years now.


The concept of every rendition of this free online game is very simple. All you need to do is move a bouncing ball made of paint as it makes its way down a series of towers. It’s rather delicate, though. The ball can handle moving between floors but, if it falls too far and too quickly, it’ll go splat!


So your goal is to prevent the ball from being destroyed while you attempt to get it to the bottom of each tower. There’s several traditional versions of the game like Helix Ball Jump and Helix Jump 2. Other editions feature unique power-ups that will make getting the ball to its final destinations much simpler. In Stack Fall 3D, it can become incredibly strong. If you smash through a certain number of floors in that game, it’ll become downright invincible!


You can try one or all of the Helix Jump games on this website. Will you be able to get your ball to the bottom of each and every last one of the towers? It’s a challenge that could keep you busy for a very long time while you play these free online games!